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  1. good luck hunting, you might find my real name!
  2. fun fact, you can find my photo in M2 if you really look hard. Somewhere around Oyster bay...
  3. let me know how it goes, it does not start on my win 10
  4. i have itch for some nice relaxing sim game. Anyone remember Sim Golf? I loved that one. Anyone know about something similar? I would get Sim Golf but no idea if it works on modern systems
  5. I watched Underwater. First expression after watching it was: I mean there was potential and visuals were great but 0 character development or world building was big drawback, also lead actress was really bad. All her expressions were same. I was never sure if she is sad, scared or depressed. She always looked same xD. It felt like movie should have been hour longer,
  6. ok i know its extremely childish, but I can't stop watching it - I need help
  7. considering I am unemployed I decided I will go on overnight trip with friend for fishing last 2 days, here are some highlights arrival: overnight catch (this is my friend): morning:
  8. Well, looks like virus is over in my country, see you outside suckers!
  9. I am still playing a lot of Doto and I am was trying to play Pathfinder with turn based mod but I really can't stomach original characters so I am restarting with custom team again - going full Warhammer this time. I am trying to come up with group. I guess its going to be slayer Gotrex, bard Felix, Luthor warpriest, I think i will get transmutation wizard Balthasar Gelt. Any other idea?
  10. well that is really different from our catfishes...
  11. Oh man I envy you! Fishing season just started here but I need to wait a bit because of my operation. I can't wait to get to the water. there is pic from last time fishing!
  12. guy if you believe that Nazis spend time commenting on gaming forums you obviously never met one xD
  13. and you believe those are hitler loving nazis? I would count o them being trolls
  14. last 8th tooth out today. This was one tricky bastard. I feel like doc grind away half of my jaw bone and I am drooling blood everywhere. Going to be awesome week or so for me!
  15. it was domestic issue, not expansion!
  16. who likes Swedes anyway. They were d!cks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Brno During the Thirty Years' War, in 1643 and 1645, Brno was the only city to succeed in defending itself against Swedish sieges, thereby allowing the Austrian Empire to regroup its armies and to repel the Swedes. In recognition of its services, the city was rewarded with a renewal of its city privileges. In the years following the Thirty Years' War, the city became an impregnable Baroque fortress. In 1742, the Prussians vainly attempted to conquer the city, and the position of Brno was
  17. i really played only freelancer. I kinda like space sims i guess, which one to pick bois? Isnt elite online only?
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