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  1. This one is wicked, the rest are just so - so.
  2. Trump just shot himself in the foot though. All of his cronies with any political ambition left will have to disavow him. Sending in his goombahs after a rabble rousing speech. There is no pretense left, no fig leaf.
  3. It's been just the grunts and the bigwigs at the office, we need to fiddle with hardware and they need the fancy videocall meeting rooms - no one trusts their laptop. Everyone else is home. Saw the guy out with Covid for like half a second as he handed me a package. Did I remember to use hand sanitizer and all that. Can't remember. It was Monday, quick testing is probably still useless.
  4. Coworker tested positive for Covid. 10 day vacation baby. Or I'm about to get sick, in which case, bummer.
  5. Yeah, I'm sold with a few hours in.
  6. Ran out the magic 30 min clock customizing my genitalia. No refund for me. Life is choices.
  7. through walls, I can see them through walls
  8. it runs fine. but i didnt test out demanding parts. I can also see every tree in night city whenever I am outside.
  9. I bought it accidentally, wanted the total war ii DLC, forgot to check what was in my cart. I guess I'll have a 20 min peek.
  10. I've got an i7 4770k though, ancient.
  11. I dunno, based on what I'm reading, my 1070 can do 40 fps on 1080p medium on a good day. I'm going to hold back a while and se if the game can recover.
  12. not withstanding that you don't want to play it on last gen console, is it any good ?
  13. I haven't got a computer that can run it well enough I think.
  14. WFT man. I wake up and you almost elected president manbaby again.
  15. Trump's Hunter Biden investigator in chief no less. Where exactly is the line between pathetic drunk and sexual harassment. Do you have to be able to stand to harass someone.
  16. Awfully convenient timing isn't it. Don't believe it. I mean I could believe that Biden is corrupt, but I believe Trumps terrible polling more.
  17. Hope springs eternal.
  18. 1 in 50 in his age group will go to hospital. of those most will recover. Fairly decent odds, but not ones you would want to roll that often. Hopefully he makes it, and gets a dose of humble in the same go.
  19. mmm i don't know anything, but windows 7 isn't supported anymore. Might be a problem. At some point drivers aren't going to cut it anymore. Just a question of luck, or the reverse.
  20. I don't have any codes left, the app is on a phone i don't have anymore. I can't interact with the authentication without codes, no way to just get another QR code unless I am missing something. I can request a password reset, that works sometimes to bypass authentication, and sometimes not. Not sure what the variables are there. That means that I am stuck using the just the one PC until I will eventually miss the login window. Thoughts ?
  21. My ****ing Darksouls saves. I forgot. Travesty, total travesty...
  22. I just spent 2 hours troubleshooting, reinstalling windows and running antivirus programs and whatnot because I was convinced that my mouse moving apparently on its own was malware. My Bluetooth keyboard was on the floor upside down, the touch pad generating the input. My biggest facepalm this week.
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