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  1. well for me its easy. I like to own what I pay for. I don't want some EA CEO decide that game I paid for is not making enough money and deny my access to it
  2. I mean they currently works on Outer World and that new FP RPG which should be close to what bloodlines should have been
  3. So I had that idea that I want to know something about D4 and went on Blizzard forums and.. what can I say I have no idea how that crap of theirs works at all
  4. That would be a miracle I can get by
  5. yeah we really need to up our space ISPs before we send people on Mars. Imagine long lonely nights without pornhub...
  6. Main issue with CP was that its not RPG at all. Otherwise its decent city shooter. And I was expecting RPG
  7. yeah they really effed up with CP, this is going to haunt them for long time
  8. what Capcom game is this refering to?
  9. Finished last season of Expanse. It felt like they could made this whole season in 3 episodes and nothing of value would be lost
  10. I am torn. On one hand I really want to play it, on other hand, I really don't want their launcher.... so high seas I guess? Didn't done that in years
  11. little surprised there were no updates for it for some time
  12. I thought its pretty known they were real? xD
  13. Why not? Are not power plants commercial as well?
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