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  1. I doubt they would go CRPG route at this point, they are aiming to different audience
  2. I buy it on Steam and it will be on gog in few months and I will be pissed xD no no no, I will wait a bit
  3. Closest you can get: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Bastiladon_(Solar_Engine)
  4. i have problem with replayablitiy of PK, I liked the game but the story was so weak that I have no will to get through it again with diff character, hope next one will be better in that regard
  5. there is something futuristic about synthwave and its mesmerizing. Original gods of synth ofc:
  6. i must say it looks quite good, too bad I really suck and RTSes. But there is still openRA so not sure how much dough they want to milk from this. Also no GoG...
  7. Anomen, Aria were quite bad, others were ok
  8. now i have to get it on gog because i have it on steam without DLCs... also I bought 2 days ago AoW 3 for full price, now its 80% down... Also Stellaris is 75% down if someone still dont have it, it will get massive update next week as well
  9. I would not mind getting sunless sky on gog if there are no other grabbers
  10. There is supposed to be new DLC for Stellaris on 17th which should improve both AI and performance, but we have yet to see
  11. I am thinking about getting some turn based strategy game. I am split about Age of wonders 3, endless legend or Age of wonders planetfall? Anyone can tell me which one is the best of these? Or any other suggestion similar to these?
  12. conversation in other thread reminded me of (view at own discretion):
  13. than you need some yiffing material as well. And I hate myself for even knowing what that word means...
  14. well Gothic ones are not that much around, at least I can't remember any, post-apo wasteland with magic might be more common these days i guess, still not many pop in my mind and I agree about PoE. Was not huge fan of setting either. But I also dont like guns in my fantasy so its hard to please me
  15. I heard little bit about Ravenloft and Darksun. I would prefer that change too tho. Nothing more generic like Forgotten Realms
  16. yeah all i read is ¨I don´t like TB because I like real time more¨. And then some pseudointelectual mumbo jumbo about game being medium not suited for TB for some reason. Its just opinions, nothing else
  17. again you just use straw man arguments. There were TB video games for decades, but somehow its seems inconvenient for you. If you want another analogy its like comparing chess to table football. Both are completely viable forms of entertainment but one requires much more reflexes and other more strategy. Its same old story of tactics vs strategy. If you prefer reflex based games its fine by me, but calling TB clunky or tedious is irrational and in MY opinion just plain wrong and stupid. Again some people enjoy that was you call inconvenient any than you apply your logic on whole genre of games.
  18. yup but even in that scenario you have to roll a attack dice if you hit, it still follow same combat rules
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