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  1. The E3 video of PoE expansion shows combat is terribly easy like the main game. I don't want impossible battles, but at least I like to see challenging combats that make me think about what is the best strategy to overcome combat. I think Obsidian is focusing on story, graphics, levelcap, monsters, etc but not in combat balance. Surely, the expansion will be like the main game: a beautiful game without interesting combats.
  2. PoE was great: superb setting, great plot, nice quests, music, cities/villages, combat mechanics, etc, but the main problem was balancing in combat. I open this thread to emphasize that unbalanced combats can make the game tedious. I hope level-scaling doesn't ruin combats for level 12 parties. PLEASE OBSIDIAN, MAKE THIS TIME A WELL BALANCED GAME
  3. I hope level-scale don't ruin the game for level 12 combats. I want to play combats like Lord Raedric and his guards. This was an interesting combat and is was well balanced. I don't want to play hundreds of easy combats against repetitive groups of shadows, or beetles or easy foes, in which I didn't need to use spells or abilities to beat them.
  4. Thanks Andrea for your fast answer. Then I understood the feature. I hope Obsidian do a fine work this time with balancing in combats.
  5. I don't understand the level-scaling. English is not my native languaje and I think I missed something. Can you explain the next questions please? Why the expansion is developed in mid levels (6-8 perhaps)? If we finish the main game at 12 level, the expansion must be for level 12 parties. This is because we can access to the expansion without finishing the main game? In my opinion, the major problem of the main game was the unbalancing of combats. The 95 % of battles were easy at hard difficulty. I fear that level-scaling could make unbalanced combats.
  6. I liked: - The arrival to Gilded Vale, - The Raedric Hold quest with the combat to lord Raedric and his guards - The Raedric zombie battle - Blood Legacy quest - Wander through Defiance Bay - The final combat - The plot in general, with Thaos, the soul machines, and the false gods - The setting is superb: adra, souls and thieir study, renaissance, fanatism, history of the Easter Reach. In general, writters have done a beautiful work
  7. That's good to hear. Then we'll enjoy the PoE novella soon...
  8. This is not serious. There are people interested in reading the novella, and Chris has never said anything about this. He gives lots of interviews and he has never mentioned the novella project. Now he quits Obsidian and we continue without knowing anything. If novella is not released, I demand a compensation, the POE expansion for example.
  9. Now that Avellone is gone, Will we have the novella? I raised my pledge in order to obtain this article. I chose the novella instead of the expansion. It would be much appreciated that someone of the Obsidian team could give some news on this.
  10. I have received the quest "Hunter Brother" in Heartsong but I can't finish combat after dealing with the first black stelgaers. I continue to the east and fight more stelgaers but combat doesn't finish. I'm playing 1.06 beta What can I do??? EDIT: I tried again. First I dealed with the weak black stelgaers, then I spoke with the giant white stelgaer soul. After that I went to the east and killed all the white stelgaers (stronger than black stelgaers). After finishing with all the stelgaers combat mode finished and I could rest a take all the loot of those previous battles ;D
  11. I like PoE combat. During betatesting time, I readed lots of critics about combat and I feared it would be terrible. When PoE was released I was happy to see the nice mechanics of PoE combat. I think Obsidian has created a good combat system. For me the problem is balance. Combats of the main plot are in general very easy, and it's rare to find a challenging battle in the game. With some polish in combat and better balance, we'll see great battles in next expansions and sequiels.
  12. I've stopped playing at the middle of act 2 because of the untralow difficulty I find in all combats. Do you know if developers or modders are going to release an update or mod who brings combats to the difficulty we found in BG1/BG2/IWD ect? I don't want impossible battles, but at least, I want to play challenging (and epic) combats. I won't continue playing until difficulty is raised. I hope developers take this into acount. Thanks in advance.
