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  1. I quit early this year and haven't had even the slightest urge to come back, and as I recall I've been playing slightly longer than you have. That Annual Pass thing was a clever ploy, fortunately as someone with no interest in D3 I could avoid being tied up. Hypothetically, if I were to even try to come back, I think the attempt would burn out pretty quickly - my old guild, co-founded in 2007, no longer has the critical mass to even regularly do ten-person content: at its peak in 2008-2010, it was a fully fledged 25-person raiding guild. I have neither any inclination to attempt to reb
  2. The dream sequences reminded me more of the ones in F.E.A.R.2, attempting to set some sort of "tone" and utterly failing and just being annoying "WTF?" sequences instead. The ones in Baldur's Gate 2 served a proper purpose and weren't as much dream sequences as they were the villain talking to you/manipulating you from a distance while you were asleep. The fact that Irenicus is an actual important character in the game instead of a prop conjured up for the sole purpose to try and evoke emotion also helps imo. From what I heard changes started with the "Miranda mission", though how
  3. I can't stand the Sith. They're just moustache twirling villains with no depth whose only purpose is to be as hand-wringingly eeeeeevil as possible. I was "forced" by my gulidies to start Sith (since they all wanted to start Sith for exactly the reasons you describe) and I must say that for the Inquisitor storyline at least I was pleasantly surprised. While the Sith are generally "evil" in their dealing with others there are more ways to deal with situations than just the "stupid evil"-way. It felt more like playing a Way of the Closed Fist character (for you Jade Empire players out there
  4. This is probably why I didn't care. It made no sense at all, even if they are individuals, they can still be backed up and restored. The Geth's (and Legion and EDI's) personalities are software, not hardware. The entire Geth/Quarian arc was a bit of a disappointment in fact. Sure the Quarians might hate the Geth, yadda yadda, but a frontal assault with their entire fleet...really? Anyway, that was my personal feeling, I still enjoyed visiting Rannoch all in all but it was so...utterly predictable and some of it just failed to be convincing. I guess my expectations were just too high.
  5. Because the head writer of ME1 bailed after the game was finished and a minor subquest writer took the helm and just ran with what he'd been doing, a minor subquest about a rogue human black-ops group conducting nefarious experiments in identical rooms on different planets while saying "I WILL DESTROY YOU! I WILL DESTROY YOU!" The most significant thing about Cerberus prior to ME2's announcement was that they were responsible for the "Sole Survivor" background for Shepard. Not that any of that matters in Mass Effect 3. All of ME2 and 3 was emergency-ass-pull plot maneuvering because they d
  6. Did you finish Dawnguard with both sides? On my second playthrough of Skyrim, this time as a vampire backstabbing stabby stab type (pickpocketing poisons onto people is fun!) rather than the stealthy archer type. (guess in the end they're not that different, though sneaking around sneak attacking stuff in broad daylight definitely is harder with daggers than with a bow Anyway, was wondering if the Vampire side was worth it (at the very least story wise), apparently you lose (easy) access to crossbows (which I sort of liked) with really no other toys to play with instead (and toys are good!)
  7. Playing through the New Vegas addon Honest Hearts right now. Not really impressed so far. The Father in the Cave story was interesting, but there seems to be no way to talk about it with anyone even though it sort of matters a lot, real bummer in my book Someone mentioned FEAR, now I have an urge to play through that again, was a really nice game in my book (the first one, let's not even mention the rest...)
  8. I can fully accept that you enjoy this aspect of the game but bringing up "it's a spy game" as a reason for the timed dialogues makes no sense at all to me. Or is it somehow acceptable for NPCs to stare at you blankly for minutes while you ponder a response (or go to the restroom, or whatever) in, say Mass Effect, but not in AP because it is a spy game? If you think all dialogues in all games should be timed then that would make sense and arguably be more realistic. I would, of course, still disagree because I don't need that kind of realism to invade something I do to enjoy myself. Which
  9. The timed dialogue was a major point. It was setup to instil that tension and remind the player that in those situations, you don't get half an hour to consider your options. I thought it added nicely to the whole ambience of the game. Besides, it never actually takes that long to make a decision on conversation choice. For me it does, I often spend minutes to tens of minutes pondering a dialogue reply. I'm also one of those weird people that will "rehearse" a conversation I'm about to have with strangers in my head irl as well and will prefer discussing things in text over "by voice"
  10. It is a great mod that adds a BG2 feel to BG1 companions (even some romances). That sounds cool, companion interaction was one of the big things that were lacking in BG1 for me (and it was very noticeable since I played them out of order...). Overall it sounds like a cool project, BG1 in the BG2 engine, though dunno how I feel about changing the movies around. But if feel it's kind of expensive for a game I already own and I'm not exactly happy about having some company specific software forced down my throat by the shop either.
