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  1. Holy ****! Thank you for this information. Ima do that work around for now, but hopefully they find out about this issue and fix it.
  2. Ok so decided to try this part of the game out again and it seems that the glitch still happened after both reloading and traveling out of the area then coming back. I think this has to do with the Elder Stelgaer. They don't let you out of combat on death. In the same area, the people who are fighting the mercenaries in the "At the Mercy of the Tribes" quest ended combat after death. The location is Northweald.
  3. https://youtu.be/XRqUxqPXXj8 Don't know how this happened\how to reproduce this. Not sure if it has something to do with the location or the quest i'm on :\.
  4. I understand that. This solution you say defeats the purpose of the added feature. I should of clarified I'm not asking for help, I am just reporting something that wasn't intended by the devs.
  5. EDIT: OMG TITLE IS WRONG. Should be: [bUG] Highest Mechanics Party Member Will Always Open Booby Trapped Container Even When Trap is Undetected. 1. Have entire party selected. 2. Find a container with a trap but DON'T scout for it(leave the trap undetected). 3. Keep the highest mechanic stat party member the furthest away from container out of all party members. 4. Open container with the entire party still selected. The origin of this problem is the very nifty feature that automatically sends the best party member for the job(highest mechanics) to disarm a trap. However, even if
  6. Alot of RPGs in general add some type of limited resources mechanic to add another dynamic to the game. It's to increase difficulty(fairly) and increase the amount of thought that the player puts into the game. Alot of games now simply have mana potions and mana bar for spells but these old style cRPGs have rest + number of spell uses. The only problem with the mechanic that I can see is balance. I am playing hard and my need to rest is barely ever. I have sat on 2 camping supplies and a only a few spells used for a while through my current dungeon(and the past few ones too). I think throu
  7. As you could see in my original post("Not sure if this was intended."), I did consider it being a balance decision. In a way, by making the spell(s) the way they did, it's less stronger but also less intuitive. I don't think there is nothing wrong with that if it was intended. Also, as a slightly unrelated criticism, spells like consecrated ground should tell you the current time left of the spell while it's active. Right now, consecrated ground only tells how much time is left for the HEAL received from the spell and not how long the actual spell itself will continue. I would like to
  8. Not sure if I am supposed to post this here. I just feel like this kind of spell(and any other spells that do something like a confusion effect) are simply not as good as they should be because they make enemies literally friendlies during the duration of the spell. If you cast heal, you heal them. If you cast a "Enemy Only" spell, it doesn't affect them. Not sure if this was intended. A very small gripe. However, it was one of my favorite spells in BG.
  9. Topic. This happened to me after I loaded my quicksave. Before the quicksave load, they were friendly. Also, I don't have any of the files that could help with this issue; I continued on in the game without thinking :\. QUEST: Blood Legacy AREA: Dyrford Ruins Steps: 1. Finish talking to Wymund and take his side(don't kill Aelys) 2. Save afterwords(not sure if it has to be a quicksave). 3. Load the save. Could someone comfirm this is happening to them(if you are on this part)? Maybe I accidentally did something to piss them off(but i'm almost sure I just loaded the save after ta
  10. Yeah I am also getting this problem. gog version on windows.
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