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  1. Personally I enjoy PoE more then Deadfire. That said, Deadfire was an improvement in almost all aspects visually and gameplay, although I prefer PoEs darker and medieval european setting. However as an rpg I found the story lacking and the characters where shallow in Deadfire. Thaos story and how it is connected to the Watcher is infinitely more insteresting then Eothas emo rampage, "I'm all about rebirth, but f*** rebirth". To be honset I can't even remember his reasoning, maybe it was some logical thought behind it but I didn't really care about his reasons in the end. Also as been said many times companions and characters in PoE multiple ways more interesting then Deadfire characters / companions.
  2. I hope for it to tone down a great bit. I don't want to save the world just for the sake of saving it, make the story again about my character. That's what I liked about BG1 and PoE1, I'm not on a mission from some god saving the world. I'm out there for my own reasons saving myself, and during the journey the bigger plot is revealed (but it doesn't necessary has to be world saving), but the bigger part is not the reason I begin my journey and not the reason why I end it. I hope to see all new characters, both main and companions. Some cameos could be fine. But as party members I feel Edér has done his part and the other ones I really don't care about, especially not from Deadfire. Also avoid open world and bring back the traveling system of PoE. It has the same functionality you travel from map to map, but it just works so much better.
  3. If you look closely on the picture you see thin lines from each logo, both top and bottom. Unfortunately Sanctum dlc and Patch 4.0 have lines to mid december. And here I was hoping for a November release.
  4. How come Modwyr isn't a choice. By far the best one, would pay for more content with her. I had 3 companions I did like Xoti, Tekehu and Edér. They had good written personalities and the dialogue with them was belivable. The one I was most disapointed in was Palegina, I liked her in PoE1 but didn't really care for her at all in Deadfire. The Sidekicks and Maia I never used so can't really comment on them. The fact that I never even spoke to Maia after recruiting her I guess is a sign of me not finding her interesting at all. Overall a mediocre cast of companions in Deadfire, especially if compared with PoE1.
  5. I swapped Serafen for Tekehu in my playthrough. Can't comment on how much involvement Serafen has, but Tekehu is quite famous in the Deadfire and has quite some dialogue with other NPCs. Also Tekehu's special is that he can cast water spells without friendly fire, and that is really nice imo.
  6. I haven't played a monk myself, so can't say how fun but I imagine they could be quite fun. A few class skills just like you want and they should synergies quite well with a Paladin (or a Fighter). Both classes got skills that enhances both your attack and your defense, monk also got some skills to control enemies. Of course depending on how you choose to play the Chiper, but combined with a melee class you will probably not spend so many skills in the chiper tree and mostly using soul annihilation and soul whip. I played a fighter/chiper, I enjoyed it but I played her more like a auto attacker and spent almost all my points in the fighter tree and didn't use a single chiper spell except soul annihilation for the entire run, all points I used for chiper where passives.
  7. Marofeto Liano, on the northwestern side. My understanding is that one of his dialogue options leads to an amulet (and no training), the other opens up skill training. Could you say which skill he trains you in so i cann add it to the main post? Edit ok found it (but cannot delete post/find delete button) He can train you in Insight and Intimidate
  8. They are all I have found and I'm quite sure I have explored all places.
  9. Okauro, Sacred Stairs Nungata, Serpent's Crown (NW) Dessiral, Radiant Court (Dunnage) Abocco, Wild Mare (Queen's Berth) Fleet Master Wakoyo, Brass Citadel Aenia, Queen's Berth Udita, Lifter's Refugee (Dunnage) Barati, Palace (Serpent's Crown)
  10. Things and issues will always come up after release. The amount of beta testers and those that actually report things can't possibly test all variables and different crazy stuff that 100 000 players will do. And personally I'm not really that bothered with difficulty imbalance in a single player game, although in Deadfires case it could probably have been done a bit better even at release. I'd rather have not all information and theory min-maxed classes before the game is released.
