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  1. again you just use straw man arguments. There were TB video games for decades, but somehow its seems inconvenient for you. If you want another analogy its like comparing chess to table football. Both are completely viable forms of entertainment but one requires much more reflexes and other more strategy. Its same old story of tactics vs strategy. If you prefer reflex based games its fine by me, but calling TB clunky or tedious is irrational and in MY opinion just plain wrong and stupid. Again some people enjoy that was you call inconvenient any than you apply your logic on whole genre of games.
  2. yup but even in that scenario you have to roll a attack dice if you hit, it still follow same combat rules
  3. Those guys casting fireballs and resisting lightning are literally toy soldiers on battle map.
  4. ok touche about idiots, my bad yet your argument made no sense, chess pieces are literally wooden toy soldiers on battle map. Its basically 1 to 1 with combat in CRPGs. In game characters are not humans either
  5. yeah and car is not a horse, go tell people riding horses they are idiots, we have cars...
  6. People who are complaining about TB being stupid or lazy obviously never played chess. Go tell Persians that they were idiots because game played thousands of years is poorly designed
  7. Only 8 classes huh? thats a bit dissappointing, sounds like ready for DLC xD
  8. ok my few takes. It looks ok. I expected it to feel like Divinity 3 and I am ok with it. If anything Divinity done well it was interactive environment and combat system (before they ruined it with those stupid magic/physical shields). Lets get real here. BG1 have very little to do with city itself and name of second game was plain cash grab as you don't even visited it. So in that regard this is going to be more Baldurs gate game than BG2. We know that story from first games was done so I didn't expected any relation to it anyway. Yeah some jumping around felt weird and I hope they implement some athletic or acrobatic checks for those actions but otherwise it looks like solid foundation for fun DnD game and I am looking to it. Main issue which have to be yet to seen is how well they do writing/story and companions - that will be the real deal breaker here sidenote - someone mention they didn't care about environment interactions and I must say those kind of actions is what today CRPgs missing from tabletop experience - I want more weird stuff like that!
  9. Bloomberg? He is like Trump but actually worse xD
  10. and that is awesome! Also Tiberiun Sun was the best, bite me
  11. Graphically looks okish. I didnt expected ISO anyway. I don't mind turn based either. If there is something good about Divinity its the combat. Not sure we can comment on writing now, its too soon. But I hope Larian will drop their stupid humor if you can even call it that.
  12. I got prison architect and I was not able to get into it either, but this is quite fun, try it on sale if you are not sure
  13. Rimworld got surprise DLC. Price seems bit steep but otherwise might be fun https://store.steampowered.com/app/1149640/RimWorld__Royalty/
  14. NGOs providing free food without demanding working ethics and education
  15. last time I checked India was democracy. Are you seriously comparing Gandhi to Mao? xD
  16. i bet there was kids starving to death in UK when India was colonized by them. Its always so hard to argue here, people just try to dodge all the arguments and find smallest nitpicks to degrade any argument of opposition. You are of course entitled to your opinion. I gave up long time ago to change any ones mind. Reality is just that, India is doing much better than 90% of Africa. Both were colonies of European powers. You can believe its because of some magical favourable trade agreements if you want to - I don't. China economics is not only at cost of some personal freedoms, Its fueled by deaths of millions of people
  17. agree though I am kinda interested who will be there to blame once Western 'empire' collapse
  18. considering there is 1.4 billion of them in India, it does not sounds that much xD. Also they are there legally
  19. what was the point of this comment, you basically stated Indians are doing well after colonialism, Africa is not because India is bigger??? I have some reasoning but it might not be politically correct one
  20. bit tired of that colonialism excuse, India was colony and it does not seem they need to move to Europe to feed themselves.
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