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  1. some minor news about BG3 and early access release date
  2. you name yourself comrade, its not hard to get the axe for it
  3. yes, i used mainly ray spells tho. Is Volcanic Storm ray? I don't remember
  4. Ekun and that caster elf lady were only character i could stand in my group, rest was custom made because I was too irritated by rest of them
  5. Well this whole fiasko is Putins fault, it was him who start to distance himself from Lukashenko. They were buddies but Lukashenko wanted more free oil and daddy Putin sad no.... i am going to ignore rest of your conspiracy theories in this mess
  6. Realms Beyond - man if they spend so much time creating that game, could have spend few more bucks on visuals and animations....
  7. man i am on the weird side of internet today
  8. warning, adult language * too bad title spoils it
  9. Just a question because i am outsider. Do you have to one for one or another? Could you not pick anyone from some list?
  10. yeah it was fun, i was watching live stream
  11. well, storing that amount of explosive material in quite populated area seems like really big nono to me. Not sure how this even happen...
  12. well, he is an idiot but what i meant was that he didnt ban muslims per say, just few selected countries IIRC
  13. fair enough, i will just point out that calling it muslim ban is even more flawed, yet you still repeat it anyway
  14. Well I would not want to live in Bosnia, I would not want to live in 50% muslim country, I am not sure if french people want to live in 50% muslim country either... what is your argument here anyway?
  15. cmon man, you can't compare France with US in that regard, you have whole ocean between you and Middle East and Africa. Its big difference between few well vetted people you get and mass illegal waves they are getting in south Europe... France already have almost 10% population of muslim religion...
  16. well, on one hand you provide theory, on other i provide harsh reality. And I actually agree that providing asylum will give you more information about radicals in the middle east, question is if the cost is worth it. I don't know about you, but I know few people in France and they are very liberal and very scared what is happening with their country. And its not only France. UK have problems already as well. When there were elections in Turkey Berlin looked like Erdogans garden party. You may not feel it but these problems are brewing in Europe, but media are not reporting on it that much and
  17. yeah but there is a slight problem here it seems, they are not running from religious persecution as much as they are bringing it in with them original: https://www.senat.fr/notice-rapport/2019/r19-595-2-notice.html very tame translation by al arabia xD : https://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/world/2020/07/09/French-lawmakers-propose-Muslim-Brotherhood-ban-measures-to-combat-radical-Is
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