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  1. Anything which expands build diversity gets a huge "YES PLEASE" from me. NWN was awesome in that regard and it motivated me to do several playthroughs. So multiclassing and subclasses are already a huge plus for me. Maybe we even get 1 or 2 new base classes. Other then that I like anything which expands the world/adds content to it.
  2. Found that email and one of the obsidian guys even replied to my tweet. They'll be doing a full update soon.
  3. Hmm, I must have missed that email then. Well, I suppose you're right. Havn't thought about that because inXile did it with Wasteland 3. I guess they could at least announce what they are doing without providing a direct link?
  4. Well, as the title suggests I'm a bit baffled that there's no KS update about the launch of the new campaign. I'm pretty sure that some of those ~70000 backers don't know about the launch of the PoE2 campaign and might miss it entirely. Those people already backed Obsidian once and might do it again if they just knew about this crowdfunding campaign. Hopefully someone at Obsidian already noticed it and this is on their to do list for today. Otherwise this post might remind/inform them about it.
  5. @Boeroer Thanks! I'll keep that in mind when the time comes. Right now I'm progressing through Defiance Bay. It's going pretty well and it's quite a lot of fun.
  6. Good to know. The only monsters that give me a hard time are those that can perma disable me. Everything else is relatively easy.
  7. First of all Thanks! @Merina Good to know. There're games where fists aren't classified as a weapon so I wasn't sure >.< @Harpagornis That Ascetic Monk Guide looks very useful. I got Fast Runner just before I could get long stride (didn't know it existed >,<). I'll respecc soon. My attributes are based on an old monk and recent paladin tcs run. Hopefully I won't regret this in the later stages ;/ At what point should I go to the white march expansion?
  8. I finished the game a short time after the release and just recently started again. This time I wanted to do the TCS-Achievement with a monk. I have already reached Caed Nua and defeated Mearwald, who wasn't that hard. I've searched for some advice regarding monk builds for a tcs run, but havn't found any recent (2.0+) info about this. The talents I've picked so far are: Soul Mirror (just took it because I wasn't sure what to pick and wanted to try if projectile spells could be reflected) Torments Reach Turning Wheel Weapon Focus Peasant Fast Runner Stats: Might 19 Con 18 Dex 10 Per 9 Int 4 Res 18 My race is Moon Godlike and right now I'm using fists or fist/shield depending on the situation. Had some problems with shades,phantoms,shadows but after I noticed that they do cold based dmg and thus equipped my Rymrgrand's Mantle they became quite easy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Does the "Dual Wield-Talent" apply to fists? Wasn't sure because it says "weapons" in the description
  9. Is it known if the lvl cap will be raised and how the release in parts will work? Will you just play part 1 and if the end of that part is reached you will be notified to comeback later?
  10. Have an exam today and the reward for the work I put in is soon arriving ;D
  11. Thank you for posting those portraits. They look awesome and for me it is a treat just to see such good art. I don't quite understand why there is such a fuss about those watermarks because you can just use them with those marks or cut them out. I might use them and I'm perfectly fine with those two options. I would say that having those options qualifies as sharing with the community and not just trying to show off. It would have been nice to have those portraits with the right dimensions and without watermarks but that's it. The OP gave us three brilliantly done portraits to look at and to use. Normally I would assume that people would be thankfull for that but instead it turns into a discussion whether the OP's wishes are right. If she doesn't want those watermarks to be removed that's perfectly fine and at least I can respect and understand it even if I wish she would do it.
  12. I waited so long for this game that 3 days more won't make a difference. Everything that might ensure PoE's success is a good thing in my book because the reason (at least for me) why I backed PoE was my hunger for a Baldur's Gate like game. If PoE is successfull we'll get addons and sequels and in addition this genre might get a revival which would be awesome for us as whole.
  13. Elerond got it right. Lord Crash is upset because he pledged for the signed ce version which is going to be incomplete because of the poll. The compensation which was offered there "delivery on time" isn't going to happen for non us backers. So he lost the (for him) important aspect of a sealed complete collectors edition and won't even get his version on release date as advertised in the update regarding the poll for compensation. On another note I hope that BAdler doesn't regret to have posted here since his post only fueled the disappointment. I'm happy to see developers posting on the forums and taking part in discussions and would be sad if such things scare them away.
  14. Hmmm, havn't thought about that. But a true collector would want it to be sealed and I automatically assumed that only true collectors would back at that pledge lvl. Therefor the signatures would be on the plastic wrap. But technically your interpretation is a valid one...
  15. @crash Well, to be fair your version isn't available from retailers. Your version isn't produced in europe. Your versions is signed by the devs. So comparing the amazon delivery date with your delivery date isn't fair.
  16. @crash I'm on your side but it is pretty normal for ks products outside the us to arrive later in europe. The only reason I'm disappointed is because of that poll that suggested that this wouldn't be the case if the majority would be okay with the game discs being sent later. That was the main reason I voted for the split up delivery. That whole poll thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth regarding transperency. I think that this feeling isn't unreasonable and I'm not mad just a bit disappointed. I'm sure that Obsidian had good intentions but I think it is fair to say that the execution (transparency, who is able to vote, what about the special group who backed the signed ce's) leaves much to be desired.
