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  1. hey hey... thats the only positive side of those things!
  2. yeah, they somehow however always manage to trump the previous one. I thought it was bad enough when facebook blown up
  3. tik tok should be nuked to oblivion no matter who own that crap...
  4. strange, i usually enjoy most the leveling process in any MMO, once i hit top level it all seems boring from now on, thats maybe the thing which i liked about old WoW (even if I hated that graphic style) 21 days seems like nothing really
  5. I cant get this out of my head! also some comments there are gold: bigsloggo9 months ago (edited) Me: after round number 3 with the GF: "The flesh is weak!" She: pulls out a Vibrator "The Omnissiah provides!"
  6. I hope I will live to day when fusion will be really working, but it sounds soo much like perpetum mobile
  7. cmon, have some class and drink proper beer
  8. pff, look at the map, its clear center of the world is czech rep
  9. Hmm, i thought storywise Stalker was kinda over. It would be nice if they ditch that and rather get into original story as was in the book - eg alien encounter
  10. I have typed people, not organisation...
  11. Volo stop using same tactics as the other side. Its really low. Not all BLM people are bad, not all cops are bad...
  12. BLM have very little to do with actual black communities...
  13. there is good reason we moved from horses to cars... https://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofBritain/Great-Horse-Manure-Crisis-of-1894/
  14. I never liked firefly, not sure what people liked about it, and I am into sci_fy...
  15. Still pulling my hair out playing DoTA. If you never played dota.. dont do it ever xD
  16. Played second one long time ago. Really nice game!
  17. you dirty dawg. No even standard is great. Waifuest Dungeon is just a bit better xD
  18. last visually pleasing game i played.... maybe Darkest Dungeon?
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