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  1. Yes... I do love Bastila dolls, pink bunnies, and I wish to topple Tony Blair to form a Star Wars type government. (I didn't need a Force Persuade for the last one). :D Well, I hope Revan wins it in the end. Kyle Katarn? Well, he ain't bad...
  2. *Insert naught thoughts* *slaps brain* Now that, would be... no, I don't do dolls. (w00t)
  3. Wookies, because if you get into a fight, they'll always let the Wookie win.
  4. The Thorium charges you seek are somewhere inside the Korriban academy. The Library if I remeber correctly. Just search the Korriban academy for them.
  5. Best guess is that they simply based the HK-50 models on HK-47 after they (the guys building HK-50's on that droid world in the cut content) took HK-47 apart and put him back together, or got hold of some schematics, or something like that. When they did that they made improvements. Those weren't improvements! Simply chrome does not compare to rusty red, and the clean voice the HK-50's have is not the kind of fear inducing voicer HK-47 has.
  6. Tough choice because in their own way, both are great weapons to command but in the end, for me, the deciding factor is this. The Star Forge bends you to it's will because it is a massive incarnation of the Dark Side. The Death Star doesn't do this. Okay, it's masterminded by guys on the Dark Side but I haven't seen a single shred of evidence that it's bends people on it into freaky deaky men and women. So my vote goes to the Death Star for that factor. Other than that they are pretty evenly matched IMO. The Death Star can easily destory the Star Forge with a single blast from it's superlaser, but the Death Star needs to get in range first. If the Star Forge can create enough fighters, (with droids/pilots to control them), then those fights can do the famous Trench Run/Go inside and blow up core of the Death Star. Basically it's a race against time.
  7. "All I can see is black men..." P.S. He's got the hand thing for the phone, but where is the rest of it?
  8. (w00t) :D That's clinches it. If there's a free cookie involved; I'm joining the Dark Side.
  9. Silver, mainly because it's (sort of) a mix between black and white.
  10. I notice pratically everyone voting Revan. (surprised???) Well, I'm gonna say Tulak Hord. As one of the greatest lightsaber delists ever, he could proablbyl wipe out a good dozen of modern Jedi on his own or something. Marka Ragnos is also good, coming a close second. Nihilus is also a very good Sith. The perfect embodiment of Dark Side corrution. In a movie of K2, he would probalbly of been much much tougher than in the game. Revan... Was he a true Sith? he did use the Dark Side initially for good, but obviously, the Dark Side would consume him, so despite his good intentions, he'd want total power. A bit like Mr.Anakin Skywalker. It's a classic case isn't it? Good intentions + Dark Side = E=MC2 (or Nasty person.) Besides this, even in K2, if you have Revan as DS, he'd still run off to fight the True Sith on his own. In reality wouldn't he consolodate his power if he was a true Sith Lord, making sure that there was no anarchy like in K2? As usual, people are voting Revan because you were Revan in K1.
  11. Okay, so I've just played through KOTOR2 for the umpteenth time, (as in finsihed it 2 minutes ago) and I found something very... exotic, and certainly a very good item. A little thing known as... *wait for it... tension* The Kaibuur Crystal Webster's Dictionary, (a.k.a. StarWars.com) defines the Kaiburr Cyrtal as: The legendary Kaiburr crystal is an archaeological relic found on the planet of Mimban. Mimban lore says that the god Pomojema used the crystal to heal the wounded. The priests of the Temple were said to have mysterious healing powers that stemmed from the crystal. The crimson gem had the ability to enhance Force powers. The crystal resided in the jungle Temple of Pomojema, guarded by a sluggish yet deadly lizard-creature. Full description for Kaiburr Crystal How it ended up on Malachor V in the possesion of a Sith Commando, I'll have no idea. Maybe it was just a fragment, but what they hey? As I remember it, it gave +3Constitution/+3Wisdom/+3Charisma So, what exoctic items have you guys found?
  12. I always use it, if only for sentimental reasons. Plus the bonus does help, but a better bonus for the Guardian would've been on charisma or wisdom.
