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  1. I'm 100% ok with the delay. I rather have a polished game experience from start than a buggy one that need to be patched.
  2. Very interesting read and some very nice points made like the "listener fatigue", even if the Dyrford Village Music didn't grab me as much as I had hoped it would, unfortunately. A bit too underscore-ish for my taste, I wouldn't mind a stronger melody (and harps! ). I guess I'm too much under the spell of The Dike and River of Life from the first The Witcher game and various JRPGs
  3. I would love to see an Alpha Protocol 2 or a new real-world environment RPG from Obsidian Was some interesting talk about it here.
  4. Not a game, but I'm extremely fond of the album Motif which was made thanks to the Matthew Schoening's Fourth Electric Cello Album! kickstarter. I think it's quite excellent and it's probably the album I've listened to the most in the past year.
  5. Frontiers look quite awesome IMO.
  6. Investigation quests are my favorite, well, as long they are well done of course. Diplomacy quests are generally quite nice too, especially if it involve something more to be able to persuade them than just a high charisma, like sneaking into a house and get some important papers and use them for blackmail or whatever. I find it a bit hard to come up with actual quest examples though
  7. I'm really looking forward to this game. Ever since 1993 or 1994 I've been dreaming/wishing for a good cyberpunk CRPG experience in an open dystopian metropolis, and now it finally seems like it gonna happen. I hope they manage to do the "Gripping multi-thread story taking place in the sandbox environment of the vivid and detailed Night City" thing really well, and I'm curious whether it will be a first person game or third person game. I'm actually hoping for first person, VtM: Bloodlines was excellent that way and I think it would fit Cyberpunk 2077 well too.
  8. Aye, I totally agree. I want a really meaty epilogue, that show me what happens to the gameworld and the various NPCs I've met during the journey. It would be nice if it was a playable epilogue too, like Dragon Quest VIII, The Last Story or whatever.
  9. This video was kinda annoying, seems like the guy who uploaded it took two songs and then merged them without giving any credits or info about the songs. Good songs though, first it plays the Romeo and Juliett theme by Nino Rota and then it plays Sad Romance by Thao Ngyuen.
  10. My favorite Tri-Ace song (well, Motoi Sakuraba song since he's behind the vast majority of music in all Tri-Ace games) is easily the end credits song for Star Ocean 2 for the PS1; We form in crystals. I think it's absolutely brilliant, and one of my favorite songs of all time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boRCmchdgP0
  11. Yeah, celtic music is nice, I like the band Lúnasa quite a bit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peQWPcZaRhM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfLK-r26aYg
  12. Whee Heh, I'm a big fan of Garmarna's version of Herr Mannelig Garmarna is one of the very few "real" groups I listen to, mostly I just listen to game/movie soundtracks. Although it's been quite some time now since a movie soundtrack managed to grab me, they mostly just use boring underscore stuff. So it's mostly game soundtracks
  13. Bloodlines is probably my favorite game of the past decade I really wish there were more first person RPGs with the same depth as Bloodlines, maybe something for Obsidian to develop after Project Eternity?
  14. I would love to see a second large city, but I very much doubt it will reach 3.5 million
  15. For me this is the best stretch goal they have announced. Especially so since I'm quite certain of the kickstarter reaching 2.8 million, so yay
  16. I hope not, I want a large meaty epilogue that really show us what happened and how our journey affected the various NPCs we got to know along the way and so on. I think that's the one thing most RPGs fail at, the epilogue. It would be nice if Project Eternity didn't.
  17. There are a couple of 2013 titles that I have my eyes on. Shadowrun Returns (already pledged and paid) Moebius (already pledged and paid) Double Fine Adventure (already pledged and paid) The Cave South Park RPG Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Bioshock Infinite Saints Row 4 I will probably wait for Bioshock Infinite and Saints Row 4 to get cheap though I'm also extremely interested in Yakuza 5 which is released in Japan in december, but no english released been announced yet but it will probably happen in 2013 some time (and hopefully Yakuza 1&2 HD too).
  18. I'm interested in Class differences, Intolerance, Colonization and Religion the most. Not really interested in Misogyny, several of my favorite female NPCs in past RPGs been high-ranking people like knights or higher. Not to say the game must not include a any misogynic NPCs, but I don't want it to be a general trait of the society. Nor am I really interested in seeing a group of feminist NPCs fighting for equality or whatever.
  19. I sure should play this game some time, it's been in my backlog for a number of years now. Not to mention I used to be a huge fan of Gustaf Grefberg back in the mid-90s and it would be interesting to hear what he sounds like nowdays.
  20. I agree with the question guy, The Witcher have an awesome soundtrack, one of the better soundtracks in the recent years for sure. Here are my favorites. (Especially when the harp kicks in around 2:37 to the end) Was a bit disappointed in the Witcher 2 soundtrack though, didn't really seem to have any of those calm memorable songs W1 have (which were made by Paweł Błaszczak who didn't work on W2). was kinda nice though.
  21. Indeed I remember after I just got Bubble Bobble I played it with a friend of mine and he got absolutely crazy about the song and would hum it lots and lots for weeks, or maybe months even. Went on for quite some time in any case. Good stuff Actually, no When I started on that list I put up some rules so it shouldn't be too much. Over time I kinda went overboard with it anyway, but stuff is still missing, especially from the C64, SMS and NES times. Not to mention those I didn't find on Youtube or somehow forgot about while doing the list Cool, hope you enjoy them Hope you know at least Hehe, my neighbour had that one, we used to play it lots.
