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  1. Oh dear, why did I click this thread I was not gonna spend anymore on KS campaigns for at least a while. DAMN YOU!
  2. Looks like a fun game, thanks for making me aware of it! (and I'm sure *they* will thank you for making me aware of it as well, hehe )
  3. Bedankt, done Hope the pace of pledges picks up near the end, needs to reach 800k! Alas, not looking like it's gonna happen right now, I'd be glad to be proven wrong though
  4. Well, yes, they should, but I'd prefer not to have to redo everything because the default setup is ugly. Besides, bindings != layout and UI. I was just addressing op regarding the mouse buttons, but i hear ya about the layout and UI. If you ask me a good UI should be intuitive and the old IE games UI were anything but, so I hope we see some improvements. I thought the BG UI was very intuitive and extremely easy to use, everything was accessible with rather easy to remember shortcuts too and there were no fancy UI tricks like that horrible radial menu in NWN. Shortcuts generally did what you expected of them and you were able to jump between different screens without having to first close the previous one (which gets really annoying fast if you have to do it often, which you usually do in RPGs). Once you'd played for a little bit you could do just about anything except moving around and selecting targets without using your mouse (anything in the actual game world, that is, guess a shortcut for "loot all" would've been nice). The fact that screens were full screen also made finding information easy as everything is in exactly the same spot each time (granted, this is most likely harder to pull off given that today's screen resolutions are a *lot* more diverse than they were back then, but hey, one can dream). Being fullscreen also allows to pretty much display everything you want on that screen in one go as tabs and scrollbars are, imho, to be avoided as much as possible (it's pretty much impossible to do without them, but less is definitely more here)
  5. I'm sort of amazed nobody brought this game up (or pretty much any "real" game armors): Would you guys consider this a good middle ground between realism and a fantasy feel? Personally I've always liked the plate armours in DA:O I felt that to the layman's eye (like...mine) they had a pretty realistic feel.
  6. Seems the expansion is live, how is it? More of the same or is there some actual improvement?
  7. Link to De Standaard just goes to the homepage for me fwiw. Apparently there's people that find this news depressing, heh...
  8. I apologize in advance for being lazy but I'll refer to a post I made on the Steam forums when this very question came up. Of all those *definitely* get the unofficial Skyrim patch (and the hi-res textures one too if you use those).
  9. Would that be due to the way the story is told then? Because that I can imagine, I've started a lot of playthroughs in DAO, but only finished one and this one was near completion when I abandoned it (few companion quests to go and then Landsmeet). The extreme railroading gets really annoying after one playthrough (oh, the Fade, again, yay). But I find DA2's combat so terribly boring (and immersion breaking tbh, constantly spawning enemies etc) that I never managed to get anywhere in my second playthrough even though the storyline at least was better told than in DAO (and I won't be picking up DA3 unless it gets raving reviews of people who's opinion I actually trust). I'd have greatly preferred they had taken DA:O and improved on its weak points instead of taking Mass Effect and cramming Dragon Age in it. Anyway, probably going play some Divine Divinity followed by some DA:O.
  10. For some reason I decided to pick up my unfinished second DA:O playthrough that I abandoned somewhere in 2011 (according to savegame date). Damn, I wish BioWare had gone further down this path instead of the action rpg crap that was DA2. My two major gripes were/are the number of party members (4 is too few imo) and the lack of real sidequests. Ok, make that 3 if you count the bugs (I had 8 CTDs during a 2 hour session...)
  11. My (paper) Latin-Dutch dictionary disagrees and this online one seems to agree with my paper one Numen: divine will, divinity Era: Lady, lady of the house, mistress, woman in relation to her servants Aera: era/epoch Aer, aeris: air (as in the element of air), also used for the atmosphere "Will of the divine lady" or something along those lines would be my guess. NOTE: I've studied a few years of Latin but most of that knowledge has rather faded so I am by no means an "expert"
  12. There is another option: make essential characters so much more powerful than the player that messing with them equals death. I know attacking the first bartender you came across in BG was a very bad idea (iirc he used Time Stop, among other spells that weren't even obtainable by the player in the game). And I'm pretty sure that messing with Elminster (if it was possible, it never occurred to me to try) wasn't a very good idea either.
  13. If that is their revenge I say: BRING IT ON! Can't wait for the dancing weresheep! Agreed, that was a bit too cliché to my liking, I like to pretend it happened differently... Also the ending was pretty railroaded even if you got cold feet there was only one option, while understandable from a continuity point of view it was still a bit of a bummer (forum doesn't seem to support spoiler tags so I'll leave it at that) It was also pretty funny how he stuck around in your head even if you didn't set him free
  14. Yeah, I'm getting the itch to play an old-school-ish RPG, but I'm not feeling particularly inspired by any of the options in front of me. (Or, at least, I am sufficiently deterred by the prospect of getting them running, patched, and sufficiently modded.) When is Wasteland 2 supposed to be hitting the streets? (I didn't back it, so I'm not getting the updates, but the cash I threw at Eternity was apparently enough to merit a free copy.) I think the estimate from InXile was October this year. Oh dear, the estimate for Divinity: Original Sin is also October... I better save up my holidays, buy a bigger fridge, set up a food delivery line etc
  15. Lol no, I'll just be expecting an $18 more awesome game
  16. Noticed the guy was wearing a Queen cap <3 Also ! (I really hope they manage to keep the name )
  17. Any characters I am stuck with tbh. That was my main gripe with NWN2, you're stuck with your party, I *really* don't want to take people that I don't like and that don't like me to go and fight the final baddy. It makes not sense at all. I mean, I really don't want a haughty insane pyromaniac around, don't bloody force her on me. There's a lot of characters I'm not too fond of,but very often it's either just my personal opinion (I can't stand zealots) or they were badly or inconsistently written. Or just too bland. There is however one character who's guts I really really hate: Anders, overdoing the overdone tormented mage by massively overdoing it, and then some (did I mention they overdid it, a lot?). If anyone can think of a character I find more annoying than him I'll buy you a virtual beer (before anyone brings it up: no, I don't think Anomen is more annoying [well, he's annoying in a different way], Anomen is actually very very well written).