  13. BALANCE. That's the unic problem. Combats are terribly easy and I've lost interest on finishing the game. I don't understand the obsesion with rules, the big variety of spells, chants, beautiful weapons... and all of those stuff is worth nothing because you don't need spells and important weapons to overcome all combats. At least, the main battles should have been created in a more difficult way. Maerwald combat is for laughing. He should be protected by an anti-weapons/spells sphere (like BG2 mages) and be acompanied by 4-5 fire elementals. Not only by one. Something like Drake and its worshippers battle at the level 5. Enemy wizards all should have protections spheres at the beggining of combat. Wizards are as vulnerable as BG1. Whit a single blow of your six heroes throwing arrows or bolts (no mentioning firearms) you eliminate any wizard at beginning. Enemy soldiers and archers should inflict an incredible damage. Enemy spells should have more impact on our group. I like combat mechanics and its frenetic pace, and AI movement is not bad, but BALANCE made me stop playing at the act 2 ;....(
  14. It's a pity to wait for more than 2 years and, after 30 hours of gameplaying, to lose interest on the game because of the terrible balance it has. I'm playing on hard doing quests in act 2 in Defiance Bay and until this moment I haven't found any hard battle. And I haven´t been affected by the stats bug (only Aloth and Eder had +10 on reflex and will, respectively). The only interest I have in this moment is to see how the story continues and ends, like if I were reading a book. I don't care if I find an incredible sword or ring because I don't need them. I don't care how much XP I need to reach next level either. I remember BG 1 and 2 avoiding lots of combats and waiting to gain more XP in order to overcome them. In my opinion: The setting is perfect and lovely. The plot until this moment is great. Art is lovely. I like combat mechanics and how combat works, but combat balance is terrible and makes lose interest on the game. Obsidian failed releasing a game that is not challenging.
  15. My main character and premade characters like Eder, Durance, Aloth can interact with chests, but my custom rogue, who is specialiced in mechanics, doesn't react to the order when I click on the chest. He reacts on picking free loot from objects or things on the floor, but he doesn't move when I click on a locked chest or box. Time to stop playing until a solid version will be released.
  16. Bug confirmed. I have only a custom adventurer. He is a rogue who opens locked chests but with the new update I cannot use his ability because when I click on the chest he doesn´t move. The main character and premade companions interact with chests (like always, even if the don't have enough skill) but my custom rogue not
  17. Hello. I hope you enjoy the game as I'm doing. Obsidian has greatly succedeed!! I'd like to ask developers if it's possible to obtain the tab of the inn song. I think it's easy to play, but I need the partiture to read it. Thanks and congratulations.
  18. Thanks for your fast and interesting answer. I think I'll play on hard+Expert but I'd like to hear more opinions. Any opininion will be welcome. The day has come after 2,5 years!!!
  19. I'd like to ask you what difficulty level you think is more fun to play. Normal? Hard? Thanks in advance.
  20. I'd like to ask administrators if we're going to enjoy the different rewards from the backer portal before game launching time or all things (game+other rewards) are going to be released at the same time. Thanks in advance.
  21. I'd like to ask you if, when you updated PoE in the different betas, you could load your saved games. Or if you know if savedgames will be loadable no matter the PoE version. I think I'll play slowly and my campaign will last one month at least. It would be terrible to see my saved games corrupted after downloading a new update. Thanks in advance.
  22. Thanks for your fast answer. I like hard difficulty but I don't want to get stuck 20 times with the same battle. And is this PoE version stable? I mean free of serious bugs like crashes to desktop or an area that doesn't load.
  23. Hello Sensuki. Playing on expert Mode, what difficulty do you recommend to play in order to enjoy more the game? on normal or hard? Thanks in advance and congrats for your great work for the PoE community.
  24. What are your feelings about that version? does it seem solid or have you seen bugs or crashes? I haven't time to watch the stream
  25. Well. Let's hope the game with the day 1 patch will be solid enough to enjoy the game until the end. Thanks for your fast answers
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