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  1. I'd like to ask you if this game is: 1 perfectly playable without serious bugs. 2 well balanced. I remember PoE1 too easy when I played it. Thanks in advance and congrats to obsidian for their success.
  2. I know that Woedica would have gained a lot of power, but what I don't know is the consequences for the inhabitants of the Eastern Reach.
  3. I'm refreshing the interesting plot of PoE1 and we know that Thaos was trying to use the accumulated souls in the master machine to strengthen Woedica against the other gods, and, why he tried to do this? What would happen in the Eastern Reach if Thaos would have succesfully activated the machine? Thanks in advance
  4. I'd like to ask you if we can export our endsavegames from PoE1 to PoE2. Thanks in advance
  5. Waidwen legacy is in recent times, but in Engwithian times, did the other machines have other purposes?
  6. I know the soul machine from Sun in Shadow was built in order to generate the current gods because there weren't gods before. 1 But why there are more soul machines scattered in the region? 2 Did they have other purposes? Thanks in advance
  7. There is a map, and it will be revealed when we sail with our ship in PoE2. Knowing that PoE2 is a game focused on exploration on a overland map, is normal that devs don't reveal it.
  8. 1) the game isn’t out yet. Why so interested in DLC for a game you don’t know you like and want more content for? Unless, you know you will like it and are interested in post release content, which means what it will be doesn’t really matter beyond curiosity. I´m interested because I always played IE games, Tyranny, PoE once. I don't like to replay them again. If I had known that WM was an ingame expansion, I only have played PoE until the finishing of first act and wait until the release of White March expansion. Well. If you know a better place to ask devs this question, please ask it to them
  9. I don't recall them saying anything specific about DLC so far. Is difficult for devs to give us some light about DLCs at this moment? I think one of them could have the courtesy of explain this.
  10. Thanks for your fast answers, but I don't find appealing to go jump back to WM and return to sun in shadows and play the final battle. I hope that final saved games fron PoE will be coherent in PoE2 no matter you play or not WM.
  11. I'd like to ask devs if White March events will be mentioned in PoE2. I didn't play WM expansion and I'd like to know if in my case there will be incoherences in the POE2 plot or in dialogues mentioning White March events. I hope devs have avoided this for PoE2. Thanks in advance.
  12. Yes. In my case, after finishing the main plot I felt anticlimatic to jump back to the White March events. For this reason I want to know what plans have devs for the PoE2 expansions
  13. I see people is confused about this feature. It would be great that devs could explain their plans about DLC or expansions. Will they add story events after the end of the main game (Throne of Bhaal) or during the game (White March)? I ususally play only once the main plot, so I didn't play the White March expansion. If I know that deadfire expansions are like White March, I'll probably wait to play until the release of the DLC. Good luck with the release
  14. I only play once these games, so I prefer expansion after the final events of main game, or, at least, I hope devs give information about their expansion plans before releasing PoE2 main game. I regret not to playing the White March, but I don't want to replay all the entire PoE campaign again. I think this time, if expansion is at the middle, I'll play one act of PoE2 and wait for the expansion release.
  15. They've got another Twitch QA going live next week; we can ask this question. I'm among those who would have liked a second level cap increase to 20, and I'm happy we got it. I don't feel need for more levels beyond 20, but I'm glad we can get there. Of course I expect some extra content, and not just "you gain XP a helluva lot faster." As someone else has already mentioned, Feargus said on Fig it's a bit of both—indeed a good question for Josh how they plan on balancing this. I'm glad we get to play with more high-level abilities and we get two more levels to develop our multiclassed concepts (though the orchestra is what makes me really stoked about this stretch goal, and the extra subclass is an unexpected icing on the cake.) Nice idea. I hope they explain in the next QA how to reach lvl 20 from 1 in an interesting way.
  16. It would be interesting that Josh or another dev could tell us how they are going to deal with levellingup so fast.
  17. Nice 11th update with orchestra news, but playing from level 1 to 20 is something that concerns me. Suposing that PoE2 has the same lenght that PoE1, level-up is going to be too fast. That makes we don't give too much importance to level-up feature, and levelling-up is one of the most important concepts of RPGs.
  18. The PoE guidebook is interesting too in order to learn more about the lore of this great setting
  19. Even with no great stretch goals, PoE2 funding campaign is a sucess. 2 millions in just one week. No matter the stretch goals. The most important thing is that PoE1 was in general a great game. I think the only stretch goal that I wait is a second big city. I hope obsidian have room to allow us to explore the Vailian Republics, maybe in PoE2, or in an expansion.
  20. If Obsidian wants to attract more backers, they should show a beautiful campaign map, as they did when they announced PoE1 on kickstarter
  21. Surely PoE will have an expasion. Please devs, don't do this time an integrated expansion like White March. It wasn't realistic to load a savedgame at the close end of the original adventure, and then start a new campaign in another region of the world.
  22. Do you know if obsidian has in mind to release more stories (or a new novella)? I liked to read the 4 small stories they released.
  23. I like starting again at level 1. I like low level encounters, but, what happens with our experienced companions Eder, Aloth and Pallegina? Do they remain as high level characters? If so, The watcher will be leveling-up too fast before meet them, and I hate fast level-ups. A nice solution is a previous adventure of the watcher in the Vailian Republics. This would be the best strech goal
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