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  1. From what I have seen so far over the years it finally looks like you will be delivering on the game you promised. Great Job!
  2. While timing is always a concern, the larger problem is that supporting the Eternity team for an additional year would cost millions of dollars. Even if money was of no concern we would still want to keep a tight schedule. Things are always best when you have a bit of pressure pushing you forward. Makes the team lean and mean. =) That's understandable but it also becomes a crunch for not delivering. Oh sorry we didn't have enough time we couldn't add this or do that. It's same thing with money, sorry didn't have enough money to add this or that. It's pretty wild balance that's for sure I guess you could say it's a double edge sword. well keep at it!
  3. Cool update reminds me of when I composed the music for a Neverwinter Nights2 Mod Maimed God's Saga using Leitmotif. but let's be honest here no one will care if you have to take another year to deliver the goods knocking your schedual far into the future. end result is what matters. Thanks for the update!
  4. The devs have to live up to the hype it's been little over 10 years since Baldur's Gate 2. Making a game now should be an improvement in that style. There shouldn't be any excuses why this game doesn't live up to that legacy. Can't pass any judgement till there is an update showing something in action though. I am sure it will meet expectations. Maybe the new update or GDC will show whats' really going on.
  5. Look forward to your big update! Like the picture but would like to see a picture where it is completed with everything that makes it alive world.
  6. I think what made Shadows of the Amm so Great was the Villians Story and the Characters. the Bickering between characters, the romance, the feeling of them struggling. This was not to be contested. There was a lot of lose ends if I remember but a mod really tied it all up creating nice epic story of Romance and Good Vs Evil or what side will you decide on for being a God. The Expansion did very good job as well. Game companies need to realize that if your game has great Characters that the player will feel real, feel for what they are doing, and you have a believable world that reacts to those characters and there stuggles, then you will have a successful game. Good Example is The Last of US. The music was ok nothing to special. So far I do not know how Project Eternity will be compared to Baldur's Gate 2. Honestly I think your updates are subpar.
  7. WOW sounds like a lot is moving forward. But would about the animation for your characters and creatures I would think that that would be a milestone to just get one of those right.
  8. I think it looks really good. Needs VFX though and your characters need some work. They don't really stand out I think you will need to maybe go wild with color or something with NPC's as part of the party, there is just something missing that gives them a real individuality. Over all you guys are heading in the right direction for a Baldur's Gate 2 style experience. Good Job!
  9. Hey my bad I was able to see the full screen shots at rpgcodex thanks
  10. Nice to see the progress of Project Eternity with some pics, they look great! Only those are way to small. If your going to share make the images bigger. Also do you want feed back from your backer's? How are you going to make each area alive. Mist in the morning or fog at night over the forest floor etc. How will you make dungeons and caves come alive?
  11. I am glad you guys are taking an adult approach to everything. One thing I would like to see is Giant Powerful Creatures. Those Statues in the game demo screen could come to life or something like it. That sort of size would be cool, with you current tools you could make this happen. I also want to see party members and creatures blood and see Creatures get decapitated sometime as well. Keep it up guys!
  12. I really like the lay out of this one the best. There is much that the Devs could do to enhance and work with here but over all this is pretty damn good!
  13. Hey Great Update looks like things are really moving forward for you guys! OH God no way no Ring Style Menu!!! I love the dungeon look . That game is really getting that IE vibe! Great Job!
  14. Ok after seeing all the bad examples of what people want I have come to the conclusion that the UI you have posted as work in progress is Fine! More then fine it works. How I think it would work better Psychologically is to have in the picture your party. As it is just seems to stick out a bit. Yea It works! Maybe you could make the UI move to the side for certian people. As an IE rpg the UI is fine. See ya!
  15. Ok I see what you guys are doing your UI that is a work in progress is the most effective way with out taking to much space on the screen. I still say you guys could come up with better design something that is little more less dull. Maybe have dragons hanging over the edge on each side or something. I don't know. it seems that having just a bar at the botten is the best way to take less space. As for everyones Moch-ups there horrible. you have the same silly UI with just moving things around backwards. I also think that the work in progress UI isn't fitting the image right that is the UI looks like it needs to be smaller. Well good luck and till the next update.
  16. That UI is to much like IceWind Dale 2 which really is a silly game ... I think you should design the UI closer to Baldur's Gate 2. I am not digging the bottem screen UI. It's just to Old School. You guys could do better. The UI should have some sort of Graphic that represents the Theme of the Game some Demon or soul or something there as a statue in the middle of the UI "something" ....I think it would be better to allow the user to move the pictures around. The IceWind Dale 2 look just isn't doing it for a game that is 10 years a head of IE rpg's. I know this is supposed to be Old School rpg but I think some innovation could be done too. Thanks for sharing! Nice to see you guys have a great pipe line to get things done.
  17. Going to need some amazing Baddies to fight against with those Monk Skiils!
  18. Wow Prototype 2 sounds like it will really be something to look forward to!
  19. wow that looks fantastic! But isn't it to faraway verses the scale of your characters. The Character models are very small,. Are we going to be zooming in and out in the game? Amazing eviroments with 2D just WOW!
  20. Great Update! I love the Northern look of the characters. As for the hat plume I first thought that was a four leaf clover!
  21. Concept art is looking good. I look forward to seeing where your art direction takes the world. What are you guys aiming for for art and places in your game. Clothing that people where, the look of towns, forests, etc.
  22. Cool update looks like you devs have a handle on things. try not to make the game to dumb by having que up this action and pause when dead , or this pause for this aciton. really do not do that. Look forward to your creature update here's to the New Year cheers
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