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  1. I am interested in Mass Effect remaster as long as its on steam or gog as I never played the last one and honestly I pirated the first two (Hey I was young and broke) Re - Tomb Rider HD - just look at those juggs, i loved that as kid xD
  2. dignity was never his strong attribute tho
  3. wtf? VR with mandatory facebook? Sounds like proper hell
  4. Hah, we got character who lived in the office. It was like in some horror movie when we were on night shift and you met him in middle of night in some random hallway xD
  5. Did you already heard about Grim Dawn sister?
  6. Grim Dawn is like meth mixed with heroin right now for me. I just found some weird item and I am instantly theory crafting my 10th character around it.... i need help
  7. whats with that boring thread title? I am disappointed...
  8. Didn't read that yet but would not it be because outside of sun gravity there is nothing pulling them in so that might explain why are there more 'free' particles? (I know there should probably be some micro gravity of the system anyway but maybe mass of free particles is pullgin them togather). Now lets see how big dum-dum I am....
  9. Farming in Grim Dawn, now that finally got at least one char on 100 lvl. Also hate pirate stuff in games
  10. I wonder if I will reach age in which americans start running back to Europe xD
  11. If you like ARPGs than yest, its the best one out there in my opinion
  12. Well maybe I will pick up Imperator if reviews are better after the patch
  13. It was hilarious - I picked up chest in tutorial area because i was unable to lock pick it - in description it was elaborate chest decored with gold - price 1 gold xD
  14. I made up my mind on skill check rolls - great fun in mutliplayer, bothersome in single player. I will have to force myself to not reload spam during my first playthrough, but I am weak willed and I will do it anyway xD
  15. So for me so far Pros: + Engine - I like that engine and amount of interactivity with environment is awesome. + Visuals* - I am very pleased with how environments look * Quests - its nice to have a lot of options how to handle situations Cons: - Companions - so far only one I could stomach. I really hope they will include a bit more because there is only one front liner and she is a b***h but if you are not front liner she is your only option - Visuals* - spell effects are like from 2000 and animations are jenky af. One would expec
  16. Yeah, this seems very off. Is it for phone readability? Because its only reason I can think of why would posts on forum be only 1/3 of the forum itself? It does not make any sense to me
  17. dead line is dead line, no matter the system. As long as upper management get bonus on delivering on time no matter what sales team manage to 'sell' there will never be a change. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors for drones to swallow the dong
  18. lol, i guess you guys never worked in software dev environment. Weekends and OT are bread and butter. You are lucky to work on project with so long life span as games. 'Last push' on ongoing projects is like a monthly feature. Why do you think all **** promote job positions as 'challenging but rewarding'. I was in it for 10 years and its life draining
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