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  1. This is looking really good ;D A little sad about the news that no additional stretch goals will be pursued. Really curious about the Godlike. Thought that each "normal" race could have godlike but it seems that the godlike are a distinct race. So there won't be aumaua death godlikes, dwarf death godlikes or orlan death godlikes etc.
  2. I voted for yes because after seeing the trailer I want as much game as I can get ;D It looks so awesome! But I have to agree that I would much rather prefer a release next year. I wouldn't mind an early q4 release, but please not 2015. That said I would love both more wilderness areas and more companions.
  3. The Monk concept reminds me of the WoW tank monk. It's the same idea taking half of the damage instantly and the other half staggered over a time. But I rally like the differences of the PE concept and I'm definitely going to play a monk as my main. The monk seems to scale pretty well with higher difficulties. On lower difficulties u play unarmed to get more wounds and on higher ones you can wear armor and still get (the same amount of? ) wounds. Sounds pretty strong to me.
  4. Already said it on Kickstarter but have to say it again: outstanding job! It is true that some things look a little strange but even with that I'm absolutly satisfied. Any enhancements are just a bonus for me ;D
  5. You really got me there! Thought I would be able to see the animated thing, but sadly not Anyway this proves how much I want this game and I have very hopes for it. The frequency and the quality of your updates is really amazing. Keep up the good work!
  6. Yay! An Update! I'm really curious how many lvls are needed to complete the art for the statue. I was hoping that we did complete it with 15 lvls but it seems as if we fell a bit short Perhaps we can still make the 40k Facebook likes >.< Only ~12k left! What about final Paypal numbers? Perhaps we qualify for another dungeon lvl? *Grabs each straw he can find*
  7. Got to the Project Eternity Website where you can use PayPal and choose the option "Donate your own amount". There you can donate those 20$ and leave Obsidian a small message. They will still ask you at a later date what you want to do with the additional money. When the survey comes just tell them that the additional money is for the expansion and you're good to go.
  8. Today i visited the website of the order for the first time and i have to ask: Where do i get that piece of music playing in the background?
  9. This. Oh yeah. We promised the folks who donated $10k we'd get that beard off and we're going to get that beard off! (It might not happen for awhile though - he's entering another beard contest and we want to give him a shot at winning something, because...) ...the only thing better than shaving a beard on camera is shaving a PRIZE-WINNING beard! Awesome! I wish him the best of luck in that contest! But i have to say that I feel a bit sorry for him. I guess he didn't believe someone would actually throw 10k$ in at that moment. Hopefully it won't kill him ;D I have to say one thing though: I salute to you, Matt MacLean, a man of honor who stays true to his word even if it means such a sacrifice!
  10. When someone has a beard as epic as his, it would be a crime to cut it. It would be worth 10k to me just to see his glorious beard grow and flourish. A man of honor should stay true to his word! Jokes aside ;P I could understand if he doesn't want to cut it and I guess it is ok.
  11. They did alter the pitch video towards the end and included the new concept arts even. My bad. I just watched the pitch video again and i hope that this and all other videos (highlights of the launch party, obsidian folks playing d&d, MCA playing arcanum, updates) will be on the dvd in addition to the whole making of Project Eternity. I think that all those things are vital to the whole PE eperience and they'll be a great memento for at least me ;D Sorry for being off topic.
  12. They could have (dunno if possible) altered the pitch video to incorporate additional info like the FB likes for the Dungeon. Many people just liked the kickstarter campaign and probably thought they did what was asked of them to help increase the dungeon. A page with the information that was released would have been nice too. It was kinda hard (impossible?) to get alle the information that was released. Furthermore they should have clarified the Stamina/Health system as it cause some ruckus in the community. Some people thought it would be like call of duty >.<
  13. What about cutting the beard of the epic beard guy on the stream? He said he would do it if someone pledged 10k$ and someone actually did do it. Will we get a video of this ;P?
  14. What about the artwork for lvl 14 and 15 ;D Would be nice to get those even if the ks is over. 13k+ likes to go for an additional lvl. Hopefully we can reach that too.
  15. If there are locked doors which you could only open at a later stage in the game, then there should be a way to leave the dungeon quickly and enter it on any previously visitied lvl. I love the idea of an underwater lvl inside the paths but i'm unsure how they can realize it visually. The paths should be reasonably hard but not too hard for the normal folks. For those who want a real challenge there are the game modes (Expert Mode, Ironman? Mode and another one;P) anounced. So everyone can play the game on the difficulty lvl they want. I'm pretty sure that i'll play with 1-2 modes activated. I like a challenge but i'm aware that not everybody does. We shouldn't forget that the number of lvls doesn't necessarily mean that the dungeon will be super huge. Each lvl could contain only 3 rooms and that's it. I'm not thinking that they'll do this but I wanted to remind people not to expect too much.
  16. Gratz on the successfull campaign. The stream was awesome and gave a good look at the wonderful crew obsidian has assembled. When i watched the stream i was really envious of the people who were able to donate 10k $ to meet u guys. Maybe you could put up a stream again and let the community take part in your launch celebrations ;D I'm really excited to see what this studio and the people who work there, can do without a publisher meddling with the design of the game. I wish you the best of luck with this (and every other) project! PS: The guys in front of the camera did a great job of entertaining the viewers. Thanks!
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