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  1. If i could i would pick light side Revan, Bastila and Jolee, since they were all my favs, but since i cant, i will pick light side Revan. (Lets not start off with "I hate Bastila..." this and "I hate Bastila..." that. I picked Revan because, at least in part, he had ur personality depending on the answers u gav in converstions. Also because he show that even a sithlord can be redeemed, even if it is due to a memory wipe. I would pick Bastila because she represents the power, yet uncrotrolable abilities of a jedi padawan, who was too confident in there own abilities, and the only partially controled emotions (the romance angle i always did with her as a male. ive only evr played as a male). Also because despite all this, (if u want it) she is redeemed on the starforge, and realised that she was wrong after being so stuck up when u first met her. Finally, I would pick Jolee because he brought that much needed comedy element to KOTOR (something i hope is recreated in KOTOR2) and brought a third veiw to the force never expressed before. That of a blurry grey colour. That evrything that happens isnt in one absolute, but is more often a blend of the two. U hav my answer, consider it, and think hard.
  2. What do u hav against aliens, sure some r ugly *rodians, RODIANS and grans, GRANS* but others look cool. Fist off, twileks, with there head tails, the cantina band in episode 4, not to mention all the other aliens in the cantina in the same episode. Next, Zam Wessell the shape shifter, though u only got a small look of what she really looks like, it looked cool. What about Cathars, like Juhani. Their cat like features really make them distinctive and good looking (not in that kinda way). That is only to mention a few aliens i like Finally, there r all the aliens that look like humans, like Mandalorians (Canderous Ordo). They look exactly the same as humans. (they will hav different insides or thewy wouldnt be aliens.) What do u hav against them. If i was u i'd think about what i said before running my mouth, but that is just me, and it isnt u. Oh and look at the poll, i think u will find the results correspond with my feelings.
  3. First off, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT POLL, only one choice, hmmmmmmmm that's really gonna work. Secondly, i prefer the single saber style, since it is the image in my head from the original starwars movies, and (at least in jediacademy) it offers the most versatility. Lastly, next time, if u do a poll, put more than one choice in. It might work better. U never know giv it a try.
  4. First off, there is more than just tweaking to do. There is the fixing of bugs, the polishing of the areas, the finishing of character clothes and models to say the least. Secondly, r we not going a little bit off topic talking about this fable2. i hav never heard of it, (shouts of WHAT), and ncaa football, aswell as this samurai stuff.
  5. I find this to be a poor idea since it can never work, though it is an inventive idea to say the least. True the lightsaber whip is original, but i beleive it isnt feasible. Lightsaber blades are weightless beams of light. To make this whip of yours feasible, the lightsaber must hav weight in its blade. Next it must hav enough weight to behave like a whip. Finally, the lighsaber whip would be almost, if not totally ineffective against the tradtional lightsaber. The enemy could simply knock it away and lunge straight in before u had a chance to counter the attack. So like i said inventive, but not feasible. However i am not just here to rant about the inefficiences of a lighsaber whip. I hav my own ideas. Something like a spinning, 3 bladed propeller. U use lighsaber throw to throw it. It spins incredibly fast due to its propeller style design, and returns to u, like a boomerang. It cuts through whole ranks of enemies like butter, not just one or two like with traditional lighsabers. The handle itself does not rotate with the saber, so that u may hold onto it. I am not sure how feasible this is, but give me ur thoughts, i will be glad to here them.
  6. I would say it is. The main reason why i say this is because the starwars thing seems to hav a history of trilogies. For example: Episodes 4, 5, 6 Episodes 1, 2 ,3 and in computer games to. For example with kyle katarn in: Dark Forces Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast (ive missed mysteries of the sith, expansion to dark forces 2 because u play kyle for only the first 4 levels in mysteries, then u switch to mara jade). There will be a KOTOR3. How the story will be, the gameplay, the game itself etc, will be i dont know. I will leave that to the writers and developers.
  7. I am not so sure what to pick. It's tough. Firstly, with no official face for the games, how will they choose Revan's face for a book/movie. However if an official face isnt picked, how can they make a book/movie. They cant just keep his face hidden, at least not in the original book/movie based on the original game. So what can they do? They could do a poll about the faces from KOTOR, whichever gets the most votes, wins, and becomes the official face. There is a second problem. Will Revan be male or female. Male i believe since all the leads in the starwars movies hav been male.
  8. I think they should be an item. I may be biased about this, as i always did the romance angle as a male character. (as mentioned in a seperate post) I believe that in the quetions u r asked at the start of the game, u will get to choose whether they became an item or not. (depending on answer of course). This should pls evry1. Anyway, to me, romances seem to be a starwars tradition. Heres a few: Han Solo and Leia Organa Anakin SkyWalker and Padme Amidala Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade This is 1 reason i think they should be an item.
  9. We should see Bastila return. Only in a cameo. I realise some people hate her, what with the costant rants of "Bastila is the most annoying..." and "I hate her, i killed her in the original." and the like. However, she was one of the central characters in the original. I dont know if these guys who hate Bastila noticed, but KOTOR revolved around Revan and Bastila (also Carth, but in more of a secondary role). It concentrates on the story of the bond between Revan and Bastila. I hav already said in another post that Revan would return (again only in a cameo), and if Revan returns, then it is almost, if not totally certain, that Bastila will return. Of course, u decide if Bastila survives through KOTOR at the start of KOTOR2, with the questions that u r asked, but that is another matter. And dont giv some rant about. "U idiot, how can u say this, Bastila is an annoying..."garbage. I like Bastila. Whenever i played through the original, i always played male (yes i am male) and always did the romance angle. (There I said it.) Happy torture for waiting for the game/info on it. I know i'm being tortured. (O, dear, i think i just lost my sanity).
  10. I believe that we will see Revan. (Only in a cameo though) Why u ask? Well, you served under him in the Mandalore Wars. Plus, at the start of the game your character wakes up (semi-concious) on the ebon hawk, Revans ship. He may be the one who fills in what has happened in the time of your exile. Also PLSPLSPLS DONT kill off Revan. I hav heard some say that they think Revan will be killed off. I'm begging u DONT kill off Revan. (Gets on knees and pleads with developers to not kill off Revan). If u do i will go round to each of your houses with a torch and burn em down. (Just like a Fanactic) Nah I'm just kidding. Keep up the good work devs. make this game a classic.
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