  22. Here's a list of my favorite video game music. 1983 (0:20) 1984 (linking to the 1985 sequel here, but they sound pretty much the same) 1985 1986 (starts at 0:20, the morse code are the names of the 3 devs) 1987 (doesn't really start until 1:05 and then only gets better and better!) 1988 1989 Shadow of the Beast - Forest 1990 (released in 1993 here, but Japan got it 1990) 1991 Streets of Rage - Violent Breathing (the is truly excellent as well) 1992 1993 (the diary theme is better) 1994 Final Fantasy VI - Opening Theme Super Metroid - Brinstar Overgrown with Vegetation Area Super Metroid - Brinstar Red Soil Swampy Area Super Metroid - Norfair Ancient Ruins Area 1995 Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time Chrono Trigger - Schala's Theme Suikoden - Forgotten Days 1996 1997 Final Fantasy Tactics - Prologue Movie 1998 Xenogears - Shevat Metal Gear Solid - Discovery Dune 2000 - Under Construction 1999 Outcast - Oriental Spirit The Longest Journey - Shark Discworld Noir – Piano Bar Song 2000 Suikoden 2 - Battlefield without Light Final Fantasy IX - Place of Memory 2001 Ico - Castle in the Mist 2002 Unlimited SaGa - Unlimited SaGa Overture Unlimited SaGa - Battle II (arguably the best battle song ever made) (especially at the harpy bit that starts at 0:38)Suikoden 3 - Stupid Ducks 2003 Freedom Fighters - Freedom Fighters 2004 Castlevania: Lament of Innocence - Dark Palace of Waterfalls 2005 Shadow of the Colossus - Prologue Shadow of the Colossus - Violent Encounter Shadow of the Colossus - Revived Power Republic Commando - Vode An Jade Empire - Main Theme 2006 Suikoden V - One Peaceful Moment Suikoden V - Tactican Suikoden V - The Extreme Deep Suikoden V - Counteroffensive Final Fantasy XII - Eruyt Village Yakuza 2 - A Scattered Moment (was released in 2008 here, but released in Japan in 2006) 2007 (Especially when the harp kicks in around 2:37 to the end) Mass Effect - Uncharted Worlds 2008 Mirror's Edge - Solar Fields 2009 (the from 1988 is awesome too)Ys I & II Chronicles - Palace (the is from 1987) 2010 NieR - Temple of Drifting Sands 2011 Radiant Historia - Mechanical Kingdom Radiant Historia - Blue Radiance Radiant Historia - The Red Locus Xenoblade Chronicles - Main Theme Xenoblade Chronicles - Satorl, the Shimmering Marsh / Night Xenoblade Chronicles - Mechonis Field Xenoblade Chronicles - Imperial Capital Agniratha / Night Skyrim - Secunda
  23. The console game itself can be as complex as a PC game, it's really the input device that cause issues (and sometimes the smaller amount of RAM too but that's irrelevant for a low tech game like Project Eternity). If it was common to use keyboard and mouse on the console, then this problem wouldn't exist. And actually, the PS3 do support mouse and keyboard, but the only game I know of that actually use that support is Unreal Tournement 3. So it's up to the developers to implent it. But then you stumble into another problem of requiring extra hardware to run the game on console because they only have a controller which doesn't work. Few PS3 users would be happy buying a game they can't play without buying extra hardware. And related to this Kickstarter, there's the additional fees that Sony require for a game to be published on PSN, which makes it a more expensive platform to develop for than PC which is not a good thing for a low-budget project like this. Anyway, regarding the input complexity, with the PC you have a lot of keys to work with, hotkeys and whatnot, but with the consoles you only have relatively few keys which can be limiting to some game genres. With the rise of the multiplatform gaming with the arrive of the original Xbox about a decade ago, the genres really been streamlined and had their controls simplified, to be used with only a few keys and not very precise controls. The controller input affect more things than just the controls though, it affects the user interface of the whole game. In a game that have an inventory screen that designed to be used with a mouse tend to show more information on the screen at the same time where the player just can point and click, while controller inventory screens are more about having long lists and tabs. The console user interface often also show less information because the text is larger (because people sit far from the TV) This change is especially noticeable with the flight simulator genre, which pretty much died as a result. There were a lot of them back in the 90s, and many of them used pretty much the whole keyboard to function. Now in this age of multiplatform gaming it's been a long time since we last saw a flight simulator, and those flight games that do appear are much more actiony and not nearly complex controls as a simulator should have (there are lots of different keys inside a real plane). But it's noticeable in other genres as well, including the popular shooters. In many shooters there is now auto-aim to assist the player to more easily hit the enemy (if the aim is very close to the enemy but not quite targetting the enemy, it's still a generous hit), and the enemies in the games usually react a bit slower than they used to too, so the player have enough time to change the aim with the thumb stick. And then there's the strategy/RPG genre, where you have a top-down view and easily control multiple characters/units on the map with the mouse, use a bunch of hot keys to quickly issue commands and so forth, there's a whole different level of player efficiency. And yet, despite all this, BG1 was (but never finished but I would speculate it was cancelled for other reasons than the controls). And soon it's released for the iPad which have no mouse or keyboard either. So, umm, anything is possible with additional hard work, I suppose. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Project Eternity some time in the future being ported to other platforms if the PC version is a success. But only then, now they are busy enough to make the game for the PC and won't spread their focus elsewhere. And if the game is later ported to non-keyboard platforms, then they will need to do a lot of extra work as well, to redesign and streamline the controls and UI for a different input device. Uhhh, this turned out to be a lot larger than I expected
  24. Yeah, same. It would be rather nice to see consequences from a choice I made 10 hours ago. For many games the consequences are just an instant gratification, I want it to be a bit deeper than that.
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