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  1. "Ooh! Shiny ones!" They should totally add Cespenar to the keep instead of the statue.
  2. I find your suggestion that I need treatment insulting. Furthermore, why should I alter the forum on my end, when it's clear that someone else is the cause of my distress and it's obvious that all that needs to happen is for them to simply change their avatar? @rheingold: why do you insist on distressing me? Please, change your avatar.
  3. Corrected this for you. Well i don't know why did you buy PoE since it's a game that claims to be the Baldur's Gate 3... If you didn't like the BG series i really can't see why did you buy PoE and also why do you waste your time on this forum. I never said I didn't like BG. I actually loved it, as well as all other Infinity engine games, however, this doesn't stop me from seeing the flaws it/they had. I also generally try not to let rose-tinted nostalgia dictate my opinion of things.
  4. I am offended by your Pinky avatar, as it presents tall and slim guys as bumbling idiots. As a tall and slim guy myself, being the object of ridicule my whole life ("Hey, how's the weather up there!"), I feel really hurt by the picture you've chosen. Also, my father used to hit me, lock me in the basement and play Pinky and The Brain non-stop, so there's that. Would you mind changing your avatar, as it is severely disturbing my forum browsing experience and I feel really victimized?
  5. It is a bit unintuitive, however your paper doll does light up a bit when you pick-up a consumable, so there is a kind of a notification in the game that it can be done.
  6. In this thread: people having a skewed perception of Baldur's Gate 1 (and to a certain extent 2) and the fact that it was actually full of repetitive combat, questionable mechanics and bland characters.
  7. Why not just led it slide because inclusion doesn't remove anything for the game and it's optional content that no one is forced to read? Here's the thing - Its inclusion hurts and angers a number of people. Some people don't mind it, but its inclusion adds nothing for them. And again, isn't part of Obsidian's vision. So why not just do right by other people are remove it from the game? Why should they "do right" by anybody? Seriously though? Yes, I understand that people are upset and I'm probably coming on as a real **** right now, however, I can't seem to understand what is this constant strive to please everybody. The thing is that, there are people that will always be offended by minor things. You can't, and more importantly shouldn't, mollycoddle them. If you like that but find the game offensive - mod it out. Not to mention the fact, that the limerick in questions doesn't even have anything to do with transgender people. Oh, the humanity! I can see the PTSD already! Suffice it to say, that if a single out-of-the-way line in a video-game is enough to push you over the proverbial edge, then maybe the problem is with you and not the game. It does. Meaningless censorship in order to please a vocal minority that's over abused the word "offended" is stupid in and of itself.
  8. From the profile settings on this very board: So if a person is not cisgendered, they have to hide it, is that it Obsidian? You think people should be ashamed of who they are? Is this some kind of transphobic message board? I request, nay, I demand that you add at least one more option such as "Other". Not that clumping everybody together under it is any less oppressing, but it's the least you could do. *the above was a poor attempt at sarcasm, but I just couldn't resist when I saw the options in the settings. Whatevs. **on an unrelated note, just noticed this smiley -> awesome
  9. I'm sure once they finish reviewing your attached logs, they'll send someone over to your house to fix it.
  10. Define "many". A PC game is bound to have bugs upon release, much of it due to the fact that you have to account for different hardware and OS configurations. Are the current bugs "game-breaking" in the true sense of the word, as is the case with a lot of games nowadays? Not by a long shot. By many, I understand, that I cannot play anymore, because I can't travel from one destination to another and I cannot save my game, because it makes it crash. And also there are this problems with buffs, cloaks not displayed, etc etc. Are you using a 32bit version of Windows by any chance? How much RAM do you have? Regarding the "other problems" that you mentioned - your character model not displaying an equipped cloak is hardly game breaking. I'm not saying that it's not frustrating - everybody has a different threshold for annoyances, however, I think everybody should take a step back, take a deep breath and dial back the drama a bit.
  11. Define "many". A PC game is bound to have bugs upon release, much of it due to the fact that you have to account for different hardware and OS configurations. Are the current bugs "game-breaking" in the true sense of the word, as is the case with a lot of games nowadays? Not by a long shot.
  12. Slightly off-topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread - my fighter currently has the Weapon & Shield trait which grants me extra deflection. I recently found a shield with the bash property - considering this gives me a a second attack with the shield, will the Two-Weapon Fighting trait apply it's bonus while I'm using that specific shield?
  13. FYI, even if you turn them on, you don't see the actual replies - it just tells you what the requirement is and in place of the actual text it's something along the lines of "Reply unavailable" or something to that effect.
  14. I don't have arachnophobia and video game spiders generally don't freak me out (the ones in System Shock 2 though...) but I find Ettercaps a lot more unsettling than spiders XD
  15. Just keep an empty weapon set and switch to it when you feel the need to sheathe your weapon.
  16. I found most of the stories interesting and the names didn't strike me as out of place. To each their own I guess. Which one is yours and what is his story about? Did you have any input regarding the story direction?
  17. I'm not really far in the game, but I have already found 2 pieces of an old sword in one particular dungeon. So that's in the game, you just have to pay more attention and use the scouting mode
  18. To be honest, I turned it off, and I slept with unlimited camp supplies. It did not help that much. The short range of spells, no precast before combat... You know, I had alot of fun toasting ogres with fireballs in BG. Or stealthing in with my rogue and one shotting the mage before combat began. I know this is not BG and it's pointless to say that we need BG, but this is so far from it. They basically went in the opposite direction. I get your point, even though I don't necessarily agree with it. The thing is that, as far as I understood from the dev videos that they made during production, they were looking to get rid of pre-buffs from the very beginning. The idea was, that even in BG, in order to use pre-buffs efficiently, you had to know what actually lie ahead - something, that your character obviously has no way of knowing. As such, pre-buffs were a bit of a meta-game advantage. Getting rid of them was done primarily for immersion and I'm sure that had they gone the opposite rout a la BG, some people would be crying how it breaks the immersion. Also, as someone else said, you can still use consumables to buff your party before a big fight. Sure, eating some berries is not the same as casting Bless or a Magic Circle Against Evil, but still. Me, personally - I like the game so far and feel it is a worthy successor to the Infinity games.
  19. If the issue is the same as with Wasteland 2, and as far as I've heard it seems to be, it's because you're running a 32bit Windows and can easily be resolved with a short command prompt command. Not a big deal really. And as someone else said, they are currently working on resolving that in a patch. I honestly don't know where all of the butthurt is coming from. Yes, the game has bugs. Can you play it, despite them? Yes, you can. PoE is, for all intents and purposes, an indie title and it works damn fine for something that was just released - can you point to a recent triple A title that's playable at this level upon release? No one is arguing that Obsidian had really buggy games in the past, but they've gotten progressively better over the years. Hell, forget about PoE - check out The Stick of Truth. It's a great title and I didn't encounter any bugs whatsoever, or at least none that would spoil my enjoyment of the game. A lot of you are acting like you're on a thread about Assassin's Creed Unity - get some perspective.
  20. The backer pet was only available to 50$+ pledges I think. That was the pre-order bonus pet, which is not the same as the backer pet.
  21. I might be mistaken, since I haven't had the chance to play a lot yet, but I think you don't actually get XP from encounters - you get it for completing quests and some special events.
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