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  1. I am for mage need regents for different spells. As someone mentioned latern to produce fire spells. And if you dont want to have equiped latern you can have sulfur with whatever and then when wizard want to cast spell he can hold i in hand and start mumbling, area around his hand start heating and than bam! I love Ultima Online. And for rare High level spells you would need more expensive/hard to optain regents so you will spare them for harder battles instead of spamming them on every goblin. Druids can touch ground and start whispering to spirits of nature for help. And when caster is good
  2. Hard to choose option, I largerly aggre with OP that F2 was just right but F3 was just joke. But I think that dismembering is apropriate but have to have its rules. It doesnt make sense when you shoot someone with arrow to explode (looking at you F3) but I can see how hero cutting of tentacles from sea monster with 2H sword or whacking orc to gory mash with Warhammer. All effects should be appropriate used technique - be it arrow, sword or lighning
  3. Well I think that problem with outdoor enviroments in isometric games is that maps are not large enough to have that feel of space. I would like to have much larger areas even if it means that I will walk through forest for 30 seconds to spot somethink interesting ( of course it shouldn't be too large) and missing some viasual interesting effects. Like walking through grass should leave steps after party, wind should move snow or leafs. In swamps characters should soak into mud, in jungles lianas should move when characters walk beneth them and bushes should be stomped. These all viasual effe
  4. Yeah sorry for that, as I told savanah should be included but there is maximum of answears i can put in, I also want to add other... but I dont understand your problem with not liking any terrain. If you dont actualy like any just dont vote, nobody force you
  5. I am not sure if its not trolling from you but tunnels(if you mean caves and dungeons) can be in any of these enviroments I never troll. Especially about tunnels. I am starting to like your sarcasm even more
  6. Too big wall of text but from what I have read it resemble me blade what Dak'kon wear in PS:T. I dont have anything against it but I think that it was great because it was unique for him/his race. On the other hand I think that 'soul' doesn't have to by only human soul but it can be manifested by lesser spirits and souls of multiple living things or maybe even events?
  7. Actualy it would be great if there are swamps where you party member have to whatch their steps or get drowned
  8. I am not sure if its not trolling from you but tunnels(if you mean caves and dungeons) can be in any of these enviroments
  9. I am sorry that I didnt please you enough (but there is only 10 options possible for each question). I am bad bad poll creator. But you can always post your ideas (as you do)
  10. Hello, Simple question for forum members. What is your favorite enviroment in game? I mosty enjoy deep northern woods and swamp areas and particulary hate deserts and I am not big fan of jungles. Like to hear your opinions!
  11. Yeah that is sadly true, last time I played ToEE i was just like: Why I would spend money and EXP on gloves +1 when I know in next 2 levels I will craft gloves +2 On other note i thin in NWN2, BG1 and BG2 wre blacksmiths who can make weapons to you
  12. OK so i will put in my two cents. Just to be clear, I stop reading after second page or so, because its starting to be only battle of personal preferences. Fallout 1,2 - great atmosphere, items have actualy value even when are not ultra magical, some good lines and quests, and oh god how I loved that depresing music of wasteland (got CD in car for long journeys), good character creation/growth, great combat mechanics for its time. Drugs, prostitutes, raiders, faschist, slavers ... And best part was that small box on left down corner where all the best things where displayed - information p
  13. I would love return of map travel from F2, you got random encounters, you use survival skill to skip them, know whats waiting for you, speed up map travel speed. I would like to see even some permanent locations with small quests which you can find only if you have enough survival skill (in F it depend on your luck atribute). But I also support your idea even if its seems more complex than neccesary
  14. art is just great, you sir got talent. Actualy I like it much more then concept art and her face is reminding me of someone from movie or game but I cant remember her. I like her though but still femine look. Maybe Johan of Arc? edit, i know now who is she reminding me: Brienne from game of thrones
  15. I like idea of ingrediences AND cast times. I can imagine that when caster grows in levels he should not spend too much ingerdients/non on low level spells and can cast them almost instantly, but then when it comes to casting finger of death user have to stand still, read from the spell book mumbling dark rituals and using rare ingredients for such valuable spell and your party should protect that wizard for that time or he will have to start over if he is interupted. Of course, high level spells should have cooldown to protect from spamming them infinetly. This could be really great as differ
  16. These two are relly cool. Even if I dont like guns in fantasy with these I can live
  17. 1. I am understanding what are you saying 2. I am not insulting anyone 3. Thanks I am
  18. I am starting to be tired by this thread and people who still arguing that two handed sword is s**t becasue were used only for choping spears and have same damage as rapier (rofl). I am tired of this discussion about if longsword is two handed or not (it still depend on strength of the wielder). I just hope that devs will not listen to your IMO stupid ideas. We would end up with one sword and rife for entire game. You guys (hardcore history fun/fencers) should go to some history forum or to forum for some 1st person fencing game and stop bothering here where people want to talk about game. (ag
  19. This quite morbid video shows why i think Two handed sword shoud have greater damage.Its not best fencing weapon but when it goes dow to choping head of troll its your weapon of choice. You dont want to fance with rapier with him for 10 minutes. You just try to chop as much meat of that m**herf***er as fast and as much as possible
  20. Oh yeah? What's that based on? Absinthe? I am thinking we are observing here something more seriouse
  21. Notice I didn't write about a strike TO the head (headshot? location damage was in the Fallout games, right?), but WITH the head, the head of the axe. (the metal cutting bit, as opposed to the wooden haft bit) Sorry missunderstanding, but its still same thats why we have damage treshold, 1-6 if you hit for 1dmg than bad luck you hit him with hilt, if you score 6 than good, you place good and precise strike. What are we talking about now?
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