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  1. I might try another custom tanky person to acomodate my dwarf pala because god i hate having all the spells and options to do stuff, but the aggro part is missing! :D
  2. The problem is not the one enemy, thats easy enough. The problem is with multiple enemies the "adds" run for the ranged dudes, which is fair and clever. But i just dont know a way to get aggro from all besides running around and hitting them and before im done with that the squishy ones are already dead
  3. Hello all Pillars of Eternity players! I have been playing for about 4 hours on normal and its a lovely challenge and had it not been for everything else in this game being so fantastic i would have broken 5 keyboards by now. I chose Dwarf Paladin to start with because i love being on the frontline and have ranged Allies behind me shooting Down the enemy. But i ran into a Little problem, and maybe its because i have missed something or i just suck. When i get into a fight with 2 or more enemies it will be close to impossible for me to win the fight and heres why: As a front line war
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