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  1. I have already finished it, let me know if you like some tips on char creation!
  2. I have played CK3 for some time but oh god they made mess with inheritance. I guess I have to wait for some patches or something but I really can't do that much micro management. Previously at least counties in your primary duchy would stay yours, but now your kids tear your whole realm apart like its no ones business. You can be most powerful man on Earth and in split second you play as one country Emperor. Like who thought its good idea to do it like this?!?!
  3. You guys make me feel really old with that Haddaway. I want my youth back dammit!
  4. this is too epic to not share. I love Archer btw (well, mostly Krieger)
  5. So, am I only one who got some strange bug in CK3 where my levies just stop replenishing? I am suppose to have 7K army but my levies never get over like 3K...
  6. Playing CK3 ... I tell you house seniority inheritance laws are horrible!!!
  7. https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2153125/ck3-release-countdown I am pi$$ed that I cant start download sooner on steam so I can have it pre-installed...
  8. Yes, you can have custom portraits but I didn't bothered here is one of mine, I am really bad with editing screens and I dont want to spam it here so maybe later I will post another one
  9. technically there is no difference when t comes to birds... also if you managed to poop on him mid flight your skills must be legendary
  10. Hey, you don't pee on in flight bird every day, i would remember it as well
  11. So they are making Sims out of it... well at least finally they dont hide it
  12. Hell yeah, thats the spirit! and yeah, Ajax will kick your nuts xD. Just for my curiosity, how much you pay your best player? xD
  13. no need to go illuminati on this, I think it was someone captured on those videos mentioning 'he got knife' Witnesses say that Blake was unarmed, and had been trying to deescalate a verbal dispute between two women before officers arrived. (The bystander who filmed the encounter told NBC News that police were yelling at Blake to “drop the knife,” though they did not see a knife on Blake’s person, and added that Blake “wasn’t being violent.”) According to civil-rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the family, Blake’s three sons — who are 3, 5, and, 8 — were seated in the b
  14. Look, I am the last person defending cops. I got my share of illegal business in my youth. But I have seen footage leaked with Floyd, I have seen this last footage. I am sure you can find many footage of unjust use of force by cops but those are not it. This is fight on wrong grave and in the end it just hurt somewhat rightful cause
  15. I think someone mentioned that he got knife and was on drugs, thats why taser was not working on him. I am not the manliest of man but I am sure very few people would try to mano at mano with knife armed junkie
  16. oh crap, I almost forgot, going to pre order on GoG tomorrow
  17. too late to party but i will never miss chance to post this baby:
  18. Well but you can develop software for Apple without this tools without a problem. I mean DirectX is also free on Windows and its very important part of the OS. As for Tesla? No, as long as they don't use their OS as storefront/open system. Otherwise yes
  19. ofc both are money hungry trash corporations, but Epic is in right there (surprisingly). Not sure what do you mean by 'providing tools'. As mentioned above, it would be same situation as if only way to get app on Windows is through Windows store front and Microsoft would get 30% cut on any app you install on your computer. Its ridiculous just to think of it and I was always confused why Apple users tolerate that crap.
  20. I think that issue is that Apple does not support any other store than app store? Not sure I am not big phone geek...
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