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  1. Achievements are already in. Achievements doesn't count as anti-social annoyances, ehrm, I mean "social features", unless there is an option to automatically broadcast the achievement on to social media.
  2. As part of the pre-production the entire team could watch all relevant episodes of Extra Credits. Its entirely free, and the worst that could happen is that noone learned anything. In Obsidian's other games, they've had a publisher. In most cases it is the publisher's responsibility to conduct the final quality assurance. With PE, the responsibility of QA befalls entirely to themselves.
  3. Well, they're in pre-production. You wouldn't want them to hire 10 people for QA for two years, on their budget. It's not like playing betas. It seems to me that the charts are for the average of the entire production-run, not just the pre-production. And while we're on it, pre-production is perhaps just as important as QA. Any defects that QA picks up on can be traced back to a glitch somewhere on the production-pipeline.
  4. If THQ should go belly up, then Obsidian should begin to secure an exclusive license to finish, release and support the game in the event of THQ's bankrupcy.
  5. On the kickstarter page the first comments are about the chunk-size of the QA in the chart. Considering that you are now entirely on your own I would advice you to invest a little more on QA. You won't be able to blame anyone else if the release is horribly bugged. For the final stages of QA, you should get external, professional, College/University graduate QA to look it over. They'll see things with a fresh eye and they'll be able to speak your lingo so that you'll get the best possible feedback/reports.
  6. Let's see.. With Kickstarter, Amazon and PayPal taking their respective % share, Money spent on non-game goodies and shipping/handling and bouncing credit cards..: They should now be getting a minimum of $3,2M to make the game. That's pretty decent.
  7. Death is dramatic, and it makes for a good story. In a game however, the main reason that characters don't die and are simply knocked out is because a step is skipped. A majority of people will reload a save game if there is a death and many of them will get annoyed about it for some reason or another. Thus in modern games that step is skipped. Instant regeneration of health and other perishables are also the result of skipping a step. I think that there can be found a middle ground here on some things and the rest should be covered by the difficulty options. My general and rather pragmatic opinion is to let the masocists have it their way, so long as their way is not sadistically forced upon everyone else. (Also customizable difficulty options have already been acheived with the 2,3M strech-goal)
  8. With the flexibilities presented in the update, a Paladin could basically be a Priest that favours a deity that more or less resembles the Holy Triad (Tyr, Torm Illmater) of the forgotten reamls. And the character build will focus more on martial prowess rather than plenty of spells (depending on how the flexibility within classes will actually work). The Paladin might not be there in name, but he's definately there in spirit.
  9. Yeah, if a deity commands that "Thou shallt not defile the dead", then that would mean that the Priest could not cast "create undead" and it is likely that the priest will be opposed to the undead. It does not mean that the deity is Anti-evil, it means the deity is anti-undead. The concept of undeath might not be exclusively evil either.
  10. I'm quite sure that Monks will be just as vulnerable to bullets as Wizards who use barriers. Its very hinted to that the game balance for guns is that they are really slow and sluggish, but each successful hit will be devestating.
  11. Oh.. The OP shouldn't have used the word "Rings" As for the middle ages, while most spear and shield, were moved to the horseback and Longspears and polearms became increasingly popular, The spear and shield combination for light infantry still prevailed throughout the middle ages. It thrived best in Militias and the city guard/"police" though.
  12. Throughout history the use of a spear and a shield was one of the most used weapon combinations. It was not only cheap, but also higly efficient. If it wasn't, then it wouldn't have been used for thousands of years. Despite all that, the majority of computer games and Table Top RPGs that includes both shields and spears in the game, they always put in some stupid restriction or limitation that prevents this use of History's favourite. This might be quite niche, but I would very much like it if Project Eternity is the first cRPG where I can fully employ this time honored fighting tradition to one of the characters.
  13. The whole point of the title monk means they are religious. Other weapons? Dear god do not say nunchaku. The word monk might have been taken from a religious institution, but it is only a class name, and countless RPGs have evolved it beyond peace loving disciples of a religion. The name used for this class is there only for familiarity reasons, Obsidian intends to make classes much more than a name and a lable (ref, Upd#15). As for weapons I said any weapon.
  14. Monks should be martial artists, but their martial prowess should not be limited to just fists/body, they should be able to excell at any weapon. But most of all they shouldn't be exclusively religious. From the concept art it seems they will use their soulpowers internally and/or focused to their martial prowess.
  15. This is an awsome update! Many of my doubts in regards to classes have been washed away! One little nit-pick though: the class names, it would be cool if you gave the classes some refreshingly new, more creative names. You've already renamed Psieonics to Ciphers. Here's some examples for inspiration: (trying to keep to just single-word titles) Fighter - Soldier, Warrior Rogue - Shadow, Priest - Preacher, Missionary, Templar, Thesist Wizard - Soulmage, Soulmagus, Soulscribe, Arcanist Ranger - Warden, Scout, Druid - (Is it going to be a shapechanger or a Nature Priest/Naturalist?) Monk - Disciple, Barbarian - Brute, Berserker
  16. Hmm, effectively it seems to be relevant wether certain attributes/abilities are present in the game or not. F.ex. if there are no INT stat in the game, then effectively you become the brains behind the character. And in FPSrpgs, no DEX/AGI would mean those factors depend on you. If a stat is included in the game however, then that stat should be relevant.
  17. Yeah, I agree. Perhaps it could be limited to just killing blows. It would add some flavour if there is only two animations for dying. (normal and extreme/gibbing)
  18. Non-combat skills are probably more haunted by Player skill/knowledge than combat is (unless it's going to be a game in first-person mode, which it is not). Take riddles f.ex. and let's say that INT scales from 1 to 10. And that Player knowledge is barely influencing the challenge. At INT 1, all options available should be wrong (unless the character very recently found the answer in plain text before the riddle came). At 10, all available options should be right or all the wrong ones should be greyed out. And with a high INT companion available at the time of testing, they should be able to provide hints or the correct answer. Is that good or bad?
  19. Hmmm, so Wastleand 2 got a spike when they announced a Chris Avellone stretch-goal, And Nuka Break got a spike when they announced Chris Avellone stretch-goal... So by that logic Obsidian Entertainment needs to fire Chris Avellone and then put up a 3M stretch-goal to rehire him!
  20. I hate to repeat myself, but with all these different topics for the same thing it seems unavoidable.
  21. As I said in the original topic, implementing Mounted Combat will not be feasable nor cost effective, unless the game will revolve around it. It would be refreshingly awsome, but if we look to Mount&Blade, they made it pretty decent in regards to mounted combat, but they kind of failed making the game interesting in the long term.
  22. No, already fully discussed here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60570-your-opinion-on-mounts/
  23. I would preffer the concept of "secondary companions" that not only the PC, but also any or certain NPC Companions could get. Either as a feat/perk/advantage/qualtiy/etc. or a class-feature.
  24. And that shouldn't really be a problem either. Many games today already leave textures at a moderate/reasonable scale and then provide Hi-Res Textures as an optional download for interested parties that can handle it.
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