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  1. ***Spoilers Alert*** in page 14 says: "When Neolas asked about the Legacy, the herbalist confirmed that the crisis was all but a rumor in Maiden Falls." What does "all but a rumor" means? that the Maiden Falls is suffering the Legacy or not? I don't remember when playing PoE if Glanffatan region suffers the Legacy like Dirwood region
  2. 19th century?? I would say this setting is simillar to 16th century renaissance period: Firearms are rudimentary and Vailian Republics, the most advanced culture, are simillar to the Italian city states disputed by the French and we, the Spanish during 16th. It has been a succesful choice to create PoE not only in the tipical medieval setting. PoE combines medieval cultures with renaissance cultures. Congrats to the developers for this feature ;D
  3. I've enjoyed the Ratcatcher. I'm not english native and I need to use a translator for a lot of words. For this reason, the size of the stories is ok for me. The PoE setting is one of the best features of the game, and reading short stories in this beautiful setting is great.
  4. I've read the Sagani's short story and I think is a good idea to release short stories like these, better even than the Chis Avelone novella. Are you going to release "Blood Register" (second short history) today? I hope to see more small histories in the future. Maybe introducing some setting of PoE 2?
  5. I agree. Vailian Republics are the next step. What we know of the Eastern Reach's geography is what we see in the map, and it shows completely the Vaillian Republics region. We know some lore of the Vaillian region, and I think that a sequel here would attract the players more than a new undiscovered region (this better for a PoE 3). It would be great to see the entire continen of the Eastern Reach. Another interesting place would be the Penitential Regency of Readceras ;D
  6. There is a lot of people who doesn't want to replay the game in order to access the expansion There is a lot of people that want to continue the expansion after finishing the original game and not from a previous saved game Devs should say anything about if they are going to solve this issue
  7. That's crazy: let's play the first part of the expansion and after that, kill Thaos again. Oh no, the second part of the expansion has arrived. Well, let's play the second part of WM and kill Thaos for third time. Poor Thaos. Brilliant and ultrarealistic story design. I hope WM events don't affect to PoE 2.
  8. This is a big mistake. Why the devs didn't continue the story after the final battle? PoE has enough content and history. I only played once BG, NWN, IWD series, as I've done with PoE. I'm dissapointed with the only option of reload an old saved game for accessing to WM instead of the last saved game. That breaks the story.
  9. That would be the logical thing. End with Thaos and continue a new story. I hope they implement the access to White March after activating the machine.
  10. Obsidian should do a bypass, and (spoiler alert) after activating the "you know what", the group should have the chance of travel to the White March. Obsidian devs, you should fix that.
  11. I was going to buy the expansion, but after seeing that you can't access to it after finishing the original game, I'm not interested in buying it. The expansion should have followed the events after finishing the original game. This is more attractive than simply add more areas and quests for mid level groups to the original game. The original game doesn't need more content, needs a continuation of the history. I'll wait to PoE 2 to see a new history that continues the first game.
  12. I don't like the idea of starting an expansion at mid-game after finishing the history. The original game has enough (and beautiful) content. It would have been great to see a new history after the events of the end of the game.
  13. We can read lots of news about Chris Avellone, but nothing related to the Novella. It's weird to see the expansion released before than Novella. I raised my pledge because of the Novella.
  14. You can choose to have the expansion content scaled to your high level characters. And, as noted, there's an autosave right before entering Sun in Shadows. Surely it's not that big a deal that you start there instead of right at the very end? I think I'll wait for PoE 2.
  15. I agree. This means that the purpose of the expansion is to add more content for mid-level parties. I would have preferred a new story after ending with Thaos for high level parties. The original game has enough content and doesn't need to add more. I think Obsidian have commited a mistake. I want to play the expansion after activating the machine. I donĀ“t want to load a previous savegame. If they not change this, I'm not interested in buying the expansion.
  16. I don't like the fact that you can travel to the expansion areas without finishing the main game. This means the expansion doesn't continue the main story and it's only a new pack of areas and subquests. Furthermore, it's designed for mid-level parties instead of 12 level parties. Then, how will affect the decissions we made after the final battle (what to do with the trapped souls) in the new expansion? I guess they don't have any relevance. What's the importance of those decissions? perhaps are they relevant for the second part of expansion? or for PoE 2?
  17. The E3 video of PoE expansion shows combat is terribly easy like the main game. I don't want impossible battles, but at least I like to see challenging combats that make me think about what is the best strategy to overcome combat. I think Obsidian is focusing on story, graphics, levelcap, monsters, etc but not in combat balance. Surely, the expansion will be like the main game: a beautiful game without interesting combats.
  18. PoE was great: superb setting, great plot, nice quests, music, cities/villages, combat mechanics, etc, but the main problem was balancing in combat. I open this thread to emphasize that unbalanced combats can make the game tedious. I hope level-scaling doesn't ruin combats for level 12 parties. PLEASE OBSIDIAN, MAKE THIS TIME A WELL BALANCED GAME
  19. I hope level-scale don't ruin the game for level 12 combats. I want to play combats like Lord Raedric and his guards. This was an interesting combat and is was well balanced. I don't want to play hundreds of easy combats against repetitive groups of shadows, or beetles or easy foes, in which I didn't need to use spells or abilities to beat them.
  20. Thanks Andrea for your fast answer. Then I understood the feature. I hope Obsidian do a fine work this time with balancing in combats.
  21. I don't understand the level-scaling. English is not my native languaje and I think I missed something. Can you explain the next questions please? Why the expansion is developed in mid levels (6-8 perhaps)? If we finish the main game at 12 level, the expansion must be for level 12 parties. This is because we can access to the expansion without finishing the main game? In my opinion, the major problem of the main game was the unbalancing of combats. The 95 % of battles were easy at hard difficulty. I fear that level-scaling could make unbalanced combats.
  22. I liked: - The arrival to Gilded Vale, - The Raedric Hold quest with the combat to lord Raedric and his guards - The Raedric zombie battle - Blood Legacy quest - Wander through Defiance Bay - The final combat - The plot in general, with Thaos, the soul machines, and the false gods - The setting is superb: adra, souls and thieir study, renaissance, fanatism, history of the Easter Reach. In general, writters have done a beautiful work
  23. That's good to hear. Then we'll enjoy the PoE novella soon...
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