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  1. Not gonna lie, my friend used it when he was making withdrawal from his bank account and banker asked him what is purpose of the withdrawal...
  2. is it not that piece of machinery jab at laptop? But yeah, Martens boots today cost hand and half
  3. this reminds me of good old days of internet:
  4. seems like Old World is out, but only on Epic...
  5. best part of Mechanicus is sound track, I am even listening to it when I drive around in a car xD
  6. whats that alien thingy? Is it multiplayer only or does it have some campaign?
  7. I was wondering if they introduce more classes into beta as they did with druid for example. Too bad that release date is 2022
  8. long time not seen any updates on BG3? Did anyone seen any news?
  9. https://www.tolkiensociety.org/events/tolkien-society-summer-seminar/
  10. obligatory explanation scene for above as always:
  11. Finally resting after 4 days of marrying on best friend wedding. I now poop beer and I think I actually got a GF.
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