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  1. what does it have to do with unemployment? If you want to see only the bad go do it, its your life
  2. and I am stating that its selfish to be happy about something only if it benefits you. This is example I was telling you about, I for example would not be Bernie supporter but I still appreciate that his speech he done to empty senate (or whatever it was)
  3. I was reacting to you stating that low unemployment does not affect you in positive way.
  4. sounds selfish as f. So any positive does not matter to you because its not affecting you personally? Would you say that you dont care about someone inventing cancer cure because you personally does not have cancer? Would you say it sucks, now there will be more people driving?
  5. ok guys, I really dont care that much. You can return to your daily two minutes hate whenever Trumps fart in your general direction, if thats what help you sleep at nigh. I was just stating my observation on this Trump phenomenon
  6. Well your economy is booming, you actually didnt started any new wars, actually you reduced troops in middle east. You are now tackling communist China which exploits and kill its own citizens on mass. He is protecting your rights for free speech and second amendment. He is pro democratic honk kong. your mysterious aura is just medial picture created by his enemies. And how can you say his biggets fans are outsiders? Your countrymen voted him into office. Jeez you guys really think half of your country are nazi idiots... You should stop caring that much about facade and image and focus bit more on substance and again, I am not his fan, I just enjoy that panic in people who just 'feels' his 'aura' is bad and so we have to be angry. Its hilarious.
  7. My point was that previous presidents were no better, probably much worse, yet for some reason there is huge witch hunt on Trump. If I recall he was not impeached so what are we talking about here? Yeah its ridiculous that he tween trash on twitter. He is buffon, egoistic and pompous. But did he really done any harm? Its worse if you start wars and people die you know? Or when you support terrorists. Or when you start mass surveliance on your own people. I know its hard to grasp but still...
  8. umm what ukraine stuff? Kid refugees where completely same as during Obama Twitter is worse how? I mean do you know you were in some pretty effed up wars lately? Seriously you guys need to take a deep breath and check what was happening before this Orange man hysteria
  9. ok give me 3 things he done which are worse than things done by previous 4 presidents?
  10. yeah but warrior priests from warhammer are no that good dooers i guess.. btw how i can enable turn based mode?
  11. ok, i am reinstalling pathfinder, thanks a lot people! Now I want to make warrior priest of Sigmar. Should I go with paladin or cleric? I am really torn!
  12. about Wolcen, I was really not interested but friend is now playing, does someone know if it will ever be released on GoG? I am not keen on getting it on steam tbh as I lately just rebuy everything on GoG anyway...
  13. paladin have heavy armor proficiency for free?
  14. I am surprised there are not more missions for Europa, It seems like most hospitable place in our system except from Earth
  15. man onion really had some divination skills back than xD
  16. for me its all about depth of mechanics. I just like more chess than checkers
  17. so you are on same boat with my opinions stated previously.
  18. they just tried to took part of Czechoslovakia, we kicked them out
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