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  1. I'm quite impressed that reading seems to be such a problem. Tamerlane got it right. You will still need to rest to "cure" health dmg which u will take with each hit taken. They additionally said that running around with low health but full stamina will get u killed. One of the reasons why they would like to implement the stamina bar is that they want to reduce the need to rest after each battle to heal back up to full health. I guess we will just have to wait and see how their idea works out in the _actual_ game. Don't misread their idea's/answers and spread those false interpretations. With our pledges we've put our faith in them - let's keep it that way and believe that they'll deliver a great game!
  2. I'd be happy with another big city as much as the next person... but I'd bet good money we aren't seeing $3.5 million. It is just not likely, end bump in pledges or no. I'll bet with you. And I have no doubt we'll make it. I'm curious as to what, other than sheer optimism, fuels your believe that this will happen. Optimism, having witnessed many previous kickstarters and this https://docs.google....dQNU1TSHc#gid=1 Look under "Normalized by Interpolation" Do you have a link to a spreadsheet with estimated Backer figures? Would like to know how deep we can possibly go :D
  3. Is there a way to see how much money was already donated and how many people made donations? Would be awesome to know how close to those new stretch goals und deeper dungeon lvls we already are. I'm really pumped for this project and the whole kickstarter thing!
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