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  1. Dreams. I can never remember mine unless I'm dreaming and then suddenly wake up. So... for some reason I'm Hitler's personal secretary ( I know, right ?) The fürher is in the doorway to my office with an entourage of assistants and what looks like gray uniform death star generals and he goes 'The odds for tomorrow are 2/1'. I'm trying to explain that I don't understand as a ringtone goes off. The office is messy with papers strewn everywhere and I dig through them looking for the source, I can tell that the gathering is having fun as at my expense as Hitler goes 'Das is sehr beständig'. I find 4-5 identical flip phones with confusing menus and I can't figure out how to turn them off. They open easily in the back and run on AA batteries, I pop the batteries out.. but they keep ringing. Which transitions to the alarm on my phone and I realise that I'm going to be an hour late for work.
  2. If multiplayer is monetized in some fashion then it's just a matter of degrees.
  3. Certain things in character creation and the world just look kinda off and, ugly, for want of a better word. Compared to the creature design in Nioh1 which was pretty stellar. I also immediately noticed textures and objects from Sekiro, which makes sense, it's Team Ninja. Still. I also see the rather unsavory weapon floating on back thing Noih Automata style. It could indicate a large collection of weapons, Dark Souls 3 style though so that's a positive at least. We'll see, it's just a beta.
  4. Epic though, and I don't know how pay-to-winnish it's going to be. Hopefully a multiplayer mode that they don't monetize.
  5. mechwarrior 5 mercenaries is the one to wait for I think
  6. It's a joke, the bearded ladies are a western period joke. Notice how extreme all the 'random' generated results are. They aren't random, someone made them for ****s and giggles. If you are angry simply with the fact that you can give yourself a bead and a female face. Well, I mean, get over yourself ? There aren't always SWJs hiding around every corner.
  7. I thought the mechanicals were more susceptible to shorting out on a liquid spill, but I can't actually find anything to back that up, so maybe it isn't true.
  8. 'Gaming' is just a marketing term. The only really important feature is how the keys feel, and you can't test that beforehand. You can overpay for a mechanical keyboard of course, that way you won't end up with something terrible, but I've had many standard ones I prefer the feel of. They also have the added benefit of usually surviving a liquid spill, while mechanicals are guaranteed to fail. The higher end ones always seem to sacrifice some durability for that extra tactile feedback. I'm in the market for one myself actually, but it's a bit of a jungle.
  9. Hello, just a friendly reminder that we have a zero tolerance policy on piracy, so. Hypothetically you couldn't even say what site you hypothetically used to hypothetically torrent the game. We would can the thread immediately. (a game that you could get for 3 $ with a Game Pass account, yes)
  10. I think actually 'no' for me. TES with paid mods and microtransactions. Nopls.
  11. They are so ham-fisted it's almost unbelievable. But, earnings estimates are earnings estimates I guess.
  12. I mean look at this. It has to be the most wholesome family friendly search result on the site https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Mia
  13. Open services and check if gaming services is running. If it can't be manually started from services you might be screwed, it's something wrong with windows. Installation or updates or something. This is just from a google search.
  14. Jim Sterling likes ToW. Yahtzee Croshaw isn't going to like it, because he doesn't like anything, that's not the format. Anyway, Sterling isn't for sale. So good sign.
  15. Or.... How about the .ini fiile. IJKL are used in the menus, that's why they can't be rebound. But, if they weren't pointing at menu commands. set Journal, Inventory and so on, to something else. worth a look.
  16. I'm not moving off supernova, 'hard' is too easy.
  17. TWO on Supernova difficulty, because i'm not a wuss. I've made three forays away from he Unreliable and been wiped three times. I suppose I should just main quest a while and get some companions.
  18. probably has to do with the directional audio. Change sound setup ?. Stereo should even everything out. I haven't even looked at the audio options, but i play with surround speakers and the voices do sound a little meek compared to the effects.
  19. https://imgur.com/gallery/r4yX1fL
  20. I'm getting the same for 4 drives, except C:\ for some reason. It says it's 'not configured for installing games.' Which is clearly nonsense. at least I can install games on my system drive. One or two, it's not very roomy.
  21. Gorgon


    Data is uncountable, so it's 'is'. Saying 'the data are' is simply incorrect. Premise denied !
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