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  1. I would have preferred a Musketeer Class with the ability to dual wield pistols. Archer and Ranger should have been done with skills and talents. My last post on these boards.
  2. You know, I am really tired of the Obssheep and their bleating apologies. Keep the game as it is. I'm done. One more backer gone. Good job.
  3. Obssheep found the thread first...hehe. Personally, I agree with Darth's review 100%. It was spot-on. Second, I like D:OS and WL2 is one of my favorite games. Nothing outside of some Robin Williams monologues have got me laughing so hard. How can you not find Scotchmo hilarious? "These aren't my pants! Somebody **** in them!" The first time I caught him saying this, I lost it!
  4. Well, it looks like this topic has run its course. Wish I had an ignore button. Luck, you should start a new thread so that we can discuss mechanics more.
  5. I too am in the "different effects for crit/hit/graze" team! And I would also like to see a return of immunities.
  6. Wow Gronar, you are really degenerating here. I haven't noticed anyone anywhere screaming for more D&D in PoE in any thread that I am aware of. And the strawmans...why are you doing this? You are increasingly isolating yourself from others by doing this by shutting down any possibility of reasoned debate. The current system is too severe, too harsh. It needs more balance. That is what is being suggested. And yes, folks have used various examples for comparison. That is no reason for you to de-rail discourse with the accusation that "many" (and apparently that means none) want PoE to be more like D&D. In this, you are clearly mistaken.
  7. Also, if I remember right, the whole "miss-graze-hit-crit + DR" system was advertised as a solution for preventing the "miss fests" that allegedly plagued the IE games. Yet in those games I have never experienced such hopeless stalemates as in situations in PoE when tank-Eder and random-enemy-boss were the only ones left standing. Miss after miss after miss, with an occasional graze for single-digit damage. Could sometimes have probably gone on for fifteen minutes if I hadn't been impatient and reloaded. This. God. Damn. This. The discrepancy between survivability and an ability to hit the broad side of a barn is crazy. I've had huge fights where the only survivor is Edér, and they can stand and swing at eachother for upwards 5 minutes without meaningfully hurt eachother (but then Edér eventually loses out, because he, well, he's a lover, not a fighter; and also, he sucks at damage-dealing). Anyone that's talking about miss-fests in the IE games have no goddamn idea what they're talking about. Amen! Preach it brother! And to make things worse - this is not a bug! It will not get "fixed"! It is working as intended. I just can't believe anyone would like this, let alone say "this is what I wanted!" Crazy.
  8. No, in this game, the prologue is absolutely-****ing-fantastic spot-on adventuring! It gives you EVERYTHING that this game is capable of. It is magnificent. And then...you get floored by the rest, because it is utter crap. It is like a totally different team did the prologue. Everything makes sense. You actually can change things (for positive!!!!!!) in the prologue according to what you do! You are afflicted, but not out-of-the-blue with some off-the-wall bollocks, but with something very, very normal : you were bit by one of the insects of the area and you have gotten ill. This is soo good. It makes sense. And as your health is at stake, you of course are going to be motivated to do something! And your companion is IMHO great. She is not doing it out of any love for you - she is doing it because...she is told to. Yeah. It makes sense, all right. That is what is great. And then the events that come, hey, they are all ok. And the dungeon crawl is not bad. But after that, every-****ing-thing goes right down the ****ter. Like Niagra Falls.
  9. This is Obs' way of rewarding you for...yeah. Hehe...you wasted a slot! But hey...everything is balanced, needed, yeah! Basically, it sucks. We know. We also sympathize. The Devs do not.
  10. Got to go with Matt on this one Sens. Pillars of Eternity, for all it's flaws, is still 100x times more entertaining than BG1 and BG2 for me. I think you need to finally leave the prologue of PoE. Single most hilarious post on these forums! My hat to you, good sir! You have missed your calling as a comedian!
  11. To be blunt - I can compare BG:EE to PoE. Let that sink in. They are both made recently. Fact is, nobody forced Obs to create their own IP, Mechanics, yadda yadda yadda. They did it willingly, without being forced to. So yes, any game that was created recently is in the running for comparison.
  12. I agree. I never played with GM, so I never had those references. Thank you.
  13. It is funny that anyone thinks that Thaos is really dead, when one contemplates the main theme of the story - is any answer truly reliable? Can we ever know for certain yadda yadda yadda. Is Thaos truly destroyed? Why can't Woedica re-assemble his soul for the pieces (in case one has done that)? Truth be told, we do not know the limits of these gods. We only know that they tend to hold to a bargain not to interfere with the mortal realm directly. And even that seems tenuous.
