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  1. If this means that the answer to every problem is no longer "more cops on the streets", then we are getting somewhere. Because for as long as anyone can remember "more cops on the streets" has been used as an empty political gesture presented as a panacea. Now, the answer isn't "no cops on the street" either. Complex problems require complex solutions. But... law enforcement is mostly treating the symptoms. Generational poverty, racism, these are the diseases.
  2. I missed the revolution apparently. Huge demo in Copenhagen. I encourage the confrontation with systemic racism and such, but generally adverse to marching in the same direction as everyone else. I don't envy the cops in the US these days, but their track record is not particularly good either. Still, best be careful not to throw them all under the bus or you are going to be stuck with Trump's mystery paramilitary goons.
  3. umm, no it it hasn't, it's expected to come back, but they might have missed to point about priorities. The fear has gone, now that there isn't the threat of emergency services being overwhelmed - for the time being - that's the difference. You don't know what you don't know, the fog of war is the fog of war. And remember, it takes 3 weeks or so to see any change in the curve from specific events.
  4. Sleepy Joe is looking better and better. I suppose we just hope he doesn't die before november.
  5. is he allowed to deploy the military on US soil against US citizwns though ? or is doing so just bad optics and that's why no one ever does it.
  6. There really needs to be something in between nothing and violence.
  7. Wow someone turned the stupid all the way up to ten. Coronavirus + Trump + Police killing a guy like it was nothing + People setting fires like it was nothing. What a ****show.
  8. Yeah, you really want to keep the rate of increase low, and that curve is only low because of the restrictions.
  9. Well we had three corona deaths yesterday and i believe those numbers. So we are relaxing many restrictions. *waves tiny danish flag* That would be tree total, and a population of 6 million. If the deaths per 100k are cumulative though ? still, pretty good.
  10. Got my Corona test today. They had this older crowd wrangler nurse who was a bit of an MC just in the way he layed out how to act to not transmit. If I owned a mall or something I would totally hire him. Once it was my turn I was in and out of the test site in less than a minute.
  11. I think on the strength of past performance that countries might sign on just for the economic benefits. Hell, most of the later additions were probably joining for exactly that reason. So, we accept some authority loss as the price of having a regulatory body to oversee the internal market. It turns out that we probably don't have enough in common to pursue other joint policies. So, when the worst hit countries were more or less abandoned during the worst of Covid 19, it also revealed that the EU superstate monster probably doesn't exist. It's just a rich boys club masquerading as something else.
  12. Less influence for the Eurpean Council and Parliament in recognition that it hasn't really handled either this or the previous crisis very well. The internal market will plow on, because it makes money.
  13. People tend to forget what the EU is good at versus what it is bad at. It's really good at being a growth factor in the economies, it's less good at being a political entity, and less good at handling a crisis. But... If we don't want a European superstate then what we have is not going to be good at handling a crisis. You can't complain about both things at the same time. I think the political entity is going to be dialed back some, and that's not a bad outcome either.
  14. Just booked my Covid test to go to the dentist. Fingers crossed, lol.
  15. Pregnancy has made the female immune system much more aggressive, so we are not comparing on even terms to begin with. Add to that that men smoke more and have more lifestyle illnesses, diabetes etc and have shorter lifespans for that reason, they probably on average still do more 'grunt work' that exposes them to risk. I think it comes down to men being 70% more likely to die from Covid.
  16. I hate the notion that your squad is effectively immortal because they are not allowed to die. That's like having stealth missions that fail if you get discovered. Add babysitting missions that are not allowed to have the target die and you have just mentioned all my least favorite things as regards mission design. On the other hand i started out hating the mission timer and now i quite like it. Exectution is everything.
  17. Where the hell did all my dinner plates go. Did someone sneak into my apartment, steal all the dinner plates, and leave everything else intact, helter skelter style ???
  18. Well, yes. The thing is if unsavory people have a point, then the point stands. The point is the point. It very much is the CCPs fault that everyone was caught flat footed by this. Besides. The CCP are actively spreading racism at home now. Making a big show of controlling the dangerous foreigners, giving their people an outside threat to focus on. And no less of course the increase in racism against people with Chinese origin living around the world is also true. People are still dumb enough to buy into that. We can all agree that some early responses around were pretty terrible.
  19. https://asiatimes.com/2020/04/478656/ https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/china-bulk-bought-medical-supplies-abroad-before-crisis-hit-556gj7gn3
  20. It's possible that the whole thing could have been stopped if not for the fact that they covered it up. Travel restrictions are essential, there were none when it mattered. They only cared that the virus not spread inside of China. While they did their cover up, lets not forget that they systematically vacuumed the world markets for medical equipment using their agents and China friendly companies, so there was precious little left when everyone needed it, and of course now they have successfully convinced the Chinese people that the present threat is from 'foreigners'. Their 'own' virus no less. Another control mechanism. It's kinda impossible to understate what the CCP perpetrated on the world. They have somehow managed to blindside most people about the truth of it, they are really good at that.
  21. Well, nothing, but the thing is the larger part of the pandemic is psychological. Not going to help with that. So nothing, but a whole lot.
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