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  1. Plissken - escape from LA, Maccready - not sure from where but I know the name (might be the Thing) . Shoulders of Orion - Blade Runner, Antares - Orion II game. 3008 USCM Smartgun sounds like gun from Aliens?. O'Neil might be Star gate reference?
  2. if you want full version is here. Seems like you can't find it anywhere else so creator just don't care its on YT
  3. First Hobbit movie done in by us, czechs
  4. only startrek worth of watching - yeah I sad it, what you gonna do about it?
  5. sadly i already know all of them
  6. no idea what are you talking about, it was recommended to me by YT algorithm and I found that its quite funny quirky guy showing of his magical toys...
  7. pff, days when CH was good: and golden fruit of internet like this grew:
  8. actually I vastly prefer 6-8 and I really didn't liked how MnMX looks
  9. so I recently got itch to play might and magic 6 but when I turned it on I was too oldschool for me to replay - turns out there is mod that let you play MnM 6 in MnM 8 engine with such innovative feature as mouse look.... I have to try it tomorrow
  10. Playing some RogueTech again, looking how things progressed. I really love what they done with the game but god that memory leak and performance are really frustrating
  11. i see these memes with Arroyo 1) is it our Fallout Arroyo? 2) do they really change those texts there so often or is it photoshop?
  12. Let me know how it goes, I remember I got stuck somewhere and was unable to breach some shielded ship or something...
  13. exactly, I am still baffled by fact some people don't know about ad-blockers. Is new generation so dumbed down by social media that they don't know how to ef up rules you don't like?
  14. and it stills blow up, what a tease xD
  15. Mad mans did it, they landed that freaking rocket
  16. ok, I know its old and childish, but I laugh way to hard to not share it
  17. I feel like Tarkov is now the hot $hit regarding to stalker like online shooters
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