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  1. I barely noticed what you meant in your video (granted my laptop screen is pretty small). I guess experiencing it yourself is a different matter. Hopefully they'll fix that if they didn't already in their builds.
  2. So international backers get the game dvd in their box since the shipment will be delayed anyways? I'm a bit confused now.... Wasn't the plan to get the physical stuff to backers on time for release? Don't get me wrong I don't mind and I understand that things do change but I think I have to ask.... "Why didn't you go with "physical stuff will be shipped a few weeks after release", If I remember correctly the reason for replacing the documentary dvd was that you wanted to include the release day. Now the physical stuff will be shipped later and the reasoning for the dvd being excluded and the game discs being shipped seperatly aren't valid (at least for international backers) anymore. I understand that you probably had good intentions and that things probably changed your plans but I can understand if people get upset. It would have been easier to just ship after release (most people familiar with kickstarter know that it takes a while for physical stuff to arrive) and thus include the dvd and the game discs in the boxed versions (=happy collectors and dvd backers). There is probably no way to change this now but maybe for your next kickstarter ;D?
  3. Maybe they have no strength to leave the building and just sleep in their offices..... The last weeks before a game is released is a wild and exhausting ride
  4. Looks awesome. The beginning is quite sad and I hope PoE helps to prevent such a thing (at least in the near future). It was nice to see the black guy from the stream again. Would be nice if other people from the stream are shown as well. I'm so hyped for the game and the documentary ;D Thanks for all the awesome work you've (=obsidian) put into the project. Since the documentary will not come on a dvd, do you have any plans to make a dvd cover for people who want to burn it on a dvd? It's not something that is needed but it would be a nice thing. @Gairnulf I don't think they are allowed to reveal that.
  5. I have to admit that I didn't notice the "Yes" "Hm" etc. But that probably should be adressed since not many people are that ignorant to that chatter ;P
  6. In my opinion the game looks fantastic and I have no real complaints. Yeah, there are some things that could be done differently or could be improved but I'm pretty sure that I'll have fun with this game and that's the thing that is important to me. I'm not sure the tone regarding the stronghold is the right one. They didn't show much of the stronghold and even if it is handled through a menu it isn't all trash. There could still be other npcs, events, quests etc. Regarding the low price to send the drunken dude off....it would make absolutely no sense to pay thousands of copper pieces to remove an annoying drunkard form _your_ stronghold?
  7. I can't wait to play the release version. It looks exactly how i hoped it would look like. It's been a while but I'm hyped for a game ;D
  8. I think they'll tell us as soon as they know if they can make it happen or not.
  9. Would be nice if Mikey told us if he would answer any questions otherwise it is pointless to formulate any >.< Anyway... What about the lifespan of that species? Can dragons talk, shapeshift, fly? If the wings of the dragon are really damaged.... maybe that is the second phase of the fight? (probably not but hey!)
  10. @mazisky Well, it's your decision but the developer has done a decent job (on those two games). They translated the first one because they promised it during Kickstarter but as it turned out the demand for a localized version isn't big enough to justify the investment. I think that the % of people who only buy a game which is localized in their language is pretty low considering that most people can at least understand english. Translating isn't that cheap and because of that you'll have to decide if it's worth it. Harebrained Schemes said that Shadowrun Returns showed that it isn't (=not enough sales connected to the translation). If that is true then their decision is perfectly reasonable. I myself prefer the english version over the german one. The only exception are games which were developed in germany (for me mostly adventures).
  11. i've not followed their dev cycle, do you know where they mentioned that? Also, it looks like Obsidian's scheduled for a Saturday Afternoon presentation 4:30-5:30 EST for Pax East, so kinda weird they're there so early since it looks like they left yesterday. So it def doesn't look like we'll be getting another update before then. Although, they had plenty of stuff to work on to fix beforehand either way. It was mentioned in their latest? Wasteland 2 update and on some news sites together with the xbox1 port. From the latest Wasteland 2 KS update:
  12. Well, Inxile is going to port Wasteland 2 to Unity 5 and update their graphics. Maybe Obsidian will do the same if PoE is successfull and the reason inxile is doing it isn't entirely related to the xbox1 port.
  13. @Hrist Well, they already said several times that that one is in and it is located under your stronghold. If it lives up to your (or anyones) expectations.... we'll see ;D
  14. @abel Yeah, we can take an educated guess and I know that 4m isn't much but I kinda get annoyed reading how much money a project got to develop a game without mentioning how much actually could be spent for the development. The news sites create a false "picture" inside the minds of many readers. The huge number on a project might be still a huge number but maybe not as huge as perceived. If Obsidian answers this question I'm happy and if not it's okay as well. I just thought it would be really interesting.
  15. @lightblade Interesting ones. I'll add to this another one: How much of the pledged money was actually used to fund development? Because that huge number you got is quite misleading if one actually considers that there is a kickstarter fee and reward fullfillment. As far as I know I havn't seen a single project that revealed how much of the pledged money was left over after subtracting ks fees, reward fullfillments etc. It would put the work you've done and what you were able to achieve with the money you got more into perspective. I myslef find it a bit strange to call out projects and say: They got this huge amount of cash and they couldn't do more?
  16. Probably won't get an answer but: What classes exist in PoE besides the already known ones ;P? Is the player able to temper with animancy(not sure if that's the correct term used but I mean the "art" to temper with souls)?
  17. What similarities/differences exist between D&D and PoE dragons?
  18. Are there other races besides those that are already known? Is the whole world of Eora explored or are there any parts of the world which are not documented on any map?
  19. Is it possible for godlike to have children? If so is there a "restriction" with whom it would be possible (e.g. only with godlikes of the same type)? What about other race combinations?
  20. Will there be (optional) really tough battles/enemies (like Kangaxx)? Are there any talking swords (or other weapons/armor) in PoE ;P? Will you be able to meet some of the really powerful beings of Eora (like Elminster)? Is it possible to anger the gods and if so will there be consequences? Who is the oldest being in the world of PoE and how old is it? Chris Avellone talked about something he wrote for his characters and that it got scratched due to budget/time constraints. Is there any hope that something like this would make it into the expansion or a sequel? Is there any companion like voice of many from mask of the betrayer (=as strange and unusual)? Are there any powerful organizations which you shouldn't cross? If so what's the deal about them? How did they rise to power and what are their (superficial) motives? What would it mean for the world if there was a way to destroy a soul once and for all with no chance to be reborn into a new cycle?
  21. I'm fine with both options but I have to say that I'm surprised/impressed/awed/thankfull that you even offer option 1 which will cost you extra money. That beeing said I've chosen option 1 and I'll be happy to get my physical goods sooner then later but I still wouldn't mind getting them later.
  22. It's because most people care about what kind of game it is and what they can do while playing it rather than its technical issues. Don't get me wrong. I don't _really_ care (and didn't even notice it before it was mentioned here) if my party moves like the so called "droid army" or if one attribute rules all others. But it would have been interesting to hear what the devs think about those "issues".
  23. It's a shame that no one asked about things that are still (for some people) considered issues within the game e.g. droid army or combat/attribute system. I was hoping that someone who spent a lot of time with the beta would be there and ask questions. For me most of the questions weren't really interesting. Although I'm happy that they'll try to do an "AI" for your party in the expansion.
  24. That are awesome news ;D I'm really looking forward to play it from the very beginning. Hopefully the game will be as successfull as possible. I'm eager to see how the combat plays out in the final version of the game. Last time I played the beta it was a bit too fast and visually messy.
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