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  1. I know, it's so quiet I'm thinking of starting chatting with myself Beware the voices Sistergoldring ... for when they start ... why I started a conversation with myself a few weeks ago attempting to reconcile the possible ways the lore of the game may develop, which turned into an argument, followed by a period of sulking with me, myself and I not talking to each other, hence the self imposed banishment from the boards for the last few weeks....
  2. For me Beta is about being able to contribute to the quality of the game; record what is tested, raise any issues, obtain remediate/patch, test again. I'll be testing what OE ask me to test, not just some random walk, unless they ask me to do that
  3. When I read 'Druid' and I think 'Getafix' having grown up reading a steady diet of Asterix and Obelix comics.. http://www.asterix.com/encyclopedia/characters/getafix.html
  4. Thank you for the update. As a person who works in the ICT Industry, but not in game development, I am looking forward to reading about progress through updates such as this. It provides me with a window into the world of software development for a game, for which I am thankful.
  5. A reason to return to the stronghold ... It has the well stocked wine cellar and the finest spirits in the land of course!
  6. Probably on my second play-through with a different character; first time round I'll probably stick to the supplied NPC companions. But I may change my mind between now and 2014
  7. For some reason I thought of the challenge of role playing a Godlike Nihilist
  8. I like this idea. I would gladly pledge $250 right away, if payment was due in 3 months. FYI In Australia PayPal now offers "pay on delivery" option which means PayPal pay the supplier from it's funds and 21 days later withdraw the funds from your account. This could in effect give some people a little bit of "lag" between pledge and needing the funds. I can understand Odsidian perhaps not wanting to offer 3 month (90 days) "credit" although there isn't a product ready to ship yet so the exposure risk is low. For those who do want this sort of pledge before the door closes and pay later when you have the funds have you considered popping Obsidian an email to ask?
  9. If it is moderatly easy to implement and doesn't over complicate things a zoom so I can see the detail on the equipment, artefacts, and surroundings I think would be cool.
  10. Please take your game streaming ideas and jump onto the pyre of OnLive. A considered and well thought out counter point there contributing positively to the discussion, well done. I prefer brevity. Well met
  11. Because it cannot be done well without severely reducing the scope of the PC game. The issue is not CPU/GPU power (that might be a problem for tablets, but consoles are certainly powerful enough to run Project Eternity), it's the control interface. Here's an interview where one of the developers of Project Eternity discussed it: I wrote a post earlier in this thread for people who don't understand why this is the case. Thank you for the information. Consoles certainly have had their limitations. It must be refreshing for Obsidian to have the freedom to create the game they want, supporting the platforms their choose.
  12. Please take your game streaming ideas and jump onto the pyre of OnLive. A considered and well thought out counter point there contributing positively to the discussion, well done.
  13. Endless paths ... Walk through the entrance you triggering a switch and suddenly you find your self plummeting down. When you come to, you feel you are a very, very long way from the surface. Your 15 levels down, closer to hell than the light. You hear distant sounds, unsure if it's screaming or a wind, wind down here? You stir, stand up, and dust yourself off. The air tastes stale, and dry, parching your lips. Its going to be a long walk to the top. No need to start at the top is there *fixed an emoticon
  14. Behind some rubble in the Eternal Paths and play a game of pacman - but with paladin's as the character being hunted by Marshmallow ghosts
  15. What game do you think you'd play if some 70,000 random strangers pledged over $4m for you to play it. Mine would be Leisure Suit Larry as I managed to avoid that one
  16. Obsidian also have several thousand Beta testers to call on, bags not being the person coordinating that lot It is the old 3 way project management triangle - $ - Q - T; dollars, quality, time - you can have any two After Kickstarter I am sure Obsidian have the $. That leaves us with Quality and Time. The original date was 2014 based on a 1.1m project, and without the numerous stretch goals. Budget has tripled (I am excluding fees / rewards), which means they may still be able to meet the deadline with planed Quality and Time; Obsidian also chose Unity to shorten multi-platform support. I am confident a quality product will be released (as to are many of us I am sure). Whether it is at the start of Q2 2014 or later, we will have to wait and see
  17. Chaotic Neutral - there has to be a way to find balance, better if it confuses people. Seriously though (back to the thread) Evil/Good in the game (from a role playing perspective) will probably be very subjective. One Factions evil may very well be another Faction's good (assuming Factions are the link). Some people have a natural tendency to apply their real-world definition of good/bad to the gaming universe. The joy of RPG can be exploring alternative frames through which to view things; role play the experience of viewing a world through the 'eyes' of another, and the experiencing the consequences of those actions. All with the safety of restoring from save or starting again It is this richness of narrative, and options to explore through alternative frames, that I am looking forward to in this game.
  18. Personally I like the concept/idea of consuming my media through whatever pane-of-glass I am using. Yes - that means I love the concept of being able to play a cRPG on a PC/Console/Tablet etc. That said I am perfectly happy with starting with a PC/Mac/Linux version. I backed OuYa for example not because I saw a powerful gaming machine, but because I saw the potential for an open-hackable device to be the centre of my home entertainment experience (I dislike Sony's XMB, and the iMac Mini doesn't 'do it' for me). Yes the criticisms of consoles with regard to capacity and capability when compared to a fully spec'd gaming rig are fair - but if you then think of the ubiquitous nature of Internet access these days, efficient network transfer, bigger pipes, and cloud processing architecture, why does the graphic processing etc have to be done locally. Yes - running local means you are not dependent on the 'network' but the days of the network being insufficient are disappearing. It is certainly very different from the Internet of 20 years ago The origin of this thread was not to start with a console version, but to make one eventually. If after the Unity based project is complete and distributed to PC/Mac/Linux machines, and of the move to console broadens the market and can be done profitably for Obsidian (without diluting their IP for example) then why not? *edited to correct some things
  19. Lol at least your only playing one game. I'm playing Divinity 2, The Witcher, Beyond Good and Evil, VTM:B, ME, DA2 and Kingdoms of Amalur :D it gets a little hard to keep track of. lol Ha! me too, Playing Divinity 2 and Heroes VI which i have all but completed bar the last campaign map (although there are now 2! official add ons and the singles maps to do. And a big Hugsnstuff to all our Members old and new that we have accumalted over the last month (and where has that Batnat got too? ) BatNat may be in hiding perhaps - recovering from a big Kickstarter campaign. Thinking of which, I should consider the same
  20. Personally - it's about choice and consequence. Provided the game appropriately models the consequences of the choices you make, then you should be able to go around and kill everything that moves (and perhaps beat the occasional inanimate object) providing the game behaviour towards you changes accordingly. NPC's should therefore not be a protected species; if the PC kills an NPC and loses a plot line that sounds like a consequence to me not a game failure
  21. Well what can I say but: Thank you for a well executed project campaign that kept us interested and commenting (over 60,000 comments OMG) Thank you for engaging so well with us via the Kickstarter Comments, replies to PM's, and on the forums here Thank you for having the foresight to create a concept that it appears over 70,000 people were eager to be part of Thank you for listening to our ideas, debating with us, and agreeing (or disagreeing) in a way which had us rethink our suggestions Thank you for letting us be a part of creating history (over $4m including PayPal - wow) Thank you (in advance) for providing us with a fantastic gaming experience sometime in 2014!!!
  22. Wow - it is people like your good self who I sought to thank in my last post - thank you again! *edited to include funky emoticon as I am using the MacBook not the iPad
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