  11. Minigames should go die in a fire imho, the lockpicking in TES/F3 is probably one of the least bad examples (which might be why it's brought up constantly?) and I can actually live with it most of the time (there's areas where locks are so many it really gets annoying though, picking 4 master locks and a few others in a row isn't my idea of "fun"). But that's the exception, many minigames are just annoying for multiple reasons, the infamous hacking minigame in AP comes to mind. But worse are the kind of minigames like they're found in the second Witcher game, obviously designed for control
  12. Tbh it depends on the kind of events. I think this is exactly what they were aiming for in Alpha Protocol with the timed dialogues and savepoints, forcing a fast decision that you're then stuck with. Personally I hated it and I shelved the game over it (I like to think decisions through, especially dialogue responses, but that's another subject) For other things it really depends, I've often found it annoying when things just depended on randomness, like lockpicking. I think it's fair game that if your thief cannot pick the lock and you try to force it there's a chance you'll break stuff i
  13. Thats true, for many the DA series has become a paradigm of how not to produce an RPG Which is in some ways a bit of a shame as DA:O had more than a few strong points and overall was decent. It was DA2 (and DA3 doesn't seem to be shaping up any better) that really brought out all the hate for the franchise and makes DA:O seem bad by association. To be fair DA 2 wasn't that bad, While I didnt like it as much as origins, I think the real problem is the fact that the game and main character looked like Bioware wanted to create backup Shepard While they'd been promising
  14. Jedi didn't capture my attention early on. I loved the first chapter of the smuggler arc and am loving Imperial Agent. Though I only have gotten to the part you get your ship. The smuggler arc seriously disappointed me later on by not being able to make me care about the villain. Act 3 picked back up, but it just wasn't the same anymore. Now I am a bit worried about the Agent arc Worst part about any story that isnt female smuggler? They aren't voiced by Kathy Soucie. Jedi Knight starts out really weak imho, with very "petty" dark side choices (and the light side wasn't much better
  15. XP is very valuably I'd think. Something like (thinking really black-white for a second, just go with it, okay?) the good guy goes to hell and back, so gets loads of XP (cause he went through loads of effort) while getting relatively small rewards from the questgiver; while the bad guy just murders the questgiver and takes his stuff so he gets more gold and items but much less XP. That said, the more grey the moral choices are the better, I think KotOR2 made an interesting attempt in that direction. That's where the story comes in I'd think
  16. I got Divinity 2 in a Steam sale, then somehow ended up on the founder of Larian Studio's blog. It's a company that obviously does what they do because they love doing what they do, they've been through some seriously rough times it seems and from what I've read it's half a miracle they're still around. I never actually played Divine Divinity, it's bug ridden reputation always put me off, but that apparently is mostly a thing of the past as it seems these guys keep on supporting their games well after release (sounds like a certain company that tends to bring out "enhanced editions" of the
  17. Since there's a pretty big shortage of modern titles I'm really enjoying (unless I missed something somewhere) I've started going through my backlog (there's some on there that I won't even admit to not having played ). Having some fun being a dragon currently: Though I'm playing them in reverse order, apparently Divine Divinity is isometric and pretty good now that most of the bugs have been ironed out.
  18. I would probably vote "no" if I were to vote, but I won't as it's no for me to decide what people should like (or what Obsidian should make), though "Would you buy AP2?" would be a definite "no". The AP concept was nice, the story and characters no doubt were (it is Obsidian after all). But the gameplay was seriously broken as far as I'm concerned. I've tried getting into AP numerous times but I just couldn't get past the gameplay issues (and some, imho of course, bad design decisions). In fact, I've never given up on a game this early in (that I can remember anyway) and certainly not one
  19. I never said Fallout 3 was a bad game, but it is a bad Fallout game for reasons already mentioned. I've never encountered that companion, and of the NPCs I encountered in Skyrim were hollow shells compared to hundreds of other RPGs. So they were able to create one NPC that actually had some depth to it? Excuse me if I don't break out in applause. Serana was added in the Dawnguard DLC (who's main story isn't exactly stellar even though it does contain interesting tidbits). Same as Katria. They are probably the two most interesting NPCs in Skyrim. They're nowhere near the level of a Vic
  20. Wizard. I always start out as one (if they're an option). How long I'll stick with him depends on how well they're done though. In BG2 I didn't really play anything but a Wizard, in Skyrim I didn't last very long as pure caster on the other hand.
  21. I usually reload,unless it's someone I'd want dead or really don't care much about (I remember Viconia thwapping Keldorn right after I obtained Carsomyr and I went "Meh, didn't like that git anyway"). Usually I do sort of get attached to my party members, at least if they're properly fleshed out. I mean, really, Minsc dies. You wouldn't reload...? I thought so Being able to ressurrect dead party members is rather nice, for me it often created the challenge of completing fights without anyone dying (or, even worse when sticking to BG series references: getting Imprisoned). But if I don
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