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  1. Deadfire is a masterpiece. Is the only game that can be considered the spiritual sucesor of BG2. Perhaps it has not reached a big community and microsoft is not interested in making a Po3 with simillar mechanics than PoE 1 and 2. I hope a smaller team of Obsidian (the people who worked on DLC perhaps?) can harness the mechanics created and, with a smaller presupost, they can create a PoE3 or a new IE style game set in Eora.
  2. I think the same. Maybe in next update we'll know something about their TB feature plans.
  3. I don't like DoS2 either. It seems childish for me. Deadfire for me is the best RPG experience since the BG series, and I'd love to see a PoE3 or another isometric game in Eora not following the Watcher history. I welcome TB if it can help to increase Deadfire success and see in the future another game of the saga (with both TB and Rtwp modes to choose). I hope at least that, with a smaller group of people and with the tools and mechanics currently developed, we can see a game like Tiranny set in Eora. I wonder how much people were involved in the creation of Tiranny. Anyone knows it?
  4. If Obsidian don't try to add turn based mode, they will never know if TB is a success in PoE2. I've been watching steam sales for a week and is incredible how DoS2 is always on top sellers and PoE2 too far from them. Watching DoS2 numbers, we know that there is big comunity of rpg gamers. Perhaps with TB they can attract some of these players.
  5. TB mode will be for consoles too, and I think TB mode developing process is not at the early stages. It will be interesting how TB affects to PoE2 success on PC.
  6. Turn based combat mode in PoE2 is a reality. There are screenshots of the cyclopedia showing the rules of the turn based mode. Divinity 2 devs don't need to add RtwP mode because the game has been completely successful on steam. For me, deadfire is a more serious and solid game than DoS2, and deadfire can attract more players with turn based mode because there are lots of rpgamers that hate RtwP. I'll never play PoE2 on turn based mode, but I'll happy if PoE2 is more successful with an interesting TB mode implemented.
  7. Now that we know that Obsidian is developing turn based mode, it would be interesting if they post an update telling the comunity if turn based mode is both for consoles and PC.
  8. Turn based combat in PoE2 IS a reality. In the codex forums you can see screenshots of the Cyclopedia, explaining different mechanics of Turn based combat mode: Rounds, Free action, Cast action, Initiative, even there is a weapon whose description is detaliled for turn based combat, showing "Initiative" parameter instead of "Recovery Time". Duration of spells works not in seconds, but in number of rounds. Very interesting shots. I'm sure Obsidian is going to release turn-based combat mode for deadfire. Nice movement.
  9. Happy hollydays to Obsidian people and all the forum members . Thanks to Obsidian for giving us this year such an amazing videogame like Deadfire.
  10. In my case, I wouldn't play an IE style game in turn based combat, but if TB makes the game more popular enough to develop more PoE games, I will be happy with that.
  11. Why to develop a new game when you can implement turn based combat and multiplayer in a GOTY rpg game? If technically is possible, turn combat feature is a great idea. Perhaps we can see one day PoE3 with 2 combat options and multiplayer
  12. Wow. PoE turn based option. That would be the solution to increase PoE fame. For a game like PoE I prefer Real time wiht pause but I know there is a huge community who prefers turn based (you can remember the Torment tides of numenera poll where turn based option won) Can be both options technically compatible?
  13. It seems there isn't a clear faction that gains the favour of the players. All 4 factions have received simillar votes. Interesting,
  14. It seems that PoE 2 and its sequels are going well on steam right now in rpg sales section. Deadfire is at the same level than Mutant Year Zero.
  15. Perhaps a PoE3 would be tedious for people who hasn't played PoE1 and 2, but a new isometric game in another region of Eora not based in the Watcher would be interesting. The same way Obsidian can create DLC, they could develop a new isometric game with a small team, something like Tiranny. Thanks to Obsidian devs for participating in this thread . They are like Eora's gods.
  16. No more DLC. Then whe can say PoE2 is content finished. Now it's time to finish my lovely campaign
  17. This game is a classic. It's beautiful, but even in 1999 when I lost my virginity with Baldur's Gate, I only played it once, as all IE games. If one dev says: "Hey men, Deadfire is complete, you can expect some small patches only", for me it will be ok and I'll finish my campaign. In the picture of DLC cronology in 2019 they put "More to come", so it would be great that one dev could write some words here an tell us if deadfire is finished or not.
  18. I'm enjoying Deadfire a lot, and I only play the campaign once. At the moment I haven't finished the campaign yet and I haven't played the 2nd and 3rd DLC. Before finishing the campaign, I'd like to ask you if all the content for Deadfire is complete. In PoE1 I didn't play the White March because I fininished the main campaign before the release of the expansion. If you have planned to add perhaps new bosses, quests, or another DLC, I'll stop playing now. Now that the 4.0 and the third DLC is released, is time to finish the campaign or I should wait for more content in 2019? An answer is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. This game will become in the future a real classic.
  19. The last fight against Nericyslas was superb. I liked a lot the scenary of the death of Saint Waidwen. I liked too the new weapons.
  20. After playing 80 hours (reading interesting lore in books and items too), I stopped playing my campaing in July in order to wait for the 3 DLC, but this week I've resumed the game and now I'm at 100 hours and I love this game. Today I've started the first DLC and the beginning is great. I hope devs add more areas/quest content in the future. I don't care if I don't finish the campaign soon. After finishing the Beast of Winter DLC, I'll stop playing and wait for the last DLC, megabosses and 4.0 version. PoE2 is a real gem.
  21. I don't know how changed ratings appear in the graph. I don't think they are new reviews. In PoE1 there are new reviews praising the game and people say on them they are eager to start PoE2. In last 5 days, steam reviews for PoE2 are 241 positive and 7 negative (97% positive) When I wrote my PoE2 review, I recommended to play PoE1 first. That's the logical way to enjoy those games.
  22. In the last week, 226 new steam reviews have appeared, and 222 of them positive . This huge number of reviews makes that this week is the third with more reviews. In preview weeks, only 20 reviews appeared per week. Is interesting to see the reviews graph on steam. Perhaps there are many people who were waiting for a discount on the price. Let's see if sales are increasing in the future months.
  23. I'd like to see a new game with the same mechanics and setting but with a different title and a new main character, starting from level one and knowing more from Eora universe. And PoE3 with the watcher too, of course ;D. At first, let's see if there are any plans for PoE2 in 2019 after the third DLC.
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