  11. Just finished the game. Almost a 100% playthrough, got locked out of some quests due to choices made during other quests. And I want to thank Obsidian for this game. I truly enjoyed playing and experiencing the story. The writing I liked and was overall good. Personally, I prefer stories that are built more around my character. In PoE it was about my awakening and my personal dealings with this, preventing me from going mad. Solving the greater crisis became a mission on the way for my personal quest, so where many of the side quests where I came across them because I had a reason to be where I was. In Deadfire the story starts a bit the same since Eothas steals part of my soul and that forces me to pursue him. I have a personal reason to do this. But shortly after Port Maje I kind of lost this feeling, the personal quest wasn’t there. Sure, my character was involved in shaping the Deadfire and its factions. But most of them where done because I went out of my way to seek out quests to do and not things I happened to come across while on my own journey. This feeling I think comes from a combination that it’s exploration is very open and that there is no urgency in the main story and the fact that it’s extremely short. I honestly expected much more from the main story when it comes to length, the story with the gods and how the lore about the world is delivered and explained is however superb. The gameplay was a good improvement over the first one. The combat was more active, there where more things to do. However as stated countless times the game balance is a bit off and it’s currently too easy. I liked the fact that I could use my abilities more freely then I could in PoE. But someone else mentioned in another thread that you never get the questioning feeling if you would be able to make it through this dungeon, and that got me thinking that there is some truth in that, I kind of missed that part. Can my party actually do another encounter, or do I have to rest? Not that it should happen all the time and everywhere but would have been nice if one could get that questioning thought now and then. Also all areas where very short, probably because the world was larger and more spread out. But it would have been nice to have some areas that where a bit longer, like the Old City or even longer then that. Companions where about right, I liked their writing and I didn’t end up with the party I was expecting to use. They all had their personalities, but it felt like they could have expressed their personalities more. There was one part where I destroyed a red orb and Tekehu commented in just normal party banter something like “Do you have to destroy everything in your path” which made me think about what I did, reload and not destroy it. More of that questioning my actions and not just blindly follow me because I happened to be the protagonist. Their personal quests however, I don't know. They fell kind of flat, short and not a lot of substance. The voice acting, I really liked, and I'm one of those that liked the narrator too. First I was a bit sad that she only narrated the story, but once I got to play I understand that choice, because there is so much narrated text and it is faster to read then listen. But I want to thank you so much that all dialog was voiced, did wonders for the game. And most of the acting was good enough. Although some work could have been done on some of the voices. The Rathuns, the flame giants come especially to mind. To me they don’t sound like giants at all, it even mentions in the dialog that one of them speaks with a booming voice, but there was nothing booming behind that voice at all. Itemization, I don’t know how I feel about it. I very much liked the fact that unique items really where unique with all their bonuses. But I felt there was no item progression at all in this game, 10 hours into the game and I stopped even looking at new items. I think it was way too easy to upgrade items. Another factor was probably that the lack of difficulty made it so I didn’t have to care what items I used, I had my two legendary swords and didn't need much more. Another thing, did I miss almost all helmets or is there a serious lack of enchanted headwear? If it’s because godlikes can’t use helms, tough luck for them I’d say, or maybe let them use a cape and a necklace to compensate. Ship combat was about rightly done and I think a right amount of encounters, more and it would have become annoying and tedious. I was missing the choice to man my other ships and send them out to do their own thing, either as pirates who come back with plunder or as transport/guard ships for merchants, hanua, valians or the rautai. Exploration, I really liked the freedom to go where I want and to explore the world as I wanted. But at the same time, it took something from the personal journey that I talked about before. I’m not saying that free exploration is the reason for this. But if we look at games like Baldur’s Gate and Pillars of Eternity we get forced to go through different areas to reach our destination and these areas become part of the journey in a different way. With free exploration they become more of a detour then on the way. If free exploration is used I think the main path needs to be more planned out to make it a journey, and not just a few locations you travel to and then you are done. Overall A very good game that I’m sure will only become even better with some patches and the additional content that will come. It improved upon PoE, it didn’t try to just be more of the same it added some new things with mixed results. A game that I will play again and will recommend for those interested in rpgs. Thanks again for the entertainment you have given me, and I look forward to future content and hopefully more games in Eora.
  12. I had the same problem and the mace is bugged where it won't apply the Judge effect any more. You will have to unequip the mace and then equip it again and it should start applying the effect again, at least it worked for me.
  13. Hard to know what you think is fun. But at this moment you probably will find out that PotD is pretty much faceroll too. A fighter multi that has as a main focus on dealing damage will wreck things faster then a caster can finish a spell. Not that I have played a barbarian but from reading the forums they seem to be about the same. So if you want to avoid faceroll, avoid optimal classes? Personally I enjoy the current OP-ness of the Watcher.
  14. I bound the Magistrate's Cudgel to Edér (fighter) and for some reason the Judge effect is not applied to enemies. He have managed to get 31/250 dmg done, but now he can't increase that number. I have tried with him solo encounters just so he should be guaranteed enough time to apply the effect (which should be a 100% chance on hit with the current wording on the item) and do damage but nothing is happening.