  14. It has been hinted at that Eothas Avatar (Waiden) was destroyed (Godhammer bomb) and therefore weakened, and his portfolio was absorbed by Magran and the others. This is all part of the "conspiracy" thing. Meaning that Eothas is dead and won't be coming back. As for anyone believing anything other than the Gods Are Real - right. Who are they going to believe, real Priests that can work real wonders granted from their respective Gods, or some crazy person that insists that the Gods are not real, or that they are "fake"? There is no proof. None. It is like Mulder and Scully from The X-Files - the truth is out there, but obtaining evidence...hehe. Nope. But in the case of PoE, one actually witnesses the power of the Gods! As for Thaos...he is not dead! At least...he is not PERMANENTLY dead. One needs to remember that he gets reincarnated with all his memories, etc intact when he dies. This is what Woedica does for him (being that He serves her). And Woedica was not defeated (destroyed) just denied. She still has the same power as before.
  15. You don't have to be - 12th level basically Rick-rolls everything in the game! But yeah, it is really easy to get to 12th level before anywhere near the end. Especially if you do the Stronghold Bounties (which basically level you for each one you turn in!). If you do your Warden in the Stronghold first, then bounties, then Endless Paths, you will roll through everything else in the game.
  16. So, let's see ... We have Alistair, kind of the token warrior companion and very similar to Eder, honestly. But I agree that he was an overall well-fleshed out character. Morrigan, a very one-dimensional "Oh, I'm such an anti-hero" cliché. Literally the only interesting thing about her was the final twist with her pregnancy. And let's not even start about how absolutely out-of-character this twist was. Leliana: A mary-sue of the worst possible kind. She was basicly only there to fullfill the teenager waifu-fantasies. Zevran: Errrgh. This guy was just weird to the core. And not the good kind of weird like Grieving Mother or Durance. Just the bad forced-bisexual-because-of-reasons kind of weird. Did he actually have anything to offer besides the stupid love interest? Wynne: Actually the only unique character in the entire roster. I liked the idea of a grey-haired grandma-type character. Unfortunately her backstory was pretty boring. Oghren: A cliché dwarf with some tacked-on slapstick gags. Sten: "Oh, I am so in regret for my past-deeds... please let me make up for killing a family by killing other random people that possibly have families...". *Jawn* Shale: A friggin' golem... seriously, how much character depth can you expect here? Funny trivia: Shale had probably still more personality than Zevran. Dog: A ****ING DOG!! It can't even speak. It just barks. And still I liked it more than most of the other characters. Because who doesn't like a doggy? And still that dog without being able to speak communicated volumes! That is a mark of greatness. And though you may not have "liked" Morrigan or Leliana (or Zevran) they are loved Companions of the game. Which PoE does not have (because the Companions are bland). And Shale was really cool (but as DLC...*sigh*) - I liked Shale alot. Especially her hatred for pigeons (and birds in general)! But what I really liked most were the banters. If you had Alistair and Morrigan in your party, look out, here come the fireworks! The DA:O Companions are anything but bland. And yeah, you really are a little onion.
  17. Control Dev - allows you to control the Devs so that one can totally remake the combat mechanics and game!
  18. It is a known bug that some saves expand hugely, making load times longer and longer. This doesn't happen to everyone apparently.
  19. I play BG:EE all the time. So do my sons. I did the Black Pits (great stuff), and I regularly do runs through the game itself. I don't consider the Solve the Iron Ore Crisis quest a "fed ex" quest. Nor the Rescue my Witch, Bandits, Bandits 2, etc. Especially some of the side quests (Bassilius, freeing the woman from the stone, etc). There is a huge variety of quests to do - and yes, some are fed ex. As for "boring dungeons"...I really hope this is hyperbole! What great dungeon do you have in PoE?! Do you mean The Endless Paths? You compare that with Durkon's Tower?!? Hooboy. I for example love the Cloakwood -> Bandits (Mine) series of interconnected quests/areas. Oh right...PoE doesn't have anything like that. What a pity. And how things affect other quests later in the game...often much later. I suppose we are going to have to do a point-to-point comparison *sigh*
  20. I play with the Dev Commentary on. Pretty interesting insights. It becomes very obvious that they were really feeling the economic squeeze.
  21. No-one is saying that you can't have a different opinion, for whatever reason. All that is being said is when one examines (compares) X with Y, that there are differences. You prefer PoE. Fine. No-one is saying that you can't, or that you are not allowed to. But I wonder... Did you really want the Stronghold to be as it is? Exactly as it is? That is what you, personally, wanted? And the combat system (mechanics, etc) - that is exactly what you wanted? The things pointed out in the review negatively - are you saying that you wanted all those? I'm curious.
  22. It is to make you "spend resources" (though by that time in the game, you are probably carrying around 70,000+ cps like I currently am with nothing to spend it on) by forcing you to pay for the better bonus at an Inn instead of getting it for "free" at your Stronghold. Total, Epic fail.
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