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  1. For my male Revan character, I just used my name. (Uncreative I know, but I wanted to.) As for my male Exile, I used the name Danel Nexus. The Danel bit was based around my first name, and the Nexus was the name for an original superhero I created for myself just before I played KOTOR2 for the first time. I thoughht it sounded rather Star Wars-y I just don't like the random name generator for some reason. Nether really liked it.
  2. Awesome piccy Zulu! Is that... Darth Juhani?
  3. Well it's nice to know my work is appreciated. :D
  4. More fan-fiction from me. Basically, this is just part 2 of the fan-fic I posted a while back. The Scars of Your Reality - Part 2
  5. Well, I don't know any books, but this site (wikipedia.org) has a ton of stuff on KOTOR/KOTOR2/Expanded Universe. As for books, well, i'm sure others know these things.
  6. Great work. Just great. I'm gonna say Atton.
  7. Ah, the old complaint of needing deeper romance options. I agree it could've been deeper in some areas, (like in NPC interaction), but as Kalfear said, the romance was actually one of the better parts of interacting with your party. Like the Handmaiden, where she tells you you name. Or Visas, where your character seemed to have a deep spiritual connection to her, so a kiss wouldn't really be neccesary. With the Revan/Bastila romance, there was a kiss, but Bioware decided to fade to black during that scene for whatever reason. Oh and the Atton death scene, so romantically angsty it's too good for words. (What can I say, I'm a romantic at heart). And with how you truly got to know Bastila, in the end, the 'I love you' bit on the Star Forge just confirmed what happened in the *crafty kiss* on the Ebon Hawk. P.S. I'm going to have to remember that one.
  8. I cheated for money. Cheat 2 Win Well actually, on my first run through either game I didn't cheat, but I certaily got tons o' cash. I'd have to say K2, just cus there was more chance to make money as a LSer.
  9. Very cool art as always. I'm going to take a wild stab and say... Master Vrook! (w00t)
  10. Dillan can normally be made to join if you have a high enough influence as I remember. As for Akkere, you need to go to the droid room inside the Khoonda, find his hydrospanner in one of the droids, then go and talk to him. After a little "I'm so sorry" from the Sullustan, you should ask him to join the militia, and he will. As for Suulru and Jorran, i've never tried recruiting them because I never needed them. Also, if you've completed every other defence quest for the Khoonda, then you don't really need that many extra militia (unless your after mroe XP), since the droids ca do a lot of damage, and so can you, if you have a lightsaber handy.
  11. Well, I'm guessing you haven't gotten very through the game, so I won't reveal much except this. You discover the real names of Disciple/Handmaiden later in the game. Same for Mandalore. Of course, they had to use Exile for the name of your character, since they can't put in the name that you choose. It'd just be too random, so they had to use that. Perhaps they could've done with something a little more creative, but that's just how things are.
  12. Carth is in the game. In order to meet him, say that Revan saved the Republic when talking to Atton on Pergus. Or in others words, make out that Revan was a Lightsider. Doesn't really matter if you say Revan is male/female, except it'll just make Carth says different things when you meet him on Telos. (This happens after you defeat one of the bosses/Sith Lords)
  13. Bastila only stayed looking pretty because she had only just begun to fall. To become... *exotic*... as Janmanden puts it, takes plently of time and tons of delishously evil acts of pure evil.
  14. I'm gonna say Dooku. If he could give Yoda a run for his money, then he could easily beat Sidioius in a lightsaber duel. Maybe not force powers, but lightsaber dueling. It's just a shame he was beaten so easily in Episode 3. I don't think little Ani could've advanced that far in a few years. If the battle was longer, more evenly mathced, I'd believe it.
  15. Peragus II, basically because it kept crashing there for me, and in no other places, or rarely in other places in the game. ALso, needed more conversation type stuff. Korriban in K2 comes a very close scond because it's only real purpose was for you to meet Sion for the first time (as in your character), and to do that test. Otherwise, it was a totally boring and pointless escapade.
  16. I'd say the wookie homeworld (that's Kashyyyk, so you know). I think I just like the rather natural setting. Dantooine is joint fave.
  17. HK-47: Song: Nobody ever make me feel this way, I'm gonna stickwitu. Exile: Ahehehe... :"> Kreia: Did you ever think about what would happen if the Handmaiden lost to you? Exile: Uh... YA! She'd fall for me, and we'd hook power couplings. HK-47: Provacational Statement: Bite my rusty coloured metal @$$ meatbag!
  18. My favourite aspect had to be the romance. I'm just a romantic at heart... My other fav aspect was customising ur Jedi/Sith how you wanted.
  19. There are 5 choices. Anyway, I would choose Mandalore. Something tells me that, because of his lifetime of Mandalorian training and combat, he'll have an edge over the others.
  20. I'm going to say Visas Marr, with HK-47 a very close second. G0-T0 was easily the worst backstory I think.
  21. Your pics are very good. Your HK one is brilliant. Love his eyes.
  22. I don't have any fanart, but I do have a fan-fiction to show off. (It is a form of fanart isn't it?) Anyway, I won't reveal much, but it is a short-ish romance style peice of KOTOR2, and has one of the... less common pairings seen in KOTOR2 fanfics. Called: The Scars of Your Reality
  23. Very nice work. A tri blade style of fighting is rather original to me.
  24. Mine would have to be the relationship between Revan/Jolee. It's like a grumpy old gramdpa berating him about the good ol' days and how they use to do things with style. It was brilliant. That's a good one too.
  25. I would like it back for KOTOR3, if it ever appears, but it needs to be ironed out and improved dramactically. There were some issues with it, like how you had to lose DS points to influence a LSer and vice versa.
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