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  1. In my opinion best magic system is one where you don't have mana bar, cooldown or number of spell what you can cast in one day. In my opinion best magic systems are those where you can cast unlimited numbers of spell, but spells take their time to be cast. For example if we you combat phases and magic levels then level 1 spells would take 2 phases to cast, second level spells would take 3 or 4 phases and so on. This of course will drop casting rate of high level spells what is it purpose. But there should also be compensating system, which gives you limited number of fast use spells for example mage can bind spell on item/rune/etc. where he/she can invoke it instanly but is one use only. Or sytem could be some soul based, like your mage can store your enemies souls in his/her staff/wand/crystal ball/etc. and invoking spell instantly eats one or more souls depending on factors, which could be spell level, spell's range, spell's area effect and etc.. In this system mages can be very powerful and they could have battle ending spells, but they need rest of the party protect them while they cast that powerful spell and in end game mage has ability to invoke several spells instantly so he/she will not never change as hinderence for the party. And if you want system where adventure party can get tired then create stamina system, where fights/running around/casting/etc. slowly eats yours partys stamina to zero when you must rest.
  2. I would like to see more slower spell casting system from those what we usually see, like runic magic, where spell casters can write spell runes on their flesh, armour, weapons and other items. Runes can any sort of efects, for example they can add armour's protective capacities or make sword burn every one it touches or they can be one use invokations which gives their wearer nice edge in battle when one can call fireball from rune. Or ritual magic, where spell casters can do massive spells, but they take time, for example summoning demon, elemental or some other planar greature to help you can take a day forth of rituals, but in fight they give your party an superior edge. Or spell caster can bind animals to help him in battle, but this needs that spell caster first catch animal in question. Or mage can call ghost and sent them haunt his/her enemy which causes that said enemy nearly mad and fatiqued to protect him/her self when adventure party attacks his/her castle. One thing what I don't want see is resurrect dead spell which can return dead to life without major disadvantages. Because then one must ask why important peoples can be killed in that world. For example if king , queen or noble is killed, why his/her family/supporters just make some one to resurrect him/her. This is one thing which has mystifyed me in Forgoten Realms games and books. http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/SRD:Resurrection Also I would like see non-combat spells. In BG/BG2/PS:T/NWN/NWN2 and many other games I was bit bothered how there was only couple spell which haven't meant for combat (and those were Knock and Find Traps). Arcanum was in this sector somewhat better as it has much more non-combat spells, like Conjure Spirit which I loved most as it gave you ability to speak for dead and you found couple very hilarious dialogs this way.
  3. I voted for option 5, but really I don't really care lot of the option 2 and for options 1 and 3, want is too strong of the word, prefer would be better word. Truth is that I don't mind romance options I usually go them through if they are writen well, but they are not deciding factor for me to support this game. More important for me are understable relationships, logical reasons for companions to travel with me and stay with me. In most of the new RPGs you can be very abusive towards your companions and play against all their beliefs and goals and still they don't leave you and some games even reward you for doing this (read DA2, with it rivalrity option). I would like see same kind relationships what they were in Arcanum, which had characters who join with you for common goal, but if you slip of from that they leave you or some cases they even try stop you. And of course there was those companions that hate each other from reason or other and attack target of their hatred on sight and even you if you are with the target. If there are romances the reason for romance should be reasonable, but I would like see some other plot twist than PC actively chase after his/her companion/s. I would like see companion who have case of hero worship toward PC and actively try seduce PC and if PC say no companion tries even harder and this kind thing leads in most of the cases in absolute disaster, but also add game's fun factor.
  4. Mostly I would like to houses type depending on choices what player makes on his/her way through plot, but if it must be only one thing then I would it be castle or inn because in my experience those two are best places to include in a fantasy story and they are brilliant places to start many small voluntary quests to add play hours (like bandits on the road, why some one don't go clean them up?, etc.).
  5. Personally games what make me to throw money for this project are all games in questionary (+plus Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeon Siege III, which I liked too), especially Arcanum, Fallout 1&2 and Planescape: Torment.
  6. In my opinion it would do only good for game use existing archtypes for races, because inventing arctypes which we have never seen before is hard and time consumptive and rarely till produce anything really new and especially anything forth all that work. Much faster and easier route is take existing archtypes and give them some twist what makes your world to look different from other fantasy/sci-fi/etc. worlds. But on the other hand I don't want see another Forgotten Realms which have absolute everything what you can or can't think about and then more, variety is good but some time it can go over the top. One thing what I wouldn't want see is that races are divined to good, bad and neutral. I think every race should have different agendas and philosophy, which gives them to different perspectives and ideologies about good and evil. And every race of course should have good and bad apples (those who live full on for race's ideology is good apple and those who broke this ideologies are bad apples) . Addition for that every race should have several different nationalities, which can have different ideologies, for example human nation 1, elven nation 2 and orc nation 5 could have nearly similar philosophy about life whereas dwarf nation 1,, elven nation 1, succubus and incubus (or demon) nation and human nations 3, 87, 177 have similar belifs, philosophies and agendas. And some factions in game could consist from these groups with same ideologies (of course same ideology don't always mean peaceful coexistence, as nations who see them better than others probably have very volatile relations with other nations with similar beliefs). And it would nice to see also nations like Australia or USA where old European nations dumb their lesser criminals and other folk which nation leaders didn't like and where all fortune hunters go find their luck or market towns like Venice, L
  7. I support voice overs if it's in same level what it was in baldur's gates and PS: torment. An example from character which I liked most in BG1. (Video includes all his voice over lines from the game) House/stonghold/castle/etc. where you can store your goods and companions is good to have, but not necessity. Romances are think that add depth and play throughts to game if they are well writen, but if they are same carpage what most of the modern urban fantasy books are full of then they can only give bad rep for the game. So my opinion is add them if you feel that you can do decent job with them, but don't force yourself to write them, because that probably don't end well. If you think that you can do great job with them, you should be resticted to write any and reason for this is above-mentioned modern urban fantasy books. What comes to Bioware(EA) cooperation, that is stricky question, because Bioware is full of talented persion, it is big studio with great recourses, but is also part of EA and so cooperation with them also means cooperation with EA and that means that Obsidian must struck some kind deal with EA which profits EA as big corporations don't usually do things that don't profit them some how. And one must also take count that Bioware has now bad rep with many old school rpg fans, which may or mayn't be deserved.
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