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  1. Yes, but not because the NPC is a Paladin like character and you kicked a puppy once. If you continue to always act against what a character thinks is right or do something EXTREMELY heinous (like P:T bad) that would cause even someone like a thief to go "Wait a minute..." then I'd say the NPC in question should try to stop you, and if you refuse perhaps storm off and return with a group of "good guys." If you act goody goody all the time a more morally questionable character could betray you at an extremely inconvenient moment. It should be rare and only in extreme cases though.
  2. As long as there is an option I can toggle where my character says "Updated my journal" then I'll be happy.
  3. I don't think you can call the Practical Incarnation an antagonist at all because, like you said, he doesn't really oppose the protagonist nearly as much as he helps him. Sure he turns on you at the end, but in a way it's tricky to say he turns on *you* because you're both technically the same person, and he just thinks he can help you/him better than you.
  4. I've always thought the same. The whole surprise and hoping you get a good item part is nice but I don't see why you can't actually use it.
  5. I'd find it hard to be an atheist in many fantasy settings I've played. In real life a lot of religion is faith while the gods are usually a direct presence in most fantasy worlds, applying blessings with measurable benefits or even physically manifesting. You could always be rebellious, but I don't know how you can really be an atheist and deny the existence of gods if PE is how I think it'll be. Maybe nihilism, but in a way that has to also acknowledge souls and life somehow being chaotic with no purpose when there is in fact some sort of cycle. The Dwemer in Morrowind are a nice ex
  6. I agree 100%. The whole idea of being good to me is sacrifice, while the whole idea of evil (or at least selfish) is to be self-serving. The middle area there is to be "good", but expect compensation. Being good anyway with no tangible reward is the display of heroism. Make selfish choices reward the player and it will actually be more difficult, even if just slightly more, to avoid the temptation of slipping into selfishness or evil.
  7. What do you mean here? It would be great if Obsidian gets more contracts. They can't survive on Kickstarter or their own alone, without firing a massive amount of their employes. As mentioned in the stream they would also like to work on more licensed properties. Because the behaviors of publishers, especially rushing the game, have been a reoccurring problem for Obsidian in the past. Maybe it would be a necessary evil and I'm pessimistic.
  8. I've always liked Faustian bargains in stories, and characters who take them. It doesn't necessarily have to be with the traditional demon though. I don't know if I'd take the option though since it turns out to be a bad deal the majority of the time, although I like the idea of a "good" guy selling his soul to have enough temporary power to defeat an evil power, knowing s/he's making a huge sacrifice doing so.
  9. If this convinces publishers that the type of game Obsidian is making can still create a profit then I'd be... cautious of it. I'd prefer it didn't happen.
  10. Maybe the Warcraft RTS series and Morrowind influenced me... But I like orcs who are as developed as anyone else, and can be good or evil. It seems much rarer, which would make PE more interesting to me. Perhaps some racist persecution going on by other races who think Orcs are just mindless beasts.
  11. I like the approach Morrowind had (if you can't tell.): Make everything killable, only bother to mention if you killed someone related to the main quest, and create a backdoor that makes the game beatable, but harder, if you killed an essential NPC.
  12. What would be the consequences of such an act? Would the person still be alive without a soul? Would they still be considered human(or insert fantasy race here)? What of the individual who devoured it, would they become powerful? Would the gods take note? How would you punish someone who could rip out your very soul? a lot of questions I know but I love this stuff. Let's see... Well if you devoured someone's soul I'd imagine their body will biologically die or they become a kind of zombieish thing. Since messing around with souls is probably only going to be done by priests or
  13. I've somehow never heard the term "boob plate" before this thread, so it did that for me at least.
  14. Cis? Do I even want to know what does that mean? He was obviously referring to the Chinese International School.
  15. Crimes worse than murder in a fantasy setting? You mentioned soul corrupting... What about soul trapping? I'm assuming reincarnation requires the same soul to come back in a new body. Assuming you can't "kill" a soul, trapping it and preventing it from continuing the cycle of reincarnation is the closest you could get to wiping them from existence permanently. You aren't just murdering the person, but you're also denying them ability to come back to life again.
  16. Because I have nothing to do for the next five minutes I'll give my thoughts on this that I've hinted at in my past two posts. I'm going to talk about women in the post but everything I say is applicable to the men and masculine traits too. 1. Having a wider spectrum of people on the "beauty scale" helps the whole "beauty" thing actually stand out. Many times there are characters (usually women) who are described as being anywhere from beautiful to looking like a goddess, but their model/portrait/whatever looks only slightly better than other females of her race, if not completely equal
  17. Why do people think the only option besides "beautiful" is "fat and ugly"?
  18. Obsidian has really dropped the ball here if they can't show us the Kickstarter dot at the castle yet.
  19. My question is this: Is having to manually backtrack 15 levels fun? Is it challenging? Manually backtracking so many levels is just tedious. It's not like it's hard and giving exits is making the game more casual. Removing unnecessary padding by running back and forth in the same dungeon is fine. I know people think RPGs have become too easy and view PE as a game recreating an era we all like because it wasn't hand holdingly boring, but don't let that make you think adding any type of convenience is just making the game easier. Unless I could die manually running out then there is no chall
  20. Call me OCD but I like that the amount of levels is divisible by five.
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