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  1. No doubt this line has already come up, but since - by general consenses - it is one of the dumbest, most annoying, and most repeated quote, this one is a must: "Lord Malak was most displeased to here you escaped Taris alive!" And a little something from Lord Sion to Female Exile: "You are beautiful to me Exile, and I hate you for it." (Something along those lines.) Jealous much? Male Revan and/or Bastila: "Shut up and kiss me you fool!" Greatest. Pick-up line. Ever!
  2. i agree u should be able to use there mnds to control them and u take over there caracter. and if there was a new side of the force u lead i rekon it should be a kind of rebil jedi thing were people who dont belive in jedi teaching join you but u are not a sith either and at the begining u may spend the game building up ur rebil jedi army and then someone turns peoiple agaisnt you and you have to leave because it is to dangerous there (lol bad idea but it is a place for ideas) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> These "Rebel Jedi" you are talking about, who are nether Jedi or Sith are in fact Grey Jedi. Technically, that side of the force is already avaliable in both games, but the game itself almost forces you to pick a side, because thats the only way to gain a presitge class. Still, I would agree that making the Grey Jedi way an official path to take - with prestige classes - would be a nice addition. Not every wants to be totally goody goody or totally baddy baddy.
  3. I've never really been particualry bovered about this whole"canon gender" thing. I normally prefer to take my own interpretations of RPG games and not bother with the canonical things. But thats what we have fanfiction and fanart for. There you go all you people who wanted Revan as a female, you get a female Exile, and that's good enough for you. Leave us with our male Revan and be done with it. Pretty please? And yeah, since this is Star Wars, and one of those cheesy universes where good always triumphs over evil, she'll probably be a Light-sider. As Sikon says, if they have indeed adopted the term "Jedi Exile" then that = Light Side.
  4. I'd agree on this point. Different aliens generally have different moral values and outlooks on life compared to humans. It would be a challenge to adapt to differnet alien cultures, but it would be a rewarding one if pulled off correctly. Also, if your character is a Jedi (which it most likely would be), then the idea of being an alien species wouldn't exactly matter, and would only be for aesthetic purposes, since the Jedi have their strict moral code that all jedi abide to. (Besides notable exceptions such as Dark/Grey Jedi etc).
  5. Kreia most likely knew Arren Kae, perhaps as a friend, but I doubt that Kreia *is* Arren Kae. As "Revan II" says, there is no real proof, and she was killed before the events of K2.
  6. Actually, I think I just found something that is evidence. "I just picked up the New Essential Guide to Droids, and in it, a number of references are made to the Jedi Exile (such as in the entries for the T3 series and HK series). In all of them, the Exile is referred to as female. This seems as good of a confirmation as any that the Exile is canonically female. Also, it consistently refers to her as a "heroine" - seemingly implying that the light side ending is canon, though that's not definite. - 15:30 CDT, 28 June 2006 "About to make some edits to clear this problem up. - Breathesgelatin 00:33, 28 June 2006 (UTC) Three NEGD quotes (emphasis mine): "Five standard years later, T3-M4 reappeared aboard the abandoned freighter Ebon Hawk, where he fell into the company of the heroine known only as the Jedi Exile." "HK-47 teamed up with the heroine known as the Jedi Exile to battle a trio of Sith Lords." "G0-T0 soon became mixed up with an exiled Jedi Knight and her mission to destroy the Sith Lords." I'm not really interested in that era, and I've never played the games. But that looks pretty much like a deliberate editorial decision to me. -- Darth Culator 00:53, 28 June 2006 (UTC)" This is the page it came from: Exile = Female
  7. You MUST take Visas and Mandalore with you in the party in the attack on the Ravager. I'm guessing you take Visas because she wants to protect you from Nihilus, and as for Mandalore... he's a Mandalorian. They friggin rock! I don't have an XBox, but I doubt it's any differnet on the XBox version.
  8. As in so many other topics on this forum, I must ask: Where is the evidence??? All you've given us is a statement, with a reference to a newly published book. Can't you at least give us a scan of the page where this was said? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you did read it, but I like hard evidence and facts that I can see with my own eyes, rather than relying on the sentence on one person claming something.
