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  1. Hey, I need some advice on classes etc. I've fiddled a little bit with the wiki, trying to avoid spoilers etc. I'm just wondering what people suggest would be a good fit for me. I prefer to play spell casters in most games where I have the chance, but Pillars seems to have quite a few different ones. Are wizards weak to start, but get pewpew after awhile? Worth making a PC as a wizard, or just keep the companion one, etc? I don't care about min/maxing or whatever... I'd just try to figure out what would work. yanno?
  2. Alright, cool.. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. I'm pretty new to beta's and the like, I was just wondering if there'd been any word on if the saves would be compatible with the full game or not? I know it might be to soon to know, but I won't get the beta key if that's the case, and will just happily wait till release date to finally play. (I dislike knowing what's going to happen before hand )
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