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  1. While this might be a troll, this is also a good list of games to play if you wan't to be so miserable that when PE comes you will be pleasently rejuvenated be the whole experience. Edit: These are not necessarily bad games, but most of them do suffer from being too "modern" and less bold and of course "consolified".
  2. So you would say Baldur's Gate Enhanced instead of BG2? Because isn't the sequel the one reveres as the better one? I have played BG2 but never the first one, so it might be cool to experience BG:E Well, until just a few moments ago, I was under the impression that BG:EE was going to be be BG1+TotSC+BG2+ToB. But it seems its going to be just the first game + expansion. The Enhanced sequel will come later. But I would the recommend BG2 more than BG1, but for those that have already played BG2, but not the prequel, then I would recommend BG:EE since it will be more polished.
  3. Planescape Torment for dialogue/companions Temple of Elemental Evil for general graphics design Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (due November 2012) for the general feel of things.
  4. How would you feel if it was one of the other PCs, rather than yours? Which is most of the time. It's easy enough to come up with a story reason why the PC has to stay with the party whether they like it or not. But it probably isn't a good fit for what we know of the Eternity story. The "wrestle" beetween the different player-controlled characters is something completely different from the GM's Favourite NPC. Because the GM's pet will be in there, just like any other player and no matter how good the GM is at moderating himself feigning ignorance, he will still know what happens next. And if the GM has decided his pet should be the leader then you'll have a hard time convincing him/her otherwise. If the NPC happens to be the rogue, He will know where the trap is, and even if the char happens to fail at finding it, his behaviour after failure will always be affected by the knowledge of the trap, wether he decides to trigger it himself or not. And this is true for any other role that NPC is supposed to fill. Thus such an authorative NPC should never stay with the party too long at a time, if at all.
  5. *Sigh* So they are making it safe for the "Creatively and cognitively challenged".. I can't beleive they'd settle for that after MCA's wonderful blog-post: http://forums.obsidi...l-set-symphony/ but oh well, One can only hope that multi-classing will be intelligently designed.
  6. Its certainly an interesting idea, but take this tabletop example: How would you feel if the leader of the party was the GM's favourite NPC?
  7. The worst possible thing they can do with classes (besides locking them to a certain mindset/morals) is to lock them into a certain stereotypical fighting style and putting up weapon restrictions. Why must a ranger always be sterotyped into using a bow or forced to dualwield? Who says spellcasters can only use staves or daggers? And why must we be severely punished by disproportional costs should we ever dare to be creative?
  8. Dont_even_say_this_word. DLC's are the biggest piece of s***t that appeared on this market. So, no, definetly, totally NO. That depends entirely on how it is handled and implemented. Patches for a game are free and don't directly generate any income. DLC is a way to continue funding a game post-release and assuring continued support by the developer if the game doesn't sell as good as MineCraft does. I can agree however that there are too many botched implementations of DLC. Day-one DLC and expensive reskins or unlocks of things that are already in the game to name just a few. For this project however I can't see dlc being something useful. An expansion maybe.. Edit: Whoops, finished a sentence too early in there.
  9. Some tiers between 250 and 500 and between 500 and 1000 might provide some incentive. Not sure, but possible. My current disposable income is the only thing preventing me from going straight to 10K.
  10. In most cases Quality Assurance is the publisher's responsibility. And sadly this is often rushed and the people hired are the cheapest they can get. Extra Credits talk about some of the differences between crowdfunding and the standard publisher/investor model in this episode: http://penny-arcade....de/crowdfunding
  11. Happy brithday, Chris! And thanks for making me suddenly feel nauseous towards the end of the update video. That was rather unexpected.
  12. As I mentioned in Part 2, any merch could be added for extra fees on top of the membership. But I'd still go for small objects.
  13. As 8 being the closest in likenness to the symbol ∞ it is perfect, but if people really want to expand a little in regards to the merchendise mentioned in Part 1, then the simplest way would be to have them as add-ons, that still requre the membership fee of course.
  14. The production cost of T-shirts range from 3$ to 10$, so that would not be a feasable option for merchendise. If there should be any merch at all, it should be small and low cost like a pin, key-chain, coin or other bauble.
  15. @galdegir: By using such lables as good/chaotic/evil you are imediatly turning off a lot of people. Using such lables for sub-classes/Kits would be one the worst possible ways to implement such a system I don't think the game mechanics should be something that are made part of the in-game world. A NPC could react to a spell you use, the way your dress or to your reputation, no need to include the mechanic for this purpose in my opinion. The only valid reason to use classes in a computer game, is to use it as a reactive and narrative mechanic. If classes are not there to lable you as a stereotype, then there is no good reason to use classes.
  16. I agree with Fooine, "Interesting idea in theory, absolutely terrible design choice".
  17. Friendly fire certainly makes things a lot more interesting and it should be part of the "normal/default" difficulty setting. But I would also opt for a customizable difficulty setting, not just preset ones.
  18. Obviously you didn't watch this: http://penny-arcade....e/tutorials-101 (Or optionally, you never played Portal) Making a good, fun and engaging tutorial for a game is entirely possible! Its even possible to make tutorials you never knew were there.
  19. The tactics in DA were too simple. There was no AND or OR. And by the time you had enough slots to compensate it was no longer relevant. I had to turn most of it off or else my companions would constantly blow their loads on a measly minion. If such is implemented I can only hope that it's done proper and done well. Now different combat speeds to compliment the ability to pause, that sounds more promising.
  20. I think Obsidian's commitment to making a mature game that doesn't limit itself with a set binary perspective and instead explores dilemmas and paradoxes of morality in an interesting way is the right way to go.
  21. I remember reading somewhere reading that the camera would also be fixed (like in the IE-games). So there wouldn't bee too much benefit in using 3D for background elements. Also the enginge won't deadlock wther the game will be mostly 2D or 3D. But Hand-painted 2D gets my vote though.
  22. The cards aren't shuffled yet, let alone even printed. So there is still time to pitch in with ambitious ideas.
  23. If we move away from and drop the limitations the illusion of "Classes" impose on us and instead use a more free-form character-System in order to create the character we wish to play, then anything is possible!
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