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  1. let me know what you learned. I got it like 2 times already and I still dont understand wtf it means.
  2. All middle east is proxy war after proxy. Afghan, Syria, all same ... playground from big players. how is it any different now is beyond me
  3. Well its not like US was doing exactly same few years back...
  4. ah thanks, so another big nothingburger. As I don't want to derail this thread I will keep my comment on this and we can move on. Thanks Gfted
  5. first time hearing about this. Which thread is this being discussed? I just like to see some outtakes
  6. this always hits hard. My mom loved that movie
  7. well that is one reeally ugly gun! I hoped you would trust in czechnology https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-75-b-9mm-black-16-rd-mag/
  8. looks like rip off of space engineers
  9. too bad, you missed great opportunity to adopt rational measurement system in the process. Also is there international airport or how do you handle foreigner policies? I am mainly talking about Visas...
  10. it was big nothing burger. Poles sometimes try this but we kick their butts back and are friends again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish–Czechoslovak_War
  11. well i love the old music. Damsel was least interesting character for me. gimme V anytime!
  12. i hope i will not have to buy it again just to get it
  13. BTW seems like C&C remasters will be on Steam, is it same deal as with mass effects?
  14. ffs... well thanks for letting me know. I already have one steam game I cant play due to Ubisoft....
  15. so will I finally get my mass effect trilogy complete edition after all? that would be great.
  16. Kane lives!!!! also platforms please? Do will I get my GoG?
  17. cant win with Leshrac, that hero is so lame if you are not owning mid from start...
  18. well all of them! xD those in cave crawl challenges, finishing support wing now
  19. since battlepass dropped I was grinding DoTA all days long, i must say its good fun to have incentive to play some heroes
  20. some local folk i know it will probably not tell you much but man, its powerful and i tell you as someone who dont like folk The path is the dust, and the gravel, and the packed dirt, and the grey smears it draws onto the hair, and from the star trail it's got a jewel bound to a rock, and the feathers of desire from the wings of Pēgasī. The path is a whip, it's evil, like a street lady. It's got tags in the hands
  21. first time hearing about it, looks neat
  22. i was in QA and later worked as technical designer for a while.
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