  17. The goods would have to be shipped today (or earlier) for a lot of people around the world for them to receive the boxed goods by the 26th. It's why I voted for option 2 because I know I wouldn't be receiving the box by the 26th. And also to receive the box with no dvd after the game is released and then the dvd even longer is not something I was looking forward too. If I'm going to have to wait, I'd much rather wait for the complete item with dvd and sealed for my collectors edition. Not a sealed collectors edition with no dvd and for the dvd to turn up later. But then I suppose there's a lot of naivety from people who voted in the poll. On tops, i think it's quite unfair to let people of various pledge levels vote on the same thing. It's not a huge deal to get a regular physical game pack without DVD if you can get a digital code at release. But a $500 signed collector's edition is a completely different league. People really buy that because they want to COLLECT it. Part of collecting is having an unbroken, unsealed box. A box that won't contain a game DVD now. That way Obsidian really gave a big **** you to their biggest fans, to those who really paid a lot during the kickstarter. Sure, we're just a few, who cares about us. It's a majority poll so let's listen to all those $60 DVD box customers (or just anyone on the forum no matter which box they've pledged for or whether they've pledged for anthing at all...) how they decide how much the collector's edition will be worth in the end... And now we don't even get the boxes on time. That's so ****ed up, I'm really kind of speechless. Huge disappointment for me and probably for most other high tier backers, additionally here in Europe... There was always going to be a shipping lag for Europe. The decision to ship the goods sans disc was made to make sure that the lag wasn't extended by a few additional weeks. The realities of shipping into Europe are that things take quite a bit longer to get where they are going and the packages have to go through more taxes and red tape. Hopefully, having Paradox ship from inside of Europe will reduce some of this time/cost, but there wasn't a lot we could do to get it to folks faster. If we have lost your trust in this matter, I apologize, but we are doing everything we can to get European backers their items as fast as possible. Unfortunately, we are kind of at the mercy of shipping speeds at this point. If that was the case why didn't you say so in the update regarding the poll? Instead you made it sound like everyone would get their copies before launch day. I'm quite sure the poll would've turned out different. I like you guys and the games you did but even I'm a bit upset now... EDIT: I'm not sure if another 4 weeks (6 in total) after the release would've made a big difference for most backers who actually backed the physical stuff (including the dvd) but it is pointless to argue now. What's done is done and I can live with that but hopefully you can understand that there is a bit of disappointment involved in all this.
  18. As stated earlier all the reasons given for replacing the dvd and shipping the game discs seperately are now invalid for non us backers. I'm pretty sure obsidian knows that (to put it mildly) there is room for improvement in handling the physical stuff. If I were a collector that values the thing with the sealed box I would be seriously disappointed and I can understand all the people that feel that way. I'm just a guy who collects boxed versions (ce versions) but actually opens them because they are just for me and don't lose value for me if they are opened. That's the reason why I'm not as disappointed as others but I'm unhappy how this thing was handled. I would back another Kickstarter of obsidian but would expect that those things won't happen again. In the end I backed this ks because of the game and obsidian and right now I think that I won't be disappointed in that regard.
  19. I think you are overreacting. You make it seem as if aoe loot is the end of all things and destroys immersion but if you play a pnp game you could after an encounter say "We search the bodies of the fallen enemies" and the game master would tell you what you've found. Is that any different from aoe loot? Again I'm all for a toggle but this "issue" isn't as huge as you make it out to be. It would be awesome if they implement a toggle after release because now releasing a game with as few bugs as possible is more important (=aoe loot is not a serious issue).
  20. No ability to make room in your inventory or stock things in a limitless one. Limitless inventory. Come on mate, at some point you have to pick one thing to hate, disliking both doesn't make that much sense. This is either a very sorry attempt at trolling, or you don't understand what I've written. I call the stash "limitless inventory". I want to be able to put things back in containers if I don't want to keep the things. What part of this didn't you understand? Great, that's something CaptainMace can't understand. Generally everything I write is an opinion, unless it's obviously a fact (like a "the Earth revolves around the Sun" statement). Just in case though, I usually explicitly state that I'm just giving opinions. Regretfully there are many people on the forum who haven't played the beta much or at all, feel very hyped up, and jump at people's opinions if they are critical of the game. There's a word for such people of course, and I couldn't care less about their opinions. I'm just giving my feedback to the devs. That's what I come for on the forum. If anything, I'm happy we are down to criticizing minor details and features, because I think these are such. If people were criticizing major issues, this would have meant something different about the game as a whole, and probably I would see no point in criticizing anything anyway. From what I see, it's obvious they will release a great game. And part of what makes the difference between a great game and a classic are these minor features that people here spend the time and effort to criticize. My opinion anyway. I have to admit that I didn't play the beta that much. Just tried it out a few times and liked the look and feel. Finished the bloodline? quest and did a few other things. So I'm no expert and I'm grateful to sensuki, you and the others who put so much time into testing the beta because I'll be able to play a better game because of it. Still, it sometimes sounds like for example the aoe loot is a make or break thing and not a minor detail. If it is only that then I'm on the same page as you. It would be nice if aoe looting is an option which preferably could be toggled with a hotkey.
  21. @10) Everyone is entitled to their opinion and i guess it is ok to dislike the feature even if I myself can't comprehend the reasoning. I will admit that it is true that I myself was anxious to see what the leader of a group carried but (at least for me) the difference between "let's see what the leader had" and "let's see what that encounter had" is pretty small. I defeated the group and I'll get my reward. Clicking every corpse may be closer to PnP rules but I think that this convenience feature won't take much (if any) from the experience away. It would be nice if a toggle is added later but I'm sure that it won't hurt the game if not. I can understand the complaints about the unlimited stash and that it takes choice away (what to keep, what to not take with you) but I myself almost always took everything with me even if it meant coming back. Of course I agree about several things (no ammo, no pickpocketing, maybe the engagement thing) but those are things that may get included in an expansionpack or a sequel. I'm going to play PoE without a checklist comparing it to the ie games and based upon that rate the game. I'm just going to play it and rate the game based on the "fun" I had with it.
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