  18. Private servers. Quite a few of the major MMOs have been/are pirated. Because sooner or later it's going to break and detect a legitimate buyer as a pirate. DRM doesn't bother pirates in the slightest, it only bothers actual customers. You should ask CD Project Red about that, they have some experience in that area... (which is what caused their change in stance towards DRM and gave rise to GOG). I used to be in that position, alas BioWare is well past two missteps by now.
  19. Hmm, I backed after the KS was over (because I only heard of it that late... ), during the "extension period", wouldn't that be a legally dubious situation as well then?
  20. Scrum is a development methodology based around short iterations (sprints). One of the hallmarks of scrum are short (~15min) daily meetings with the team where everybody gives a short status update (what have you done yesterday, what are you going to do today and what problems are there, if any), this meeting is often just called "scrum" or "daily scrum". There's a lot more to it if you're interested.
  21. Ditto. I'll be pledging in the next day or two. Edit: I also love that they're going to add Weresheep into the game. You really started something there, LordCrash. Hehe, I must admit that I did not expect that when I started that little cult... But hey, it had worked quite well for PE with the OOoE, so why not for D:OS? I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up in game, it wouldn't be the first time
  22. Well, we'll see about that. Imo the game should be stong enough to attract way more poeple than it has so far. We only have to spread the word and communicate the game and its concept in the right way. Must admit I'm baffled it's still not hit the funding goal yet, everybody must be broke from Torment, P:E and Wasteland I guess... Or have been living under a rock and have no idea who Larian is... Or both maybe?
  23. I've been willing to give that game a try but I still haven't finished any of the original Divinity games. I finished D2 before ever touching the first ones, starting on a playthrough of Divine Divinity now (meaning I'm concurrently playing through Fallout: New Vegas, Planescape: torment, NWN2 and Divine Divinity, switching as my fancy strikes me). I should add the UI is still the one thing that keeps me from playing NWN2 for any length of time, I actually had a setup that worked well for me way back in the day, but then they patched the game to "fix" the complaints about the UI and I've never managed to really configure it to my liking again. On that note, PS: T has a pretty bad UI as well, I'll take the one from BG/IWD over the one from PS:T any day. I actually switched it to easy once I had to start fighting in the flying fortresses (i don't think I ever have done that before), the huge number of stuns and knockbacks combined with the sheer amount of enemies turned those places into a really un-fun experience for me on normal, maybe if I had invested more in summoning it'd have been more doable, I dunno, winning/surviving fights just seemed too random. Btw, the "overpoweredness" takes on new levels in the expansion.
  24. Finished Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance. It was decent, though the total lack of any dragon flying action before the ending was a bit of a bummer, especially since said ending wasn't particularly easy (well, the dragon bit wasn't, the bossfight was). I know they didn't manage to put in a few areas due to time constraints (I have the anthology lying here with the developer's journal ), wonder if those are somehow accessible with the developers console... So now I've returned to my PS: T playthrough, just managed to become a wizard so still not exactly far in I'd think. Wonder if there's any use putting more points into intelligence past 19? Or should I start upping my charisma? I went with maxing int/wis at character creation then stuffing the leftover points in charisma fwiw.
  25. Cool update. The fact that they mentioned that you can play as two male or two female characters hopefully also means that I can change their roles. Hopefully this means that rather than having a buff dude warrior covered in armor and a sultry vixen ranger showing skin and cleavage, I can have a female warrior covered in armor and a dashing male ranger showing of skin and ... I'll leave that to the imagination. Anyway, if the system is anything like Divine Divinity, then the starting "profession" won't have much bearing on the game other than starting stats and I'll be able to build both characters any way I want to, that's what I'm expecting, anyway. Hopefully the armor sets for female character will include actual functional armor, rather than just leather bikini, chain bikini, plate bikini, and Princess Leia style bikini with comically massive single pauldron. There actually was some uproar over the female's cover art clothing on Larian's forums. I haven't played Divine Divinity (yet) but in Divinity 2 female characters have "real" armor. I guess it's a bit unfortunate they decided to go the populist route with the cover art. Then again, I always think of leather thieves "armour" more as comfortable clothing than real armour, and some cleavage is definitely going to pay off when running into a male guard... (better hope he's not gay though might just backfire in that case) On a related note I always think it's funny how people really can't roleplay a female character but have no issues roleplaying orcs, demons, elves, fae or whatever...as long as they are the same gender as the player playing them... A discussion about this is what resulted in the "you can play whatever gender you want" announcement. I'm not sure I'm really happy about them giving in on this front, it was already possible to have the "other" character be controlled by the AI (so it'd just be another henchman in dialogues etc, still fully controllable in combat of course) and I worry that accounting for two same gender characters might have an impact on storytelling.
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