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  1. The patch 3.03 is here. Have you planned a release date for the novella? Thanks in advance
  2. That's nice to hear. Is a good moment to start reading the Novella ;D
  3. Obsidian have done a great work being in contact with the community during PoE development, but regarding to novella release, Obsidian is not behaving seriously. Are you going to release novella some day?
  4. I see that most people here rejects to start PoE2 at higher levels. I hope devs will take this into account. I'd even like to start a new fresh adventure, but I suppose devs will want to continue the Watcher's story. Solution: Make 2 games: a new adventure for level1 in a different setting like IWD1, and a mid-level (6 - 7) sequel of the Watcher story in the Vailian Republics like BG2 IWD1 and BG2 were released the same year and I know that we all enjoyed both games
  5. I prefer to fight against a local goblin chief and his minions in a well written quest, rather than fighting against the lord of the gods and the god of the Dragons.
  6. In case of PoE 2 being released in the future, what would you like to play? It would be nice to see in stats what the community prefers.
  7. Seeing on twitter that Sawyer's location is Revua (Vailian Republics), I guess he is working on PoE2, and the plot will be placed In Vailian Republics.
  8. Then Sawyer is in Revua in the Vailian Republics at this moment. Nice information. I hope to travel to the Vailian Republics too in PoE 2
  9. I mean that, after playing Torment, a kickstarter campaign of PoE2 can attract less people than if Obsidian launch the kickstarter before Torment's release.
  10. I think Obsidian, in case they are preproducing PoE2 at this moment, should launch a kickstarter campaign for PoE2 before the release of Torment. After playing Torment most of us will be satiated and not too eager to back PoE2. Anyway, PoE2 will be a success. I hope a PoE2 with lots of exploration areas in the Vaillian or Readceras region, with a new character, low level battles and not fighting against gods.
  11. most of the people here want a new story with a new character. The watcher is too powerful to fight in PoE2 against normal bandits and normal bosses. Furthermore, White March expansions make character even more powerful. I didn't play expansions because I like they continue the story, and not being placed in the middle. I'd vote for a level 1 story for PoE2. A new adventure with lots of exploration areas like Baldurs Gate 1. I don't want to play with a 25 level character in the hell against the god of the gods.
  12. For me "Defiance Bay" theme is the best. I like to enter in taverns an listen "The Black Hound" . The soundrack is a masterpiece made for a game that is a masterpiece too.
  13. Anyway, any decision devs will take for PoE 2, will have lots of critics because of the big amount of players we are on the other hand, PoE has been a big success for obsidian and the community of IE fans
  14. Listening Justin music while playing PoE is great. I remember the first time I played Baldur's Gate listening themusic intro. Music in PoE and IE games is essential, and I think Justin has done a beautiful work. I think I could play "the Black Hound" theme with my guitar. Hey Justin, could you share with us the partiture of "The Black Hound"?
  15. But, novella is not written?? Uff.... my english level is low and I can't understand audio. I decided playing PoE on english instead of spanish, and I was using google translator all the time
  16. I think the most part of the community wants PoE 2 instead of a third expansion I'd like to play PoE2, a new adventure in the Vaillian Republics region with a fresh low level character instead of playing PoE2 with "the Watcher". Devs could make a poll and see what players want for the future
  17. Once the great Pillars of Eternity is finished, I, like most of you, have doubts about the game setting. It would be nice that someone of obsidian could give us a small synopsis of PoE related to the setting/plot, without spoileering future PoE games. for instance: -what happened to engwithians? -what is the origin of Thaos? does he have good intentions? -how woedica gives powers to Thaos? -is Eothas died? -what happened exactly in Caed Nua? thanks in advance
  18. I guess Chris Avellone Novella never was written. Now that we are familiarized with PoE setting, I hope, at least, to read more "short novels" in the future, while we are waiting for PoE 2 release . I liked the 4 short stories.
  19. Nice link. I've visited the PoE landscapes on steam and they are beautiful. You can appreciate the great work done by area designers. Spoilers alert http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980011801/images/?appid=291650
  20. Jeje. AndreaColombo: all that you say about if people know the truth about Eora's gods would be great for the PoE2 plot. Our main character could take the Thaos role of avoiding people to know the truth, in order to keep the balance and avoid the chaos in the Eastern Reach. By good ways or evil ways jeje.
  21. I liked the 3 stories, mainly the Eder's story. I really like Gilded Vale setting, with Lord Raedric's iron fist ruling the village and the Legacy's paranoia. Playing PoE, when I arrived to Gilded Vale, watching the hanged guys and listening the announcing bell that gave the bad news about the birth of Raedric's son, I thought "wow, this game is what I waited for many years". PoE lore is superb. In order to have a better experience, new players should learn about Eora's setting before playing, as I did.
  22. Josh talks about the possibility of developing a turnbased game in PoE setting. I don't like the idea. Long life to Real Time with Pause Combat!!!
  23. Writting these 4 stories has been a great idea. I'm enjoying them. Have you planned to release more short stories? Thanks in advance
  24. Question for developers: Are you going to release more short stories in the future? Short stories are a great idea.
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