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  1. Darth Malak vs Darth Traya/Kreia- Kreia would win, as she is more manipulative (plus how could Malak beat those three sabers, lol...plus he would be useless without the Star Forge to back him up...which is a shame as I like Malak) The Exile vs Master Vandar Surely the little green dude would win. I can recall yoda being somewhat awesome in a fight... Darth Nihilus vs Revan Ha, Revan without a doubt. Nihilus at the end of it all, was a relatively weak character. Darth Sion vs Master Kavar and Master Zez-Kai Ell AS much as I like Sion, I would go with Kavar and Zez-Kai Ell. Atris vs Bastila Shan Bastila, because Atris is a god awful schutta.... Master Uthar vs Master Zhar Probably would choose Master Uthar here...he has pretty good Force powers, whereas I cant recall ever seeing Zhar use his. Yuthura-Ban vs Master Dorak Hmmmm, not sure. I will go with Yuthura simply because I like Twi'leks. Darth Bandon vs Master Vrook Vrook, as he would kill Bandon through his special Force power: Sheer annoyance. Visas Marr vs Brianna Kae (Force-User) Visas! Jolee Bindo vs Mical the Disciple (Force-User) Why? Evil choice this. As much as I like Jolee, I gotta go with Mical...(soldier, plus a Force wielder?) Juhani vs Mira (Force-User) Again, a hard one...but I go with Mira as she has that sneaky rocket launcher on her arm that she could use if all else fails, lol. Zaalbar vs Hanharr Big Z. Sorry. Mission/T3-M4 vs HK-47 HK would wipe the floor with almost anything, that and his sharp rhetorical retorts. Canderous Ordo/Mandalore vs Bao-Dur (Force-User) Canderous! Hmmm...his regenerative implant, plus he is a strong fighter. Atton Rand (Force User) and GO-TO vs Master Lonna Vash As much as I would dearly love to say Vash, the sneaky scoundrel would surely win...
  2. Sorry, I still like Di , but if we are talking K1 (which we are not, okay, okay I know...LOL) then Canderous is a sure choice "
  3. I have never had any problems with Kotor (both games) on my Xbox, but I would dearly love to have them for the PC, purely for the mods...
  4. *Curses use of stupid Xbox very loudly :'( Also curses my stupid PC Damned mods *sigh NOT fair!
  5. Why would it be better? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL, was wondering that myself "
  6. I personaly liked the influence factor...I actually miss seeing it in K1...it can be a bit annoying when you are off busy fighting assorted baddies, and you suddenly get Carth looking worried, and the line, Carth wants to talk to you...(mind you, Mission is far worse...I mean 'bantha poodoo'? I can only take that so many times) LOL
  7. Indeed: rain, permacrete detonator ("you mean this button?"), cool city Iziz, sveeetness mandalorian camp. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My character holds a grudge against the Mandalorians so she always does the nasty options against them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Never be nasty to the Mandalorian ones
  8. Yes...that seemed so stupid! I was just so disappointed in Kavar and Zek Kai All I think they were swayed by nasty old Vrook far too much Unexpected moment for me, was getting to spar with six handmaidens at Telos, as a LSF Exile
  9. I'm on my second playthrough of K1, and am just getting to that point...just met with Lena on Kashyyk. I have already gathered that he's a slimeball
  10. After growing up with Vader as being the ultimate bad ass Sith lord, it would seem somehow blasphemous to vote against him Soooo, my vote does to...Darth Nihilus...as after all the hype, he was such a disappointment Amendment...D'oh, Nihilus wasn't even listed Sadly...
  11. Ha, a poll...for a poll? *ahem Is it only I that can see the humour in that?
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