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  1. you failed to include the true SW failure...Star Wars: Galaxies.
  2. Chu's answer is most dead on. If you want people to hear your ideas, get in the industry. Start in the "mailroom" of QA and work your way up. Find an internship and jump into it with 110% effort. Once you're in, you'll find it's easier to both frame your ideas so that people will buy into them and you'll be closer to having the access you need to talk to the people who get projects greenlighted. Another thing i'd recommend is to take your ground shaking idea and put it in a pitch doc. Like was said, everyone and their mother has an idea. What you'll need to do is put that idea down and make it tangible. Taking the time to learn how to write a full and comprehensive pitch doc shows that you not only can come up with simply stunning ideas, but that you can translate those ideas into something that artists, engineers, and other designers can pick up and understand. I cannot over-state how important that is. Your idea is *nothing* if you can't put it on paper in a form that anyone picking it up can grasp. after all that, good luck. the games industry is alot of fun once you're in and there is going to always be a demand for folks who can sell their ideas. EDIT: Ps Laozi, i miss your Monarch icon
  3. Shadowrun's IP is currently owned by MS. the rumour mill has it that they are making a FPRPG with it much like Deus Ex. Strong odds lay with it being a console title, since MS is cutting back (basically ending) their PC game publishing deals.
  4. check out this book and any book by Cem Kaner. All of MS test reads these books. Nearly ever successful game and app tester has read the books by this guy.
  5. Greg Rucka's Atticus Kodiak Series Matt Reilly's Scarecrow series China Meiville's Rat King and New Corbuzon series Patricia Bray's Sword of Truth series Frank Herbert's Dune series Scott McLeod's Understanding comic books
  6. OE doesn't need to be at e3 to announce something, only they're publisher. This is especially true if they don't have anything to demo yet.
  7. you're either joking or an idiot. which is it?
  8. well, it would have made the incesteous kisses between luke and leia thatmuch weirder
  9. the problems with playing as Exile or Revan is as follows: First there is the fact that they'd have to come up with some reason why your character who could make the universe tremble at his approach is suddenly a green behind the ears novice. Second, Revan and Exile are both established characters. It may seem alright to have players re-play these characters, it's unfair to new players to the series to be forced to play them. In Kotor 1, you were Revan, but you had some ownership with the character because of the amnesia. In Kotor 2 you were the Exile and given free reign to go any direction with molding that character. The problem lies in the fact that once each of those games were done, the main character was a certain way. Third, The exile and Revan both left the known galaxy. So we may be able to follow their story lines, but at the expense of the fate of the Jedi order and the republic. Those storylines, which i feel is the actual main arching story of the series, would be left behind. Fourth, If you play Revan the Exile fans will be pissed, if you play as the Exile, he Revan fans will be pissed. If you play them both, then you lessen the experience as you spread game "self" too thin. With a third PC you piss off both fan bases, but you're able to equally tell each storyline well while maintaining the players sense of game "self" (the emotional investment in the creation and forwarding of a character persona). You also allow the game narrative to look at aspects of past conflicts with a fresh perspective and see them in a new whole. Fifth, Each character comes with a certain level of character attachements. Revan has Bastila, Carth, Jolee, etc etc etc. The Exile has Handmaiden, Atton, Visas, Mandalore, etc etc etc. If you don't use the NPCs the main characters are attached to then you lessen those characters. If you do use them then you greatly limit the creative freedoms to explore new NPCs or fresh storylines. just my thoughts...
  10. Ron howard directed, Lucas wrote the story, and Bob Dolman wrote the screenplay.
  11. i got the impression that his family was killed on Iridonia by the Mandalorians, thus why he has so much rage directed at the Mandalorians and why he went to war. but that might all be conjecture on my part.
  12. Troika failed because of: Poor management of finances - They put all their eggs in one basket when they started working solely on the technology for their PA engine instead of trying to land another title to pay the bills Too much reliance on getting the FO3 license - After investing all the money to create the technology and then failing to get it made all that money invested a wasted go. They could have spun that into a different game except for the next item below. Failing to make lasting relationships with publishers - After every title they shipped they tried to lay all the blame on the publishers. Now, nearly every other studio in the world gets screwed by their publishers but they restrain themselves from saying anything and pointing fingers. Troika couldn't do this, they had to point fingers and burn bridges with the publishers they worked with. When the FO3 license was out of their grasp, they had no publisher willing to give them a shot to make something with technology ALREADY CREATED AND PAID FOR. That really says something when a publisher won't invest in a game where most of the hard parts have already been done. It's sad that they went under, but the fault lies on the shoulders of their managers and CEOs.
  13. the lack of any chatter from a dev house that normally is very communicative with the fans and that contracts like that are kinda common in the gaming industry. Can you provide a more rational solution?
  14. But it is something of a reflection of Obsidians official position that a personal comment in a non-KotOR 2 forum on a site other than Obsidians from an engineer working on a different project is the only thing we have had from Obsidian since the game was released. That a comment in those circumstances is all we have indicates, at least to me, that everyone else at Obsidian is just plain ignoring us. That is more unacceptable than the comment itself. Why has there been no official comment on a KotOR 2 forum on Obsidian's site from someone working on the project? After spending thirty pounds or fifty dollars on a game that for many of us doesn't even work, don't we deserve at least that much? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> All i take the silence to mean is that they are under a gag contract. They are normally very talkative on these boards so the silence is out of the ordinary. Since LA is handling all of the tech support and customer services, then i'm assuming that OE CANNOT comment on what may be being done to fix things or anything else on those lines.
  15. if you can freely ignore reason and continue to harp on about stupid, asinine things then why shouldn't other folks have the right to voice their views on how stupid and asinine this thread is. LA rushed the game. Done deal. It sucks, the game was hurt by it, and it's unlikely LA will own up to it. deal with it. Beating your chest and pointing fingers at OE is both a waste of time, but it's also just plain stupid. If you want to actually fix things, then go help out in the tech forums by posting clear and accurate descriptions of issue - with repro steps and expected results - or answer questions to help others work around known issues. my belief is that you don't do these things because you really don't care about anything being/getting better. You just want to make it known that you've been wronged and how dare they wrong you. It's stupid, making this whole thread stupid by proxy.
  16. Let's look at this, shall we? 1) a personal comment 2) in a non-KOTOR2 forum 3) on a site other than Obsidians 4) from an engineer working on a different product (i don't know if he was working with KOTOR2, i'm at work and don't have the information handy.) As to the comment itself, since you are a poster on a game forum you are a minority. Deal with it. As a forum board member you are in the smallest percentage of consumer gamers out there. Now you can read into this comment all you want and get yourself whipped into a frenzy, but it's not obsidians official position on KOTOR2 in any way, shape, or form.
  17. umm, it's one flip line. who cares. Nothing is said here to even read into.
  18. so, we have to have made a billion dollars ourselves to be able to point out what kind of horrible choices Lucas has made with his franchise? you're out of your mind.
  19. Volourn is right on this. Bioware would be good, but i think Obsidian did a good job carrying the torch. I do find this a frightening trend that i'm agreeing with Volourn so much lately.
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