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  1. I've just had a crash when exiting a small area on an island (the area had a single encounter with a drake surrounded with xaurips) to the world map. Here is the crash log (the forum doesn't allow 7-Zip attachments so I uploaded it elsewhere). CRASH LOG It was a first crash in a total ~18 hours of playing the game so it's not really a big deal, but just in case for the developers to check.
  2. Off topic: I just can't believe the difference between 3D models in PoE 1 and 2. PoE 2 models are fantastic, while most of the time those in PoE 1 literally look worse than in e.g. Neverwinter Nights 2 which is a game from 2006. I'm talking about both models and wearable (cloth, boots etc). Is PoE 2 using some third-party middleware for this, or it's developed in-house? Because the difference is just HUGE
  3. Gods as presented in PoE are "fake" in term that they are not immortal nor eternal, but the concept of souls and their relation to living ("luminous") adra are very true from the "magical" perspective, and that's what animancy is trying to decypher. The only science fiction here is Engwithans' attempt into manipulation of soul magic (and I don't see any relation to Cyclons which are completely engineered as super-computers, with convincing artificial intelligence due to having enough processing power). But you can't make souls as you can make silicon transistors, and if a soul (as pres
  4. I should have just tried to do it, the game clearly tells me that it will take effect only on maps not visited yet This can be closed, sorry.
  5. Hello all, My current playthrough is slowly nearing its end - I have to do the majority of WM2 main quest, Sun in Shadows of the original campaign, plus Siege of Cragholdt and Battle of Yenwood. However, I already spent 40+ hours and my free time is shrinking, so I want to finish the game as soon as possible due to other stuff I have to do later (but no cheating). Not that I have major issues with current party and build, it's just that battles now take too much time and honestly all the micromanagement became very cumbersome due to retarded AI. The question: If I now change the diffic
  6. Always do side quests first and then progress the main quest(s). Some main quests will automatically fail unfinished side quests and you don't want that.
  7. I bought PoE2 and season pass, started it a little to see how it fares against PoE 1, but stopped and now I'm waiting until all DLCs are available and the game is (virtually) fully patched. This is from experience with PoE 1, where playing 1.06 without White March and playing 3.07 + White March were very different things. Thus, calculating success of PoE based on number of concurrent players on Steam, number of unlocked achievements and similar, is not reliable.
  8. I have a different problem with this quest. I managed to drive away the sailors without fight, but when I attempt to report back to Martino, the dialog doesn't start. Martino only throws a comment about how he's busy or something. I'm playing current release version on Steam.
  9. Maybe you should upgrade your core components once in a decade. Your CPU is almost 10 years old, and it wasn't exactly a powerhouse even on launch. You can find a decent used kit of quad-core CPU, motherboard and 8 GB RAM for mere 200 USD or EUR. Also, R7 250X is rebadged Radeon HD 7770 which was launched five years ago as a mid-range graphics card, but it will work fine.
  10. It's not MS Store logo. Those five icons just mean "GoG and Steam on Windows, Linux and OS X".
  11. There are several very valid reasons why to decrease party size specifically in PoE, but you obviously didn't read them: 1. Clumsy UI 2. Bad pathfinding 3. Way more active abilities than D&D games and much bigger need to use them (unless you play on very easy), thus more cumbersome micromanagement for every combat
  12. Guys, if the voiceover system will be similar to PoE1, such as: but only white, quoted text gets read, then it's a terrible, confusing method and at least please give an option to turn off voiceovers altogether. Either the narrator reads EVERYTHING written on the screen, or nothing.
  13. Guys, quit comparing Infinity classics with PoE regarding party size. Six characters in Baldur's Gate and six characters in PoE are totally different story. Very different rulesets. I loved many aspects of PoE, but regarding this implementation of RT-with-pause combat, it always felt like fighting the interface instead of fighting the enemies. It was just too cumbersome and I'm sick of that kind of micromanagement. Once you lose XP gain for certain enemy, then it just becames a complete, pointless waste of time. Either make it really turn-based, or shrink the party (4 chars is max, if it w
  14. Probably too early for this kind of question, but still... Do you people (at Obsidian) have expansion(s) in plan for Deadfire? If yes, will it probably be an integrated parallel story (as White March), or a smaller separate campaign, or additional endgame "act" (somewhat as Throne of Bhaal)? I personally vouch AGAINST expansions and story DLCs, because today it's mostly either stuff cut from the original game, or something made "artificially" to waste time and water down the original experience. But from a financial point of view, it's probably better (for the company) to have addition
  15. Unless you are from Australia, you can download all three integral installers (already patched to 3.05) because the game probably won't be updated anymore.
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