  9. I know some of these suggestions will be mentioned already many times, but I think (and hope) that there is at least one original character. - Higher range of faces or a "Create your own face option". (no face really appealed to me in either game) - Have more lightsaber hilts = each Jedi/Sith saber is supposed to be unique, but in boths games, all the sabers (besides the odd exception, which is extremly rare) look the same - A return to form on the NPC interactions front. In K2, it just wasn't up to par with K1. The fact that most of the time all I could get Bao-Dur to say was "Yes, General?" was a bit annoying. In other words, try not to create looped conversations so much, and avoid them totally if possible. - A hood up/down option for Jedi/Sith robes. (I know this was planned for K2, but nether made it in). - MANY more faces for enemies/other characters besides your party. I find it strange that I can encounter the same faced enemy in sveral different locations working for serveral different groups. Even slight variations between the characters would be a major help. - Up the difficulty level for at least the boss characters. (Nihilus etc). The fact that Nihilus was spouted as nearly invincible and proved a bit of a pushover was disenchanting. - Make the locations prettier. I found some of the locations in K2 to be a bit drab and repetitive, (Malachor V for example) whereas K1 locals were much more varied and interesting. That's all from me for now.
  10. Handmaiden. I prefer using combat/feats rather than force powers, and since Handmaiden becomes a Jedi Guardian, I find her the most useful. Plus, she comes with her own unique Jedi Robes, which saves me the trouble.
  11. I'm with you on this one. The "True Sith" could easily trick the Mandalorians into believing that the Republic would provide them glorious fights. Perhaps it's all part of a grand scheme of sorts, a plan to weaken the galaxy to prepare for there arrival. Stage 1: The Mandalorian Wars destroy the first obstacle, the Mandalorians, as it assures that they are weak, since they scatter. With Revan also discovering Malachor V, the stage is set for stage 2. Stage 2: With the Sith, (no the True Sith), and the Republic annihilating one another in the war thereafter, you weaken both sides, furthur preparing for your arrival. (KOTOR1). Stage 3: With Malachor V under use - now from Kreia - and the Republic and Sith still having numerous skirmishes, along with the near annihilation of the Jedi at the hands of Nihilus, Sion and Kreia, another obstacle is removed, the Jedi. Stage 3 will have come about from simple circumstance I'm guessing, but as it seemed mentioned in KOTOR2, it all seems to be a plot to prepare to take over the galaxy. I'm just speculating on how the "True Sith" would go about it. It is possible that, through subtle influence via the force, they influenced not only the Mandalorians to start a war against the Jedi, but for Revan to discover Malachor V, in the hopes of created Sith Assasins to destroy the Jedi.
  12. Bith, for two reason: 1) It sounds very much like the word used to describe a female dog. You know the one I'm talking about. " 2) It makes me want to "bith" them in the chin! (I know, bad pun.)
  13. To activate her rocket launcher, you must first have the necessary ammo (explosive rockets, darts, etc), and then you use it in the same way you use grenades. Just scroll through the grenades icon and find the rocket/dart, click, and it fires.
  14. You've done a kickazz job on that mask; though I have to say, you have a lot of time on your hands.
  15. There are many references to the movies throughout the game... if you listen carefully.
  16. T3-M4 = fairly useful now and again. G0-T0 = giant floating testicle! Worthless! HK-47 = Meatbag killer pwns all! However, you've gotta love B4-D4 and the way you use him to make that T3 droid kill the people in the Czerka offices on Telos Citadel Station. I laughed so hard when that happened the first time. :D
  17. In KOTOR2, I prefer to go Lightside, but I use a mixture a Light and Dark powers. (w00t for the high charisma!). Master Speed means I run around and pwn most enemies with a single swipe of my saber; but there are times when a little Force Storm and Death Field are a big help, espcially on Onderon when you fight groups of enemies. A few neutral powers like Force Wave are also pretty effective. Overall, mixing and matching is most effective IMO.
  18. Question One: Where do I go to access the game files. Basically, I want to go in and alter the game; say, if I wanted to increase the infulence I have over my NPC's. Where would I go on the system? (I don't wanna risk messing up my current game.) Question Two: Does anyone know the site where I can download a mod that makes the in game movies into high-resolution? I know there is a site where this mod exists, but google has failed me, and I can't find it. Does anyone know? Thank for any help.
