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  1. i have it and I regret it, honestly just fire up first game if you got the itch, its very similar, even in graphics department... seriously I dont understand what they were developing for all those years...
  2. well sounds like Sweden is trying to get rid of their elderly, thats that Inuit blood in them i guess
  3. huh I never knew this gem was around xD
  4. Its video game, the simple fact of load/save make it exploitative. Stats reroll is really the lesser of exploits really
  5. apparently Inuits https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senicide
  6. you can roll or select from limited pool
  7. I wonder what is that text under the monitors
  8. so there is going to be rolling for stats... i can see how i spend hour just rolling for stats again xD
  9. My youtube recommendation are on the weird side of internet again...
  10. So after week or so of quarantine we have 17K tested, around 1K positive and first dead (95 years old grandpa who had like 10 other health problems apart from corona) and around 10 people cured. I must say I am quite proud how our government is handling this situation and I don't say this lightly as before this I was really not a big fan. I was also shopping today and was pleasantly surprised. All people wear protective gear and shops are full of supplies. I was tempted to take pic of shelf full of toilet paper overall quite positive outlook. I hope we can handle zombie apocalypse same way
  11. Its better than panic, I mean, this flu have 200K cases world wide and around 10K deaths and 90K recovered. Its really not that much worse than normal flu happening every year. I mean I hope it will not get much worse this is flu stats apparently (sounds really worse than I thought) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influenza Influenza spreads around the world in yearly outbreaks, resulting in about three to five million cases of severe illness and about 290,000 to 650,000 deaths
  12. Finally started playing Stellaris federations and..... it crash my computer in about 10 minutes in game xD
  13. so looks like lvl cap is 10 ... which I like, because I like low lvl adventures.. but... how on earth should lvl 10 group fight mind flyers and dragons?
  14. if there is any positive effect of this pandemic, its that each country should produce its own necessary stuff and not outsource everything to China
  15. outside is so nice, I want to go fishing, but hence we got that quarantine I am happy that tomorrow I get DLC for Stellaris, it should keep me occupied for few days
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