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  1. There are problems in acquiring the main keep. it says a "barrack is in progress" which technically no more action in the stronghold. I have already purchase the main keep but its showing that the main keep is not yet purchased. Please do some updates on this... We have so much trouble in continuing with the game and sometimes lose our patience and excitement. Amend ASAP !!!!!
  2. can't still progress at Raedric's hold.... totally stuck there
  3. Hi Team, the game crushes on the stairs part of "TO KEEP KITCHEN" and "TO KEEP STUDY". Please amend this asap. can't continue the game.
  4. Hi Team, Please fix the following areas at Pillars of Eternity: Raedric's Hold Dungeons there are two stairs which cause the game to crush. A. to keep kitchen B. to keep study. whenever i tried using these stairs the game crushes. Please have a look.. I can't continue the game. it wasted lots of my time check some work arounds. Thanks.
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