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  1. Just got to the endgame, jumped inside the pit, watched the scripted scene and then, loaded the "PRE-ENDGAME" save file to play the expansions. Didn't noticed this problem until some time later. Now the oldest save file I have is this "pre-endgame" one, and still, I can't access my stronghold menu from anywhere in the game, even from within the stronghold. And no, I didn't use any console command. So, what now? Am I screwed? My journal:
  2. That area is being a pain to play. Very bad performance. My FPS, in that area, is extremely low, even sliding the graphics bar down. That's the only area in the game, until now, that is giving me this problem, and i have a fairly good machine.
  3. Is this right? http://s18.postimg.org/hrqzm9qm1/2015_04_01_00001.jpg http://s18.postimg.org/w0qm4c54p/2015_04_01_00002.jpg http://s18.postimg.org/41wgdh3i1/2015_04_01_00003.jpg My custom made spellcasters can't cast that many spells, even being in the same level. The max number of tier 1 spells i can cast with my custom lvl 8 wizard is 6, but Aloth, in the same lvl 8, can cast 21? It's a bug right? The same goes to my druid and priest, when compared to Durance and Hiravias.
  4. It seems that the companions builds takes into consideration their personalities and backgrounds, not their efficiency in combat.
  5. Very promising fallout wannabe. Awesome intro.
  6. It's just my imagination or it's raining awesomeness? I think i'll love my stronghold...
  7. I'm ok with the craft skill out of the game, i didn't liked the concept very much, but i loved the craft system and i'm very happy that it will stay in the game as it is now. There's no motive to cut out the craft system from the game. The ones who doesn't like to craft, just keep playing and using the looted items. I'm sure that in the game we will find good items in both ways, crafting or looting.
  8. EPIC! It's going to be awesome! Hahahahaha... Now, talking about other subject, I hope them to release the game only AFTER a serious and intense period of game testing. Considering how much extra content was provided by the kickstarter campaign funds, they will need to have extra care with the game to not let it be released with tons of bugs. As an example, Divinity II was a very good game but it suffered a lot with tons of bugs at launch. Now that they don't have a publisher breathing in their necks, they can take their time to polish the game as much as they can, and i think th
  9. This kickstarter campaign was AWESOME, really awesome. It was funny but at the same time very informative. The Larian guys are really a bunch of great guys. I already backed a lot of games trough kickstarter and i can say for sure that Project Eternity and Divinity Original Sin were the best campaign i saw there. The other projects should learn with this ones. I'm really happy that all stretch goals were met. Companions with their own stories; talents and traits; day, night and weather cycles with NPC's and monsters behaving according and school of spells taking advantage of this cycles...
  10. Hey, talking about party members AI, can we expect some kind of control system like the one used to control party behavior in Dragon Age? For me, that system was perfect! I loved the way that i could specify the companion response for almost all kind of situation he/she could encounter in battle. If you fight a strong enemy, do this and that; if you fight a weak enemy, do this and that; before you engage an enemy, do this and that; if the HP of a party member reach X%, do this and that... and so on. I never had any problem with my party in that game, the AI control was so good that i
  11. WOW!!! I loved the concept of this engagement system. It adds a good amount of tactics to the gameplay. I think it can make the battles more exciting too. Man, i really liked the idea and i'm very excited to see it in action.
  12. There's only one godlike race for player to choose, correct? Will be possible to player to choose what kind of divine heritage manifestation the godlike race will have? Or the godlike race that the player can choose will be that one from the imagem above? I would like to choose my character "mark", i loved the golden eyes from the NWN2 Aasimar.
  13. I just want to say that this was one of the best updates i saw here until now. Very funny and informative at the same time. I want to see more updates like this one in the future. One vote for this Rob guy as a game npc.
  14. "War, war never changes" FANTASTIC! One of the best, and most immersive, openings i ever saw.
  15. Yes, i already tried this and it not worked. OpenGL maybe? IIRC IWD2 used it for some acceleration and the original did not. If so it may end up getting fixed by a driver update, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It's the contrary, IWD1 uses OpenGL for some acceleration and IWD2 don't use it.
  16. Yes, i already tried this and it not worked.
  17. I've been playing Icewind Dale II (for the first time) for some days and everything was fine, the game was running flawless, very smoothly, and i was loving it, until i upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 8. Now my game runs like a crap, it's lagging so much that i can't play it, even the mouse cursor is lagging. I tryed some fixes that worked for some people (but on Windows 7) but nothing worked here on Windows 8. Disable the DirectDraw acceleration, that worked with Windows 7, not worked with Windows 8. The funny thing about this is, as i can't play IWD2 anymore, i installed IWD1 on Win
  18. I finished Icewind Dale 1 yesterday (for the first time) and now i'm playing Icewind Dale 2 (for the first time too). This game is awesome! I pretend to play Baldur's Gate too (never finished it), but i'll wait for the Enhaced Edition version.
  19. Yes, i think theres too much classes already. I dare to say that i would like to see a minor number of classes at start, the basic ones, and then, as you advance in the game, you could "evolve" your base class into others related to you base class.
  20. They have firearms, so, they can have a lot of other things related to technology. And this is a fantasy world, not a simulation of our medieval age. They can have some nice engineering. The only limitation is our imagination. If you do some research in our history, you will find some amazing engineering from times even more remote than the 1400s.
  21. Just one more, engineer/mechanic/tinkerer, and you can close the case.
  22. Another vote for the mechanic/engineer/tinker/whatever class. Being a world with some kind of technology advance, is very reasonable a class like this one. When i say techonolgy, i'm not talking about time machines, ray guns, or anything like this. I'm talking about things that already exist in their world. OE already stated that PE's world have some nations more advanced than others, so, we can expect some kind of machines in the game world. I would like to see this class specialized in firearms and constructs.
  23. I like the idea of subclass within the class, but it must have some logic in it. A Cleric becoming a druid? A fighter becoming a dark knight? A rogue becoming a ranger? The subclass should make sense within the main class role. Cleric > Holy Priest or Dark Priest. Fighter > Warrior (heavy weapons specialist?) or Duelist (light weapons and firearms specialist?) or Gladiator (dual wielding specialist?). Rogue > Assassin (stealth and sneak specialist) or "Can't-think-in-a-name" (traps and such). Paladin > Holy Knight or Dark Knight. Wizard > Necromancer or Elementalist or I
  24. Great, now the game should be a medieval military simulation. So, we should forget about the souls system too... I don't give a damn about reality and boobplates and physics in this game. I want fantasy, i want magic, i want a greater/deeper story and gameplay. This is what should be important, not boobplates.
  25. I'm not a native english speaker, but i've been playing games in english for more than 20 years. Almost everything i know about english, i learned playing games, so, i'm really fine with this language, even in a heavy text game like this one. Honestly, i prefer the original language because not all words can be well translated, some words sounds strange when translated. But it wont hurt some extra languages. Talking about the game races, why some people talks like if the game should be made only for them? I don't like unusual races, whenever i can choose, i don't play with those races. I
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