  19. From wikipedia.org: Bacta is a healing substance available from the planet Thyferra, where two competing cartels, the Zaltin and Xucphra corporations, control almost all of the product. Bacta was invented by the insectoid Vratix of Thyferra by mixing alazhi salve with a synthetic liquid chemical called kavam. This concoction is further mixed with a colorless viscous liquid called ambori. During the Galactic Civil War, the Empire realized the importance of bacta and shut down all satellite manufacturing centers, allowing the bacta plants on Thyferra to have a total monopoly on production. It is presumably much more available and effective than kolto. Bacta is the greatest healing fluid in the galaxy. It mimics the body's fluids and helps in regeneration. It is used to help with cuts and burns as well as severe cellular damage, such as frostbite. There are several methods of bacta application. Cuts and burns can be treated with bacta patches, small disposable patches covered in bacta gel. Those suffering from serious illnesses, or serious injuries - such as frostbite - are helped by becoming submersed in the liquid in bacta tanks, such as the one that cured Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. Also, General Grievous was put into a bacta tank after being blown up to the point of needing a new body. Additionally, Bacta seems to have a dramatically regenerative effect on Gand. Bacta is in many Star Wars videogames; it is often used to heal the main character in the game. This is true in Star Wars Episode III, Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars: Republic Commando. For more information, see Bacta cartel. Kolto is a highly effective healing agent, and the predecessor to the medical fluid bacta. It is applied the same way in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Kolto is naturally found on the planet Manaan, where the native Selkath mediate and sell it to both the Galactic Republic and to the Sith, not wanting to cause conflict. Kolto is found in giant chasms at the bottom of the great ocean which completely covers Manaan. In at least one instance, a Kolto deposit was guarded by a giant mutant fish. It is possible that the fish's size is due to it feeding off Kolto, but the actual reason is unknown. During the Jedi Civil War the Republic attempted to devise a procedure which would allow them to synthesize a kolto-like substance. This was not known to be successful, but a synthetic substance with similar properties, bacta, was eventually developed independently by the Vratix of Thyferra. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, bacta had completely replaced kolto for military purposes. Shortly after the initial Xbox release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, kolto became common-use slang for any number of intoxicants, most notably marijuana. During the course of Knights of the Old Republic it is possible that Revan could irreparably damage the kolto supply causing a galactic shortage. However, this shortage is not carried into Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. Basically, this means that Bacta could be mass-produced because it's synthetic, but Kolto could only be found on Manaan, which meant a limited supply, and the Selkath having a monopoly. When the Vratix invent Bacta, it means it becomes cheap and easy to get, well, until the Empire steps in.
  20. Well, with the teamgizka KOTOR2 Restoration Project, hopefully Bao-Dur's role in the game will be vastly improved. As will all the characters.
  21. HK in The Terminator movies. A work of pure genius. :D "Hey, do you want your washing done?" "Derogatory Statement: F*** you meatbag!" "Confident Statement: Hasta la vista meatbag!"
  22. Not naming all of em, but here are my faves (in no particular order): - Staind - Disturbed - Drowning Pool - Dark New Day - Seether - Nickelback - Theory Of A Deadman - Trivium
  23. For male it was Handmaiden more often than Visas.
  24. The issue of how DS corruption should look is a bit iffy IMO. I have to agree with Darth Hades on this, but I also agree that the DS courrution did make the characters seem a bit too zombie-ish with the exception of Bao-Dur (and perhaps Mira. Use a cheat to give DS points while she is in your party, and she'll turn into a goth chick ) So lets think about this: - KOTOR games: corruption shows clearly (which I'm guessing is down to how you use the DS of the force; which was basically for thug-like acts). - Movies: Corruption is less clear unless some sort of unmitigated disaster damages your physical look. (i.e. At most in EpIII, Anakin got yellow eyes for a brief moment, then got lavafied; and Sidious got stung by lightning - they were, to some degree, more subtle in there use of the DS... Tyranus is best expample of subtle use of the DS). How should DS corruption show? I have no idea... butI do prefer more subtle showings of courrption rather than the blatant stuff in K1+K2.
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