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  1. Xoti's accent sounds really fake if you've been around southerners. It's pretty grating for me, I wish they had just gone with accents that the actors were comfortable with.
  2. That's exactly the problem. As soon as you open the romance can of worms, everyone wants fan service and special pandering.
  3. Which BioWare titles have non-heterosexual characters in the majority? (Spoilers: it's none of them.) In Dragon Age II they were all bisexual.Also, Inquisition had two gays and two bisexual. The straight characters were four, just like the non-straight (three of those were only available for females PCs, though). That's not a correct representation of sexual orientations, since more than 95% of the world population is straight. I'll also add that having a setting based on medieval Europe where people think it's ok to kill others because of their faith or social class but somehow ever
  4. No, that's a completely ignorant take on the discussion here. We're talking about representation compared to real demographics.
  5. Cass seemed straight to me, you could even flirt with her if you were a guy. Lily was a very old woman with some kind of mental illness, I wouldn't really say she was LGBT or whatever. Lily was a physically male character who took on a female persona, so basically trans. Cass iirc admits to being bi at some point.
  6. Of course we're only counting the love interest companions. There's usually not much reason to know side characters sexual proclivities so there would be no way to count them.
  7. Which BioWare titles have non-heterosexual characters in the majority? (Spoilers: it's none of them.) Dragon Age 2. And DA:O was 50/50. Only those two characters were exclusively gay, but Lily and Cass were arguably LGBT. I agree that it didn't feel as forced - part of that was good writing, but part of it was also not having player romances. It was always a background detail.
  8. Micamo, 10% or less of the population is estimated to not be heterosexual. There's a kind of bizarre tendency in RPGs and some genre fiction to portray this as the 'lived experience' of a large portion of people or even a majority (see certain Bioware titles). It's insipid, unrealistic, pandering and forced. There are 7 companions in PoE2 - if they want to represent sexual orientation proportionally, they would include zero or possibly one companion who is not "cisgendered" and heterosexual. But we all know that now that they have announced "romances" they will pander and massively distort the
  9. Hahaha that's a funny joke. NB people are the best. Seriously though I read Pallegina as demi or perhaps agender. She (in the absence of Pallegina speaking up on pronouns, I'll gonna use the same ones the game uses) seems to wear femininity grudingly, like an old mask she's never bothered, or dared, to try taking off. Obsidian, please keep tumblr lunacy out of the game please please please
  10. This sounds like a major step down from PoE tbh... More per encounter abilities = more spamming the same things every fight. Pillars of Eternity already had a problem with that, why change it to be worse?
  11. Aloth, Palligina and Eder coming back is cool, but I hope we see mostly new companions! I wouldn't mind seeing Kana and Hiravius again though.
  12. I would love to see them go crazy with the scale on this one. Since they have the engine polished up from PoE, WM 1&2 and Tyranny, all their pipelines are already established, and the setting is semi-established, I'm guessing they'll be able to do much more with their production time than on the first game.
  13. I hate the idea of respec. It will always be present as a cheat. Please not as in game feature.
  14. You get a lot of xp from killing monsters already. There's at least 32 categories of creatures, and (I think) 82 creatures within those categories. Most of those creatures give at least 120 xp for filling out the entry. That's at least 10,000 xp for killing things, which is enough to get you through the first five levels. In reality it's probably more. People act like kill xp is complete gone, when it's still relatively lucrative. Please. You're saying that if you kill every enemy in the entire game, that after ~50 hours you will have been rewarded cumulatively for the Bestiary wi
  15. XP just needs to match the challenge better. Around mid level, quest XP rewards plateau and so instead of the player being pushed to continue going after the appropriate levelled challenges, instead the player is pushed to go after the easiest challenges available. So after level 5 or so you'll be overlevelled for basically every fight, just doing a normal non-completionist run. This could be easily solved by, oh idk, implementing a system where killing monsters rewards XP based on their difficulty. You could call it "Kill XP System". It's so simple and effective, I can't believe nobody th
  16. ... you can just hit Escape key and the commentary will continue to play while game is paused.
  17. Eh, in light of this, I have no complaints about the change. I still think that "Ericka" person is a narcissistic lunatic, and those supporting her are enablers, but nuts on the internet is nothing new. Glad to hear Obsidian did the right thing and left it up to the backer.
  18. Exactly. Chances that she genuinely cares: 0. Chances that she's desperately trolling for attention: 100%.
  19. Well I guess since so many people are offended by the change then by your logic it should be changed back If that's how Obsidian wants to respond, they are free to do so. I would oppose it because people have said they find the language hurtful and I have no rationale for denying that experience. And Obsidian agrees, so gone it will stay. You're being very selective about who's opinions matter here.
  20. Well I guess since so many people are offended by the change then by your logic it should be changed back
  21. The right answer in these situations is always to ignore the chronically outraged. Internet outrage needs attention to feed off of, and this would have been forgotten in a few days if Obsids hadn't thrown a heap of fuel on the fire.
  22. I'm pretty disappointed that Obsidian gave up ground to the internet outrage machine. The limerick was not discriminatory, and the backer should not have been pressured to change it. It's not a huge deal and I get and appreciate that they worked with the backer to come up with something new, but backing down just shows these people that malicious shaming campaigns and intentional misrepresentations of content are a viable way to spread their message of "acceptance".
  23. Thanks to everyone on the PoE team, you guyz da best
  24. Can't believe it's finally almost here! After 2 and a half years of waiting and countless hours trawling through forum threads for every speck of information, reading dozens if not hundreds of interviews, tomorrow, in just about 12 hours, I'm finally going to get to sit down and dig in to Pillars of Eternity! I can't pretend my expectations aren't ridiculously high, but however the game turns out it's been an awesome ride! I've gotten a ton of insight into game development and RPG design and it's been a blast following all the arguments and counter arguments about how things should be. It'
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