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  1. I like starting at level one, but I hope the level-up pace will be slow, because if it's fast, you don't experience the fun of leveling-up, as happened in Icewind Dale2
  2. I lose interest on Torment because of turn based combat. Infinity Engine spirit is RTwP combat
  3. I see fair that obsidian gives discounts to previous backers instead of early backers. I've used my 5$ discount right now
  4. Five members... Interesting. What about map? strech goals? starting level? starting location? want to know more!!!!!
  5. It's great to see some light of PoE2 but there are lots of questions to answer. Where will we start the campaign, In a Vailian city (athkatla style) or directly in the Deadfire islands? It would be nice to take a walk (and 1 or 2 acts ;D ) on the streets of a renaissance-merchant city of the Vailian Republics
  6. Same for me. I played PoE once with the 3 companions you mention and the other two were Durance and one elf created by me. I didn't play White March expansion. I hope this doesn't affect the plot in PoE2 Normally it won't much but try it if you get the chance. I only finished it a couple of weeks ago and I'm telling you it's soooooooo worth it! It's like all the things that didn't end that good in the vanilla development fixed and placed in a, quite lengthy, side story (which also connects to the main plot and the world lore). Pity that I always play IE games once. I like to write my own history once. I hope this time expansions will be a sequel and not and ingame adding content. First question I'll ask to developers
  7. Same for me. I played PoE once with the 3 companions you mention and the other two were Durance and one elf created by me. I didn't play White March expansion. I hope this doesn't affect the plot in PoE2
  8. My guess is that when the countdown ends, we'll know the real identity of these 8 misterious characters. After that, we'll wait 9 hours more until 10:00 PST, the official anouncement.
  9. Well. 3 days more and we´ll know fresh news Josh has posted on twitter the song "3 days"
  10. 26 is the official announcement date. On twitter, the 19th day josh published a song named "Seven days". the 20th, another song titled "Six days" Wednesday 25 th is the last companion statement, and 26th is the D day
  11. Yehaaa!!! Vailian setting. Sure PoE2 will start in Vailian Republics. Perhaps the locals are the seamen from the Deadfire archipielago.
  12. Now we can see in Twitter Josh page the song "Six Days" https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/822530590578790401 In six days we'll have great news I thought in the past days Obsidian could launch the kickstarter/fig campaign just before the release of Torment. After Torment release, people would became more satiated and less eager to back PoE2
  13. The leaden key setence (surely Aloth is the author) is great. I like the way obsidian is introducing us PoE2
  14. 5 hous ago Josh posted on twitter the sting song "seven days" 7 days until the official anouncement
  15. After some months, I've relistened "The Black Hound". What a beautiful theme. I think I could play it with my guitar but I'd need a tablature or partiture. Congrats Justin for your great work.
  16. It would be terrible that Obsidian did PoE2 changing the engine or the gameplay style as we could see in Dragon Age2, but I think Obsidian is going to develope PoE2 like BG2. It's what the majority of players want, no matter if there is a publisher or not. Anyway, I prefer crowfunding ;D
  17. I completely agreed. I remember one question in wich I liked almost all the options, but I only could choose one.
  18. Thanks jojobobo for your big answer. I hope not to see White March related events in PoE2 Anyway, I think that choices at the end of the game will have some influence in the PoE2 history.
  19. Hello guys. I haven´t played The White March expansion. I'd like to ask you if you know if, in PoE 2 will appear events related to White March history. I don't like to play a game with incoherences in its plot, whatching my lead character (from PoE1) in PoE2 talking about his experience in the White March when, in my case, he never was there. Thanks in advance
  20. I liked the story of a mad woman in the Brackenbury Sanitarium. She said she was living as a happy poor woman, but one day her soul was awakened and she knew that in a past life she was a rich woman. Then she started to feel miserable with the life she was living now and finally she became mad. I loved the scene when the main character arrives to Gilded Vale, and when the bells announced that Raedric's new son is born without soul. I liked too the Raedric's Hold entrance and the first combat against Raedric and his bodyguards
  21. Why doesn't obsidian release the novella right now? It's not serious to see released some stories of Tiranny when C.A. novella is not released yet.
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