  13. Really, as long as you know how, they are all easy 'boss' fights. The Darth Traya one was hardest, but even then, the way I worked out to beat her made everything easy. I want a challenge!
  14. Okay, I'm playing through KOTOR2 for god knows what time, and I have a small question. Can Bao-Dur be made Force Sensitive, and if so, how do I go about it? I think I just have to get influence with him. I've never been able to do this before. Help is appreciated.
  15. This is perhaps one of the best sci-fi TV shows in recent memory IMO. I tended to watch Star Trek a lot, but come DS9 (at least the last 1/2 to 1/4 of it) and much of Voayger, that really became stale, since the story quality wasn't that good. I'm only seventeen, so I've never seen the orignal Batllestar (whether I'm old enough to, I have no idea), so i'm asking my father about stuff now and again, but this is easily a great show. The acting is strong and deep, and the music is great. The haunting peice in the openig credits is but one example. The story is also brilliant. If you haven't watched this show yet, watch it now!
  16. The most logical name would be Hunter Killer. ANything with HK in it's name is often a Hnter Killer of some sort.
  17. If you've maxxed out your influence with Mira, (she'll say she'd like to be shown what the force is like) then to turn her into a Jedi, you must be on Nar Shaddaa. Basically, take Mira to the place where Kreia taught you about listening to the energy of the force on Nar Shaddaa, and she'll become a Jedi Sentinel. Otherwise, to max her influence, just take her with you everywhere in order to gain influence. (make the right choices though)
  18. That's most likely come from the rumours running round boards like these. Still, no harm in praying for K3.
  19. Sonic the Hedgehog space suit. (w00t) Avaliable only from Peragus mining station. Buy one today!
  20. On Dantooine, just as you step out of the Hawk, there is a protocol droid. Talk to him, you'll discover he has a corrupted data file. Repair him (wneed high enough repair skill), and the droid will play the file. The file consists of a hologramactic recording of Master Vrook and Master Vandar talking about - I assume to be - you. It's basically just a minor cameo appearance, but Vandar is in there. P.S. To the mods, this should go in da spoiles section.
  21. Peragus is my least fave planet. Too much mindlesss droid swatting, and not enough NPC conversation (which was really what was needed for the first area.) It was basically, kill droids, kill some more droids, mess with computers *insert half-arsed NPC coversation here*, kill some more droids, find Ebon Hawk while killing more droids, get to Ebon hawk by killing more droids. Leave.
  22. Thanx for clearing that up but how do you finish the trade routes quest (I never finished it...) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> To complete the trading quest for the female Rodian, you just complete the main quests on the planets she asks you to sort out.
  23. then what exactly are the Yuuzhan Vong? I mean, they basically embody their beleifs and seek the death of all who oppose them, they also hate the force and probably seek the death of that as well because it would not effect them because the force does not flow through them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Yuuzhang Vong appear looooooooooooong after the KOTOR era. They appear after SW: Ep6. If you notice, it the starwarsdatabank thing you posted talks of the New Republic and Galactic Alliance. Neither are mentioned in the KOTOR era. In KOTOR2, the Republic survived, whether you chose Revan to be LS or DS. Besides that, you'll notice that the starwarsdatabank on the Yuuzhang Vong mentions Luke Skywalker and friends many a time. I don't think they would ever be close to alive in the KOTOR era. Did you read through it properly? If you read through the datanbank thing again, you might understand better. It is true however, that in KOTOR1, the Yuuzhang Vong get a brief mention in one of Canderous' stories, though they aren't specifically named.
  24. They are about equal, but eah in bteer than the other in their own respects. For exmaple, K1 had deeper characters, because there was so much more you could talk to them with. K2 tended to have the looped dialogue, which meant the characters weren't quite as good/deep/memorable. K2 on the other hand was that it made skills so much more neccesary. I found that this made the game much deeper in that respect. The replaability was also very good. A bit better than K1's. Other reasons also abound, but overall, they are pretty much equal, with K1 just edging in in my opinion.
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