  15. I can't say how the Inquisitor is, but the Psyblade (dev/soul) is really strong. I'm dual wielding, with draining whip (100% more focus gain) and mob stance. High pen gives 100-130% dmg with normal attacks against almost all enemies and Soul Annihilation is up and ready after one auto attack. Currently my watcher is the only dmg dealer I need (with about 10x the dmg output of any other party member), the other 4 are more there for support and splitting damage. She is a bit squishy since I use light armor, but got some defensive abilities to handle that, and the theme is more kill the enemies before they have time to hurt you. Mob Stance is really satisfying to see her instantly kill 3-5 enemies in one go.
  16. Bigger ships can benefit from jibe if they use Double Bronzer (8 turn reload, 12-15 damage) on one side and normal guns on the other. Fire Double Bronzer -> jibe -> normal gun -> normal gun -> jibe -> double bronzer to finish off (if not already dead). That is true, I have not tried the Double Bronzers myself, you could get some good dmg out of that. However you need to take into consideration that you need a more specific range and have less turns to respond to events that happens, flood/burning etc. But a higher dmg output = less time in combat = less chance bad events will happen. So can probably be worth it, now I need to try it
  17. So far normal boarding combat have in my opinion been the easiest and most resource efficient way to deal with ship combat, but don't pick the initial boarding option, because that will hurt your crew and you will take more damage then just start combat normally and then Full Speed towards them until you can board them. As for the text based ship combat. There are imo two ways to equip your ship. 1. If you have a small one that have a one turn jibe, you can equip it with all round cannons with a 4-5 reload time on both sides, fire -> jibe -> brace -> repeat. 2. If you have the bigger ships with 2 or 3 turn jibe, jibe will become less efficient since your shot after a jibe will most likely happen on the round your previously cannons are finished reloading. So here I prefer to place one side with the short range cannons and one side that have can shoot farther. My go to cannon is the normal Iron Thunderer, decent damage and reload. The Aedyr Channel Gun and Imperial Long Gun does a lot less dmg per turn for just an extra 100m and you normally start at just above 500m apart from each other. Another thing that makes jibe and turning less wanted on the bigger ships are the fact that they lock you a few turns where you can do nothing to respond to what is happening, no report, no brace, etc. Also to note is when your cannoneers become more experienced they can start shooting accurate outside the ideal range, my rank 3 can make a guaranteed hit with a Wyrmtounge at 470m if both ships are standing still.
  18. I guess you are doing a lot of stuff in Neketaka, and that city is HUGE. Remember you don't have to "complete" the city in one go. Explore a district then go out and explore the world a bit, do a bounty or two. Then go back and explore another district.
  19. I started with a fighter/rogue got to Neketaka, then decided I didn't like her enough to continue. Rerolled a Fighter/Chiper and so far really enjoying it. She might be a bit bland when it comes to useful abilities but a powerhouse none the less.
  20. oh...i thought there was monk and fighter and lots of others?...buggerHe is absolutely wrong. He is just salty that they nerfed the rogues sneak attack skill. Rogues have plenty of utility and are excellent when multiclassed due to the utility (through some cheap/good DoT and debuffs) and mobility they provide Check out their skills by going to the Pillars of eternity Reddit and seeing the ful lalbum of skills. Seriously, he was complaining all of yesterday in threads that weren’t even his own at one point. F off rogues are weaker in deadfire then POE1 easily - no reckless assualt (-6 accuracey and 20% damage i think) - sneak nerfed to 30% - Deathblows nerfed to 50% - No accuracey stacking talents anymore so no more critting like POE1 And are you waiting for it.............listen to this one: - Rogues get only 1 high level ability and all it does is let you make an attack then go invisible for 5 secs AND CHANTERS CAN SUMMON FRICKEN DRAGONS YEP THATS RIGHT DRAGONS!! You know you are comparing two different games, correct? How about discussing the imbalance of rogues once you actually played Deadfire? Their current stats might very well be quite balanced compared to other classes in Deadfire.
  21. I'm going to continue with my PoE character and she is a fighter that only used regular swords, and I don't want to drastically change what she is. So a Devoted Fighter with sword focus, seems to fit her perfectly. However I also want to do multiclassing, and I'm not entirely decided what I'm going for, still want the second class to feel like a plausible character development. F/Cipher, being a watcher and due to the events of PoE she unlocked ciphering abilities, currently I like this idea the most. F/Rogue, she played like a bruiser, dual wielding and into the fray. Swashbuckler would also be a extremely good match to her character. (F/Paladin, this one could also fit into her story and disposition but I'm not that sold with this option, the other two are more appealing.)
  22. Thank you Aramintai much appriciated! Ohh for some reason I thought it was just the two lower res that was the main thing. I have no clue how much work is behind these but would it be too much to ask if you could make this one for the 210x330?
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