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  1. Overheard one of the higher ups on his cell going 'it's a disaster, and it's the same in every region' Yup. I'm not getting fired, we all are.
  2. That's a mobile operation right there.
  3. So, apparently we are not getting sick fast enough and it's being discussed if we should be considering switching to the Swedish model. At this rate it would take years to be done with it. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/denmark/ I'm not volunteering, I've got a list though.
  4. My god your federal structure is not up for this. Every state thinks they know what's best for them, and at the same time there are no travel restrictions. They are not enforced rather. This should be above politicking, and it's not. The political divide is creating mistrust as well. If only you had a leader capable of bringing people together.
  5. So, Resident Evil 3 is out on PC tomorrow I think. Can't wait to battle the T virus while the actual C virus is outside my door.
  6. Trumps daily dose of folksy senility is probably going over pretty well. I mean, if that was your only source you could forgive people for thinking the situation was being handled. Who wants to bet, despite all the potential for fundamental change, that things are more or less going back to normal in x amount of months with few lessons learned.
  7. Sooo, that's going away again after corona is over. Riiiight ?
  8. That's millions of people just in the US though. Kinda hard to underestimate the potential for that kind of impact. It's a game changer everywhere you look. Fundamental change following social upheaval, as was seen in the black plague, is very possible, even if it is nowhere near as dangerous. Perception is what matters.
  9. Yup, been stretching my last pack. Finally scared enough to stop I think.
  10. Eat em. The body can store fat, you are going to lose a lot if you get sick, and a high protein diet is important to withstand infection.
  11. What's the TP thing about anyway. On the list of things you absolutely need it's pretty far down. In fact, just look at most Asian country with a year round humid climate. You will find a hose hooked up next to the toilet. because if you can't be dry, you want to be clean more than anything else.
  12. What a day to wake up with a cold.
  13. My god there is so much intrigue that just flies right past me in this place.
  14. Yeah so, it turns out being cooped up and watching corona virus coverage all day leaves you a bit on edge.
  15. Ohh it's about hoarding. One thing though. Isn't it better to stock up instead of shopping when everyone is infected ? Food production is not super labor costly, it's prioritised, if necessary purchases will be rationed. I know everyone says don't hoard, but a stash to get you through if you get infected, so you don't have to leave your home ? I mean, really.
  16. Well. I dunno, the last few pages I just see jokes. You know, whatever, to help you get through the day. Where is the virtue signalling.
  17. I dunno what it's even about. Why wouldn't you prep for the worst.
  18. All hunkered down with food for a week. Maybe I should go lick a doorknob and just get it over with (not going to)
  19. Why the hell did I buy all that pasta. Yuck. I just thought, when in Rome, and besides, you are helping if you can skip a shopping trip or two.
  20. Holy crap, curfew in France. As in you are not allowed to go outside. := Can I just fast forward the next 6 months. That's meant to be a skull, not a ****.
  21. That's the thing about exponential though, it doesn't look like much at first. I think the German hospitals are just very good and smooth running. Nothing to base that on other than that they are usually held up as a model.
  22. Tons of bog roll here, no more people in the shops than normal, but then we actually have faith that what the government tells us is true. A lot of people's jobs are up in the air though. That's inevitable.
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