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  1. It's possible the Spartan's certainly influenced the Mandalorian's, but they weren't a toal coversion. For example, I don't think Mandalorians throw weak children over a cliff to there deaths. (Okay bad example). There are problably other ifluences, like maybe the Samurai, whose code (Bushido) involves self-sacrifice, and total loyalty to their leader, like the Mandalorians to Mandalore. (I know the Samurai problably influenced the Jedi ideas more, but you can see the similarities.) You know< I'm reading waaay to much into this, but that's just us Star Wars geeks, of which I am proud to be one.
  2. Kreia: We all wage wars with the past, and it leaves it's scars. She has the best quotes in game I think.
  3. What? Another one of these threads? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!
  4. The last one I saw, at the cinema, was back in the summer as I recall, and that was Batman Begins which was quite good, but certainly wasn't the best Batman movie out there. I've seen a fair few in my Film Studies class, but they're all 'Art House' films which many of you have problably never heard of, but I'll list them anyway: Chungking Express (from Hong Kong = early-mid 1990's) A Bout de Souffle (from France = 1950's) Festen (from Denmark = 1998) I'm picky about films, so I don't go to see most Hollywood films that come out, unless they really tickle my fancy, and very few do. Oh SW: Ep III on DVD
  5. Now this is an easy question to answer. G0-T0 The one time he would've been most useful, which is on his yatch, you can't use him. His neat trick is to control other droids, but comapred to K2, they are a rarity. Hell, I found the reomte more useful, just because I needed to use him on Malachor V.
  6. I keep hearing about this but I don't recall seeing it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What it is, is it's just after you finish seeing the council judgement of you, and the Handmaiden goes to the cargo hold. Go straight to her, and not set course to a planet, and talk to her. I'm not exactly sure how I got to it, but it's when the Handmaiden asks about Jedi relationships and love between Jedi. One option you can reply with at one point is '...pulling a Bindo.'
  7. Here is one I've only recently discovered in a conversation with Brianna. It was when you first talk to her on the Hawk, but while you are not on any planet, just drifting aimlessly in space. Exile: I believe the term is 'pulling a Bindo...'
  8. Next time, read things more carefully. Sometimes things like this hint at the future, so there is hope. We can only hope LA in there *infinite* wisdom decide on a KOTOR3. Oh, and to those of you posting fake links... I am very amused. Veeeeeeeeeery amused. Can you tell I'm being sarcastic?
  9. While this is certainly good news, we can only hope that it 'will' be done. They 'want' to do it, so let's hope it happens. (*Attempts Force Persuade on LA*).
  10. I just realised that. Sorry. I picked Sion, just because I love his look, and his power of undead zombieness.
  11. Most polls I found on the Sith Lords - in the search engine of the forums - compared the Sith Lords of the games, with Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, or perhaps Exar Kun (and a bunch of others who get mentions in the game maybe). I think that doing this takes away from how great the Sith Lords of the two games actually are, in their own rights. Let's face it, they were all cool in their own way. So this poll asks the question, who was/is the best Sith Lord of the KOTOR games? The tactical genius of Darth Revan? The merciless streak of Darth Malak? The behind the scenes, secretive tactics of Darth Traya? The ever living, yet ever dead Darth Sion? The practically mindless, yet supposedly most powerful of them all, Darth Nihilus?
  12. I'm not certain about this, since I've never been able to acquire them, or heard much about them, but can you get something called the 'Handmaiden's Robes' from her? And is the way to get them, to get enough influence with her? It's just so I know. Thanks in advance.
  13. To us Star Wars and/or KOTOR geeks... yes.
  14. As far as I know, when a DS guy dies, he goes into some kind of horrible limbo between life and death, so technically yes, he is dead. I don't think he'll be coming back. There have been many theories on who the face could be. Some have said that Nihilus is the Exile's leftovers of the Malachor V destruction, so it had the face of the Exile... possibly? Personnally, I don't dwell on it too much. I just enjoy the game, and nether tend to read into it too much.
  15. Well, for joining forces, as everyone has said, it may depend on alignment, but with what Kreia said about Revan needing all the help he can get, Jedi... Sith... whoever... I don't htink alignment would matter until the true sith are defeated. If they are different alignments, then the DS one may turn on the LS one as soon as the true Sith are defeated. As for romance, well it depends on the sex of the person (Male/Female). At least, that's what we're all thinking (Male/Male or Female/Female anyone?)
  16. I finally have a peice of art to show off. Admittedly, it's only lineart, with little shading, little details, and not even KOTOR related, but it is Star Wars, so I thought I'd post it. Basically, the cover of Episode 3 (without the whole Mustafar battle scene). Since I suck at realistic faces, I've given them a more cartoony/anime look to them. Constructive critiscism appreciated. I recently got photoshop 9, and I'm still getting to grips with it, so I've no idea when this will be coloured and finished. EDIT: Must remeber to actually put the art in the post
  17. That right there is also my fav quote! It was brilliantly funny. That does describe Carth and Bastila quite fittingly doesn't it?
  18. Well, you could always wear it at a Japanese Cosplay convention...
  19. A character outta the computer games Star Wars: KoTOR and Star Wars: KoTOR 2: The Sith Lords
  20. There are supposed to be some crystal combinations that get you the best outputs of whatever you want (damage/dexterity etc)... but in the end, I feel it comes down to personnel preference.
  21. Now that's just absolutely brialliant. This person must have a lot of time on there hands. No worries being a nerd though, I'm one to, but I problably wouldn't be able to create something like that, let alone want to wear it. Who bets they're a mutant Japanese cosplayer?
  22. Yeah, that would've been nice. I think that, truly, you should've been able to modify the package, so that you could put him a in kinda middle area. not homicidal, but still witty... but not a total C-3PO chicken. Oh, and with the pacifist package, he's kinds forced into saying what he says I think. (if you think about it, it's a kind of Jekyl + Hyde).
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